Mani pedi & dinner at D'Italiane with Qeema

Friday, May 09, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Despite almost being 27 years old this year..I've never gotten myself a proper manicure.I usually buff my nails myself using those nail buffers.2 weeks ago,after work I meet up with Qeema in Damansara near her work place to go and do our manicure and pedicure together.I bought a Groupon voucher which enables us to get a manicure/pedicure/foot spa & a hand paraffin treatment for just rm 38 at Roseanne Beauty Salon.What a steal!
My sleepy face haha
So how was the place and service?Again,this is not a sponsored post..haha The place was clean and the service was very good.So good that I had two people attending me at one time.One was doing foot spa on both of my feet while the other was doing my nails.I almost felt asleep through it haha.

Qeema was laughing when they were using the foot file to get rid of the calluses on our feet..because it was very ticklish!Oh,the hand paraffin thing was super hot.I've done it once years back and couldn't remember how it felt.But boy was it painful!
It was so hard to choose!
The hardest part was choosing what colors to wear on our nails.All of the colors are from OPI.Qeema and I choose different colors for our fingernails and toenails.I choose a sparkly nude on my fingers(so that it's not too loud for work) and a super glittery gold for my toenails(it's been 2 weeks but it's still on my toenails..with no chip whatsoever!) since I always wear covered shoes for work.

The funny name of our
nail polish(top:mine,bottom:qeema)

As usual,OPI's nailpolish always have funny names.I looked at the bottom of the bottles to see the names of the one that we chose...My nude one was named "Hands of my Kielbasa!" and the gold one was "OY-Another Polish Joke!"..hahah ookayyyy.
Qeema in her work clothes!
I was impressed by how impeccable they did my nails.If I did it myself,it would always be super messy and I've to use lots of nail polish remover to fix it.haha The manicurist didn't make any mistakes at all!
My pretty nude polish!
Afterwards,we were given a cup of tea.Then we left for dinner!I loved how the spa didn't pester us to take any packages at all..they just bid us goodbye..phewww haha
Pretty pot of tea
We choose D'Italiane for dinner and decided to share an appetizer and main course as we know that their portions are pretty huge.It was my second time having dinner there and I've to say their quality of food is just excellent!

We started our dinner with a tiger prawn and avocado salad.Which came with toasted pine nuts which added a little bit of crunch.The dressing was tasty and light too.We finished it pretty quickly.I loved their presentation as well.Because it was made into a heart shaped salad!:P
We ordered the smoked duck pizza and glad that we did(their menu is extensive so we had a long time to decide on what to order haha).It WAS SO DAMN GOOD!I love duck and so does Qeema..but it's rare to find it on a menu.And this was just excellent.Who would have known that smoked duck on pizza would taste so good?But it did!We managed to save four slices for Razin to eat(he was at home..haha) because he was the one who turned me and Qeema into eating duck.And he said it was really good.
So gooood!
The pizza crust was just perfect and so was the sauce.I would order that again for sure!We ordered coffees after dinner but unfortunately the pictures were terrible haha..Qeema ordered cappuccino and I ordered their chocolate orange something..haha They even added orange zest on top of the whipped cream.It was so good!D'Italiane is definitely one of the top places that I'd recommend.:)
So many eye and face masks
After dinner,Qeema and I wondered to Mask Slim and we bought a few masks.I've seen on Ingrid's Youtube channel on how My Beauty Diary's eyemasks are good.So I bought a box of it.Then we went to Sasa and suddenly I saw their rm10 for 4 masks deal.Damn!I just spend like..rm50 something on masks just now haha But I bought some from Sasa.Hence the picture above..haha.

More blog posts coming soon!Have a nice weekend people :)