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Hey everyone!I just celebrated my 27th birthday on 25th of June and it was a really great day which I will blog about soon :) Here is my entry on Pick Nick which I went to a few weeks back...I understand that it's the fasting month but sorry guys..I'm sure you lot have more will power than that?haha I'm fasting too!

Taken from Foodbites
On Saturday,14th of June,I went to PickNick by Foodbites at Desa Park City.It was basically an event whereby there were many food stalls selling delicious food and we get to eat them while having a picnic at the beautiful park.
The park is so beautiful
I had a really great time with the boyfriend and my friend Aimi and her boyfriend as well.I was supposed to become a vendor for the event but I couldn't join in due to work+budget(going on a holiday soon!).So I came to support them and eat the delicious food.And boy was the food good!
The view of the site from our picnic blanket

It was clear that the organizer took their time to choose the best vendors and I swear that everything I ate there was so delicious.I heard this will be a monthly event so I can't wait to see maybe some new faces along with the old ones.

Smooshie juice!
Their chicken wings are so yummy!
Popwagon yummy popsicles!

I love the details of the banner on top of all of the tents.Super cool that the organizers made banners for all of the vendors..so people can clearly see their names.Also,they provided picnic blankets all over the park.

Good times!
Some of the food that I tasted was from Fiq's Gastronomy,Frontera,Wings Cowboys and Popwagon!Bought some stuffs home too--Mango pudding from Homemade from Scratch,5 different juices from Smooshie and honeydew taufufa from a stall that I can't remember.
Pulled beef for Fiq's awesomeee sandwich
The pulled beef bbq sandwich from Fiq's was sooo yummy.The beef was tender and the marinate for the beef was so good.My friend Aimi bought a bbq beef sandwich from another stall and we compared both of them and clearly Fiq's was the winner.Because the other beef lacks flavour.

The scones from Fiq's was good as well.
Super yummy wings from Cowboys

Cowboys chicken wings was really good!The sauce for the chicken was sooo yummy.They sprinkled this great seasoning on top of the fries as well.
Crazy good duck taco with mango salsa from Frontera
I love duck and I love Frontera.They've really good tacos there.At Pick Nick they opened a stall and they served duck tacos(among the many other things).It was served with mango salsa and it was sooooo good!I don't know if it was a one time thing..but I hope this will be available on their menu permanently.

More pictures from the day....

My handsome guy

What we actually look like
Taken from Foodbites FB page

Love their mango pudding
So many cute dogs at the park

Coffee spheres

Picnic peeps

Pretty fairy lights!
So pretty!
It was a lovely and chill way to spend a sunny Saturday.I would definitely go to the event if they have it every month.Good food and great ambience.Luckily our picnic spot was shady so we was burned by the sun..haha.There's a tiny mall next to the park which is within walking distance..so if you need to go to the toilet,it won't be an issue.

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