June Movie Reviews Part 2:The Wolf of Wall Street and Her

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

It's my June movie reviews part 2 people!In no way am I a great movie reviewere whatsoever.This are just my ramblings and thoughts of what I watched.You have been warned!

1.The Wolf of Wall Street

I love Leonardo DiCaprio.He's a great actor and he ages so well doesn't he?I remembered him from Titanic back when I was 12 years old(i'm 27 now!).Prior to this movie,I've actually read the book written by Jordan Belfort about his life.And I was equally fascinated and disgusted(with his lifestyle)with it.I admire Jordan Belfort though because he managed to become very successful in a short period of time.But then he dug a big hole for himself as well.There was so much drugs/women/money in his life.It was insane.Sooner or later things would have gone south for sure.

Watching the movie it was great that some things that happened in his life was shown.Like when he drove the helicopter while being high on drugs.Yes.That actually happened.I like the pace of the movie as well.There was never a dull moment.

Jonah Hill looked so different!It was so weird looking at him..with his nose and teeth.But his character was really great as well though I sorta resent him for backstabbing Jordan.

I was anticipating the "flashing" scene which I read in the book involving Jordan's wife and him in their daughter's nursery because it was hilarious!And it happened on screen but of course they didn't show you know what :P

To me the exciting part of the movie was when he started to sell penny stocks and created his own company.That was exciting!The drive,the determination of him and his co-workers..from a tiny company to a full fledged one with so many people who are dying to work for him.

I've to admit that there's so much drugs and profanity being used in this movie!That you feel like you've basically did drugs already..haha Okay I'm exaggerating..maybe.:P

It's an enjoyable movie with hilarious moments and some not so hilarious moments!
I'd give the movie..4 out of 5 starts :)


Let me just say that this movie is pretty messed up but I can see it happening in the near future.Basically people are so consumed by technology that they have relationships with their OS(Operating System).Joaquin Phoenix's character,Theodore Twombly is a writer who writes letters for other people.It was a bit weird at first for me but I guess that job does exist..somewhere?

Theodore is in the midst of divorcing his childhood sweetheart Catherine which was what she decided and not him..so he's basically,sad and lonely.Enter a new OS with AI named Samantha(he chose a female OS)who keeps him company,talks to him,encourage him to go on a blind date and living his life.

But as things progress between Theodore and Samantha,they start to fall for each other.Which is of course is mind boggling since Samantha doesn't actually exist!Things got super weird and creepy when Samantha asks him to sleep with a girl --a sex surrogate as they call it.Basically Samantha will talk on the girls behalf and she moves as Samantha talks..yes confusing,awkward and it was hard to watch!

I like the revelation when the movie was about to end..when Theodore suddenly realized something that we the viewers should have probably realized as well.Because we also have an OS(if you're an iPhone user like me..like Siri?)...I won't tell what it is.But that's when I was like...woahhhh.This movie is good.It made you think about the future.

About how everyone nowadays are so consumed by technology that some don't even need real human interaction and that's a scary thought!Oh,did you notice the way Theodore and the other guys wear their pants??hahaha Hilarious!

I'd give this movie..4 out of 5.If you're not a prude about sex and uncomfortable situations..you'd be able to pass through some of the scenes.haha