Places that I visited in Bali--so many pretty pictures!

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It is already the end of May!ooopsss

If you read my previous post in February you would have known that I went to Bali at the end of January this year.It was my first time going on an international flight with my boyfriend,let alone a vacation overseas.

But it wasn't just the two of us,mind you!His eldest sister with her husband and little daughter went with us as well.We had a blast and I would definitely 100% want to go back again.So here are the round up of the places that I visited during my 4 days and 3 nights there.

1. Barong and Keris Dance in Denpasar

Our ticket
The first place that we visited on our first day was the Barong and Keris Dance in Denpasar.It was around rm29 per person to watch that performance.If it was your first time going to Bali,you should watch it.But the next time I probably won't haha.

The barong dance
The Barong dance act had its funny moments while the Keris dance was scary.Because they were using real keris to pierce their body but it didn't hurt them at all!ayeyayayay

Qarla was a bit restless
The keris dance
Awww Qarla and her mummy
2.OKA Agriculture Bali(Kintamani)
On the way to Mount Batur which took 2 hours of driving by our driver,we stopped to taste kopi luwak.Oh by the way,during the 2 hours drive,we could see that there was areas in Bali whereby on our left and right there were so many shops selling the same stuffs.Like one area would be all about gold/silver jewelry etc and then there would be one area where it would be just bone carving/arts.

It was fun to watch!There was so many different villages selling the same things,with their shops being side by side.

Okay,back to OKA..I would advice you to drink coffee luwak there but to not buy any of the spices there because it's wayyy overprice.I bought a big packet of vanilla beans there for idr 150000(rm43) but I got almost the same one at Ubud market for only idr 50000(rm14)!

Two of my fave people!
Pounding the coffee!
We were given 7 types of coffee and tea to taste for free and they were delicious!I never thought that ginseng coffee would taste good..I also taste coconut coffee,ginger tea,lemongrass tea,bali coffee,chocolate drink,and I think it was hibiscus tea?I don't remember the last one.

Coffee and tea tasting
We drink a lot of coffee and teas!
It was delicious!

Luwak sleeping.
Strong cup of coffee
The luwak coffee(civet coffee) was idr 35000 if I'm not mistaken.It was strong!People are a little bit squeamish about this coffee simply because the beans are ingested by the Luwak animal(or scientifically called Asian Palm Civet) and then it'll come out from their feces,which will then be collected and roast to make coffee.The animal only eat the best beans but then can't digest them(if I'm not mistaken).I could explain it in length but then what is google for then?haha

3.Mount Batur 
Amazing view!
In my head I thought we would be near the beneath it hahaha But actually Mount Batur is for you to view the volcano from a safe distance.I heard that it is still active.I could see black soil which meant that the land was once covered in lava..ayeyayay
Such a beautiful view
The air was cool and crisp there.There was quite a number of stalls selling food/souvenirs..but we didn't buy anything as we wanted to go for lunch straight after.
4.Ubud Arts Market
I wish we could have spend a little more time here but we were there for only 30 minutes as we wanted to catch the sunset at Tanah Lot.I managed to buy some more vanilla beans at a far cheaper price,a top(which I got at such a bargain after haggling&also cos the lady won't let me go) and a bamboo/coconut shell wind chime which my mum requested for.

The market had so many beautiful and unique things.

If we go back to Bali soon,I would want to stay in Ubud because I find the place very quaint with the pretty little boutiques and shops by the road side

5.Tanah Lot

I've only seen Tanah Lot in pictures as it's the most visited place when one goes to Bali.The place is so beautiful and the lawn is beautifully taken care off despite it being a frequent tourist attraction.It's really clean and beautiful.(unlike some of our own tourist attractions)

Beautiful sunset

6.Kuta Beach
The first day was filled to the brim with places to visit.We were out from 9am-9pm!The second day was a bit more relaxed.We went to Kuta beach in the morning and walked around.I had my hair braided with Nana.We managed to haggle and lower the price..jyeahh

I miss this!

Qarla the cutie pie
She practically dragged me to the beach haha

Ladies at Kuta beach

Side braid!
While my hair was being braided,I was swarmed by the aunties at the beach who was offering various things from shoulder massage to fake tattoos to selling hair pins and such.It was a bit scary because they come to you all at once!Very overwhelming..haha.
We're so tiny haha
We walked to Beachwalk mall and walked pass Hard Rock Hotel.Can't not take a picture of ourselves there.haha.I thought the purple surfboard and guitar was cool!
My loveee!


Beachwalk's rooftop
After walking along Kuta Beach,we went to's a mall,by the beach!It's quite pretty.
Nana bought some clothes for Qarla at Zara and I bought her a shirt as well.Zara Kids in Bali is wayyyy cheaper than Malaysia.
Went a little bit crazy here.I went twice!
I didn't buy much there but I went crazy in Martha Thilaar.Their beauty products are so damn cheap.I got a lotttt of stuffs for less then rm100.Insane!I went there two times.Once when all of us went to Beachwalk.Second time was after lunch and Nana and I went there to get our hair done.
There's a story behind her wings!
We went to Diva and Qarla saw this butterfly wings which she wanted back when she saw it at Diva in Empire Subang!haha That time she wasn't even two years old yet but she remembered about it!So she kept saying "butterfly butterfly"..until her dad about her the wings.And she was so happy afterwards.Such a cute baby!
With her butterfly wings!

I saw this flip flops vending machine at Beachwalk.haha How cute and convenient is that?!?

8.Dreamland Beach
So pretty but so bloody hot
After we packed up our stuffs on the last day..we went shopping at the sports factory outlet & went to Carrefour(yes they have one there!).Our last tourist attraction which was recommended by the salon lady that we went to yesterday...Dreamland Beach.The beach was beautiful!Much more beautiful than Kuta Beach.But it was quite far from Seminyak.And it was 40 minutes from the airport..I think.It was situated at newly developed place in Jimbaran.And it was crazyyyyy hot!
My handsome guy

Other places that we visited--I went for a hair creambath at this salon that Nana & I found while we walked from Beachwalk..we walk veryyy far and passed like 3-4 different salons(some were so dodgy looking) until we decided on the right one.The head massage was super awesome.I don't remember the name of the salon though :(

We also went to the sports factory outlet in Seminyak.I got my exercise gloves from Reebok for cheap and Razin got a pair of DC Shoes which was beautiful!We also went to Carrefour before we went to Dreamland beach and bought so many stuffs like Fruit Tea,coffee and many more.

I would loveeee to go back to Bali again.I love the place,the food and many more.I had a lovely time there.It's definitely a place that one should go for a holiday :)


Hanida Moss said...

Babe..lets be travel partner jom! :) I nak travel round the world tapi takde geng. angan-angan dah lama :p

Yan Ty said...

Owh , how I miss my days in Bali....

Jom Hanida!! Nak pegi mana?roger2 :P

Yan Ty:Me too!I loveee Bali.

Jom Hanida!! Nak pegi mana?roger2 :P

Yan Ty:Me too!I loveee Bali.

Jom Hanida!! Nak pegi mana?roger2 :P

Yan Ty:Me too!I loveee Bali.

Jom Hanida!! Nak pegi mana?roger2 :P

Yan Ty:Me too!I loveee Bali.

Jom Hanida!! Nak pegi mana?roger2 :P

Yan Ty:Me too!I loveee Bali.

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