Bourjois is available in Malaysia!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I've been seeing Youtubers using Bourjois makeup in their videos..mostly the British Youtubers.But since they're not sold here..I've never had the chance to buy them.I know they're available on ASOS but I prefer to try the makeup first and see how it feels/looks on my skin rather than buying them online.

I couldn't go to the opening of Bourjois kiosk in Sunway Pyramid because I was busy baking desserts orders on that particular Sunday.But on Monday(this was..a week ago?),during lunch hour I popped to Sunway Pyramid to get my hands on some of their stuffs. I've asked my blogger friend Shasha about what she thought I should buy and how's the price range etc.I was glad that they priced it right.It wasn't expensive so you can definitely buy a few products.

The salesperson at the kiosk was so helpful and they helped me a lot to decide what to buy.I managed to restrain myself and only bought four items.hahaha.I can't help it!I'd buy more if I could.But I have a lot of makeup as it is and I don't wear much anyway.
My Bourjois haul!
But Bourjois products were so good on my skin that I had to buy them.So what did I purchase?Look at the pictures above.I bought the Healthy Mix foundation,the eyebrow mascara,the mega liner and rouge edition lipstick.

I've been using the Healthy Mix foundation for more than a week now and I love it!I rarely wear foundation because it can be heavy and sometimes it makes my skin breaks out.It looks so good on my face.It's not heavy,it's matte without looking ashy..very natural looking.I would definitely repurchase this.
I bought the Rouge Edition lipstick in shade 13--rouge jet set.I love this lipstick a lot!It's very light on the feel like you're not wearing anything.The color is so beautiful and very pigmented.It would definitely brighten up your whole look.But it's a bit drying so I'd apply some lip balm first before I put it on.
I'd have to say the Mega Liner is the least favorite product of mine from all the stuffs that I got.It's really black but it bled..can you see it on my hand?I should have tested it more before I bought it.It's too runny.I definitely still prefer my Physicians Formula(got it from iHerb) one..I bought that in January and there's still so much more even until today and it doesn't budge.
Disappointed :(
My eyebrows are naturally thin.I'm always on the lookout to make it thicker.So when I tried this on,I was very happy with the results.There's a little metallic sheen to it but it's not shiny.I love this eyebrow mascara!
I got a free compact mirror that lights up when you opened it!My total bill for all 4 items was rm162.Which I think is very reasonable!I didn't buy blushers or eyeshadows because I rarely wear them.I love mascara but I have one currently that i'm didn't buy that either.
The super cute mirror!
I would definitely recommend you girls out there to head over to Bourjois and buy some great products!

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awh too bad the eyeliner bled! I wanted something like that for ages :( can you tell more about the one you love from Physician's Formula?

Hye Mieza!Yes..I was disappointed too :( This is the link to the eyeliner that I bought but I think only brown is available now.