Finales:Revenge and The Blacklist(Spoilers alert!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

There's a lot of series that just ended their current seasons..but I choose to blog about this two tv shows..both are totally different from the other but are very enjoyable.But I've got to say that The Blacklist is far better..but then again it's like comparing apples and oranges.So here we go...


I love Revenge.I love Emily VanCamp back from her Everwood days(remember that tv show?Sad that it lasted for only 4 seasons)..this series is of course very different than that.Emily plays Emily Thorne who seeks revenge for her father.It'll be really long for me to explain what the show is all about..suffice to say that it's full of deception,drama,mystery and many more.

The current season's finale was crazy.For fans who've been watching the show from the start would understand what I mean.The show has been running for three seasons and it gets better..if not more complicated.I already mentioned in the title of this blogpost that there'll be major spoilers..sorry!But I can't help it since there's some questions that I hope will be answered in the fourth season.

To make this entry more simple,I'll number my thoughts/questions on the finale:

1)I wish that Emily would just tell Charlotte that she's Amanda Clarke..atleast she won't hate Emily anymore knowing that she's her sister.Also,poor Jack because of what happened with the kidnapping,his life is now in jeopardy!

2)I was really gutted when Aiden died.That Victoria is such a bi*^%!Can't believe she would do that..I mean..Emily wasn't the one who killed Pascal!Emily clearly love Aiden..:(

3)Daniel will be in super big trouble in the next season with a girl dying next to him and all..courtesy of Margot's brother Gideon..Serves him right for being so horrible to Emily!

4)So Conrad is dead..when he somehow managed to actually leave prison no thanks to the prison guard..I was like..noooooooo!!!!But it was shortlived because he was killed less than 5 minutes after by...David Clarke???He's still alive????What does it all mean?How?And why did he choose to stay silent all these years when he knows that his daughter and Nolan is still alive?I guess the prison guard has something to do with David Clarke still being alive as well.

5)Victoria is now in a mental befitting for her!That was just awesome to watch.She knows that Emily is Amanda Clarke but she's still so horrible to her even when she's part of the party that made David Clarke being wrongly imprisoned!

Next season would be crazy for sure!Just thinking about what will happen in the first episode of season four would be insaneeeee.

2)The Blacklist

I loveee The Blacklist.Every episode has a brilliant plot line..the cases are amazing.I've no idea if there's even a smidge of truth in any of the could it be real?But it's crazy good nonetheless.There has been cases of adoption agencies kidpnapping perfect looking young girls and making them as baby machine for them.

There's an episode of a guy who's a hired murderer and then he put his victim in a chemical bath and they just trace at all!There's so many cases that'll be too long for me to elaborate in this blog entry.So I'll follow my lead and just number my thoughts/questions in numbers:

1)From the start of the series I've a suspicion that Red is Lizzie's father.The last scene in the finale when they showed that Red has lots of burned marks behind his back...was such a tease!I was like...he's her father!But then again...he could have been the one who saved Lizzie in the fire instead of her real father and Red knows who he is?hurmm..We'll know about that in the next season..or not??

2)Tom Keen isn't dead!At first we thought he did..but then again would it be great if he actually did fell in love with Lizzie all this time?I mean..he lived with her for years and never once did he kill her?Clearly that wasn't his mission but..feelings could developed..who knows right?This will connect to my theory about Berlin...

3)I think Berlin is somehow related to Lizzie?Could he be her grandfather?Because he did hire Tom to monitor her all these years but he never laid a hand on her.If Berlin is her grandfather then Red could be her father..becauseeee..Berlin's daughter fell in love with a dissident and the picture in his pocket watch is the same one as the one that Red keeps!Dum dum dum...

4)But then again maybe..Red had an affair with Berlin's daughter while she was married to someone else(Lizzie's father)..and Berlin blames Red for his daughter's death.Well..these are just crazy theories until we get to see the second season!

5)Lizzie and Donald knows the story of Berlin when they visited him at the hospital(not knowing that,that was Berlin...but of course we know right??Because of the whole cutting his hand thing!) she told it to Red one day maybe he would realize why Berlin is after him?I mean he can put two and two together..until now he doesn't know why Berlin is gunning for him.

I'm just glad that Lizzie choose to stay with the task force!More crazy mind blowing cases awaits us for the second season.For the first season I've to say that The Blacklist has been amazing.James Spader as Red/Reddington is perfection.He embodies that character and plays it to a T!I can't wait for the second season.