20th Century Fox Malaysia Advance Screening of..The Fault In Our Stars!!

Monday, June 23, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

If you've been following me on Twitter you'd have known that I was excited when I found out that The Fault In Our Stars will be in our cinemas in July and that I also found out that there'll be a premiere screening of the movie on 24th June(a day before my birthday!).Somehow the stars were aligned(hahaha a wee bit of pun for you!) and I actually got to watch an advance screening of the movie..thanks to 20th Century Fox Malaysia!

I was just so happy because...I've read the book by John Green months ago (which you can read my review HERE) and I've been listening to the soundtrack for weeks(almost everyday!).You can imagine how excited I was!

I got two tickets for the movie so I brought Raqeema,the boyf's sister who have read the book as well.We know that we will definitely cry when we watch the movie.And we did!Along with everyone in the cinema I think..

The atmosphere in the cinema was very lively because clearly everyone are huge fans of the book.There were teens who wore t-shirts of the book,and actually carried the book with them.It was suffice to say that because I'm turning 27 soon and Qeema is turning 25..both of us felt..quite old.hahaha.

It was great though when we watched the movie,the audience was excited over some of the scenes.During the sad parts,I could hear a girl sobbing!And the audience cheered and laughed together when certain scenes appeared on the screen.

I enjoyed the movie immensely!The chemistry between Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort is amazing.You 100% believe that they are Hazel and Augustus.I've to applaud Ansel for being a great actor..especially in one of the most heartbreaking scene involving him at a petrol station.I've watched all of the movies that he's been in because he's still new to the biz(Carrie & Divergent).

Also,it is a bit weird that Shailene and Ansel were siblings in Divergent and they're a couple in TFIOS.ahaha It was cool when I watched the movie and the songs that I've been listening to popped up among the scenes.
Augustus,Isaac and Hazel

One memorable one was when Kodaline's All I Want (such a beautiful song)played after Hazel,Augustus and Isaac throw eggs at Monica's car.Or that Swedish hip hop song that I couldn't understand when I heard it while I was driving,makes sense in the movie as it involved Peter Van Houten. That was a funny scene!

Boom Clap by Charli XCX played when they arrived in Amsterdam.Jake Bugg's Simple As This played when Hazel was waiting for Augustus to text her.All the songs made sense in the movie.But of course not all songs in the soundtrack was used in the movie.

If you're a fan of the book,you'll love the movie.You'll love it a lot!If you haven't read it,you will still love it as well.It's not your typical teenage love story.Hazel doesn't show a lot of skin,Augustus and her aren't that touchy feely of a couple.There's a just a lot of great conversations.It's a beautiful but sad love story as well.

A great night for them :)
My favorite scene was probably their dinner at Oranjee.I just love what Augustus said to Hazel.*sigh* The saddest for me(there was a lot of those scenes too..of course) was when Isaac & Hazel had to practice their eulogies.It was very very hard not to cry while you watch that scene!

There was a scene that was cut from the movie due to our censorship board.But I thought that was okay since that scene didn't actually affect the storyline of the movie at all.I would definitely want to watch the movie all over again.I can honestly say that I started feeling my eyes watered once Augustus revealed something major to Hazel right before they left Amsterdam.T_T

The movie,the songs,the cast,the chemistry,the dialogues..I love everything about it!I give this movie a perfect 5...might be a little bit biased though because I've read the book.Let me know what you guys thought of it.

I want to thank 20th Century Fox Malaysia again for making this girl very happy!

Below is the trailer for the movie :)

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