Book review:Paper Towns by John Green

Saturday, July 05, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I enjoyed reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and after that,I wanted to read more of his works.It's what I do with a lot of my favorite authors...I have to have all of the books that they've written.It's like an addiction.I have all of Khaled Hosseini's books,Frances Mayes(hers was pretty expensive as they're not fiction.),Fannie Flagg(her stories always gives me a warm feeling.The moment when I was able to track the first book she wrote in 1983&hold it in my hand was an awesome feeling!) and many more.When you find a good author,you want to keep reading their works.That was what John Green is to me.

So I found out that another one of his book,Paper Towns,will be turned into a movie soon.I finished reading the book in..3-4 days I think.It's 100 percent different than The Fault In Our Stars.But the characters are still young adults.Young adults hold the buying power in America so it's understandable that he writes with them in mind.But then again,a book is a book and if reviews are great, it'll appeal to people all over the world.Adults reads Harry Potter too! 

Paper Towns was an enjoyable read.There were moments that spooked me in the book(it's not a ghost story,trust me!) and moments that were exciting.

The book is about Quentin Jacobsen or Q as he is called who lives in Orlando,Florida,who has had a crush on his neighbour Margo Roth Spiegelman(I like her name&Q always says her full name) since they were little kids.They were close when they were little but when they grew up,they drift apart and hangs with different circles in their high school. 

One random night,Margo climbs to Q's bedroom window,dressed like a ninja and asked him to help her with her plan.Later he founds out that her plan was to revenge on three people--her ex-boyfriend Jase,the girl he cheated on her with,Becca and also her friend,Lacey.To me this part of the book was exciting(there's a few more exciting parts as well) because it was like Q and Margo against the world.It was funny as well because of Margo's plan to execute her revenge--some involved catfish(the fish,not the mtv show).

After that night,Margo never showed up to school.After the third day she went missing,her parents filed a police report.Her parents told Q and his family that this was the fourth time that she has run away from home & that she left clues before on where to find her.Q thought that he was supposed to find her and that she left clues for him.He did found some clues but it wasn't easy to decode them.

This was when things started to get a little confusing,headache inducing,a few crazy road trips and many more.Q has two best friends named Ben Starling and Marcus "Radar" who helped him to find Margo while navigating high school and the most important thing --prom.hahaha.

The part the spooked me was the abandoned mini mall.It just seems really dilapidated and scary.And also when Q thought that he was supposed to find Margo's dead body.

This book isn't about a love story.It's more about friendship.Margo's character is very complex and she wasn't what Q thought she was.Most of the people in her social circle didn't really know who she was either.I really like the book and can't wait to watch the movie version.Q will be played by Natt Wollf--who played Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars.

I wonder who they'll cast as Margo.But her scenes won't be much anyway since 80% of the story involves Q,Ben,Radar & also Lacey.So far only Nat Wollf has been confirmed to star in the movie.Watch for that space!