Diva Massive Closing Down Sale

Sunday, June 15, 2014 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Few days back I found out from my blogger friends that Diva is having a closing down sale.Apparently all of Diva outlets all over the world are being closed down because they're being replaced by Lovisa.I was a bit weirded out at first because I know that Diva and Lovisa come from different companies though they're from the same country(Australia).But Diva merged with Lovisa& all of their outlets are closing down..for good.

Malaysia is the only country that still has Diva stores being opened.So they're clearing their stocks and it's super cheap!You can pick any three things in the store for RM45.Crazy sale right?I spent RM180 on all of these when in fact the actual worth was...RM598!

I'm a massive fan of stud earrings and I bought a LOT of them from the sale.And pieces that I wouldn't usually buy on a whim..but I thought that I needed to branch out a little bit from my stud earrings/delicate ring combo.

For my first trip to Diva in Sunway Pyramid,I bought the items above.An iPhone case(which broke already..cheap plastic T_T),3 sets of various stud earrings designs,a set of pretty rings and I want to say.. a travelling jewellery case?The boyfriend commented on the cheap material(him being a creative designer and all haha)but I love the ice cream/doughnut/choc print!

I couldn't resist going back to Diva again and this time I went to a different outlet.I went to Empire Shopping Gallery.This outlet was bigger and had a lot more stuffs than the Sunway Pyramid outlet.I got myself a diamante headband,a semi precious turquoise stone cuff,a pack of stud earrings,a ring,an amethyst necklace and lastly,a neon baroque necklace.

I don't actually wear bracelet/cuffs on a daily basis..but I can't seem to stop wearing the cuff bracelet above.It's sooo pretty and it's not heavy.

So girls,do head on over to Diva's outlet to get some great bargains.I heard they're lowering their prices even further now and they'll close by end of this month.Go go go!


Tammy Miu said...

nice I like that cupcake jewelry bag and that turquoise necklace is really you!

Charis Wong said...

OMGGG You're making me so excited! I can't wait till my exams end. It'll be over this Thursday. There will still be stock in the Pyramid outlet right?!! Hahha!

super love your second haul at Empire!! those necklaces and the cuff are my favourites!

Thank you Tammy!

Hye Charis..I heard that Paradigm outlet has a lot of stuffs?Empire is better than Pyramid.I'm not going there anymore or else I'll go crazy haha.

Thank you Mieza!Yeah I love the cuff.:)