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On 31st of May I was invited to visit Mamee Chef's Melaka factory along with almost 50 other bloggers.

The meet up point was at Mamee Chef in Subang.And due to Waze giving the wrong location but right address,a lot of bloggers got lost and were late to the meet up.Thankfully because the boyfriend was the one who send me,I managed to not panic that much.

Being Malaysian,I'm sure everybody knows about Mamee.I grew up eating their snack and I've eaten their Mamee Chef noodles a few times.In my opinion,Mamee Chef is the best instant noodle in Malaysia and furthermore,it's made locally.

Funfact:Did you know that out of 5.47 million household in Malaysia,4.2 million household buyers have purchased Mamee-Double Decker instant noodles?That is impressive!
Mamee Chef Ayer Keroh Factory
The bloggers were divided into four different groups based on the color of the name stickers that we had to wear.There were orange,green,yellow and pink.Two groups are in one bus so total of two buses went to Melaka!

We arrived at Mamee Chef's Melaka factory in Ayer Keroh at about 10.30 am.When we arrived,we took a group photo.(picture taken below from Nuffnang's Facebook page)

Can you spot me?

Then we proceed to this room whereby we were given a short introduction by Mamee Double-Decker Marketing Manager,Soong Sham Mee.Then we were shown this video by the Ramen Rater who gave a great review about Mamee's noodles.He listed Mamee Chef in his annual Top 10 best instant noodles for 2014!And we were briefed about the history of how Mamee first started.

Did you know that the name Mamee is actually from the word Mummy because that's one of the first words that everybody says when they were a baby.Who would have thought?Mamee-Double Decker has also won various awards.This year it won the Putra Brand Awards,Bronze Award under the Food Stuff category!

The room that we were in had shelves of Mamee's products throughout the years which was like a trip down the memory lane.It was great seeing how their packaging and variety of products have improved over the years.
Chef showing the La Mian technique!

After our intro about Mamee,a chef who came all the way from China who's an expert in pulling noodles,demo it in front of us.It was amazing because she was very quick and fast!She made the La Mian technique looks so easy.La Mian means Mi Tarik in Malay!

Then one of Mamee's staf showed us how the paste for Mamee's noodles were made.The smell was so fragrant and yummy!Clearly Mamee uses the best ingredients for their noodles.The paste recipe for Mamee Chef's Thai Tom Yam and Curry Laksa was a collaboration between Mamee-Double Decker and Dato'Chef Ismail,who's a renowned celebrity chef.The collaboration was to ensure that the flavors and taste is similar to what us Malaysians are used to at home.I can attest to that because having eaten both noodles,they're definitely yummy and very high quality!
Delicious onde onde

After that we were given refreshments in the form of sandwiches,onde onde(how appropriate since we're in Malacca!) with tea/coffee.
Next,we went inside Mamee's factory to see how they operate.The Operation Manager of Mamee Factory,Mr.Ng,was kind enough to show us around the factory.Their factory is sooo clean inside and very well-maintained.I could see the machine cranking out the noodles in a pulling machine--hence their "mi tarik" tagline.

The production line
This technique is called the La Mian technique which makes for a better and springier noodle texture.Mamee Double-Decker invested RM80 million for the machines and its technology!The machines ensure that the noodles that are being made in the factory goes through the same pulling and folding process like La Mian noodles.

From the glass windows of the factory,we could see the process of making Mamee noodles like Mixing,Rolling,Slitting,Cooling,Packing and many more.

After the Cooling line I could see that when there was some Mamee snacks that were imperfect and not up to the standards,it would be thrown away in the green rectangular bin.

After visiting the factory,we were served lunch by Mamee.There was chicken rice balls,chicken satay and some cakes.The food was yummy.We were definitely served a lot of food during our trip!
We then proceed to Mamee Jonker House after our lunch.This outlet opened last year in November and there's a shop and cafe on the ground floor while upstairs there are two rooms that are filled with fun activities!I managed to buy a big tote bag of snacks(which contained three snacks)from Mamee Jonker House for only rm10.You get one Fun Fries,one of their Mister Potato potato chips and one potato chips in a canister.It was a great deal!
With the Mamee mascot!
The first room was called Noodle Doodle.Basically what you can do here is that you can doodle and color your Mamee noodle cup and even choose the condiment to be put inside!
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The process of creating my own noodle cup!
After you have doodle on your noodle cup,you can then pass it to the workers and they will process it for you.You can choose 4 condiments from 6 different ones to be inside with your Mamee Chef curry laksa noodle.Then they will put it under the sealer machine,you have to push a button for that which was fun!Afterwards they will wrap up in plastic and it's ready to be taken home with you.Pretty cool right?
The second activity room in Mamee Jonker House is the Monster Kitchen.Monster Kitchen is where they'll teach visitors how to create their own instant noodle!But only 6 people can be in it at a time.

The class is for people who are 6 years old and above,it opens from Monday,Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-5pm and Friday-Sunday from 10am-7pm.It is closed on Tuesday.If you want to get hands on experience in making noodles,you can call 06-2867666 for booking as the workshop duration is three hours.
The machine for the noodles!
With some of the bloggers-love the cool tables!
After that we went home.We received goodies bags from Mamee which contained their yummy Mamee Chef noodles and this chopstick below with a note from their Marketing Manager :)

I had a great time during the trip and managed to make new friends.Thank you so much to Nuffnang and Mamee Double-Decker for organizing this trip!


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