My 27th birthday on the 25th of June

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Happy fasting to all of my Muslim friends!Hope you're doing great so far :) July is here and today I'm finally blogging about what happened on my birthday.

June is my favourite month out of the whole year..Because it's my birthday month!!As usual,every year the boyfriend will always try his best to make it a great day for me.This year was a memorable birthday like all of the years that he has been celebrating it with me..(almost 4 years!).I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because he would always do something special on my birthday :)

When the clock strikes 12 am,he called me and sang me happy birthday,twice!It was not unusual as he has done this before.But this time around..after he sang the song,he told me that he was outside my house!I was like..what???He usually comes to see me in the morning on my birthday so that was a surprise!
So yummy!!
He brought this awesome "special cake" with him.It consisted some of the desserts that I love.The layer below is a Trianon cake,on top was an assortment of Wondermilk cupcakes and in the middle was a big jar of creme brulee.It was all delicious!The sweet thing was that,he actually arrived at my house at 11.30 pm and waited for 30 minutes in the car so that the clock will strike at 12 am..awwwwww.*sigh*

The next day,which was my birthday,he picked me up for lunch and drove us to Nilai because he said that he wanted to show me the boxes that's available for the packaging of my desserts.We managed to look at a few options but I didn't buy anything as the purpose was to survey but there was a great deal and I couldn't resist to buy two pretty cake stands as they were 50% off!

Blurred photo because it was at night!:P
Then he drove to Klang because he said that he needed to pick up some printing stuffs and it closes soon.So I just waited in the car for him.When he entered the car,he gave me two big boxes..I was like what is this?I opened it and there it was,my new logo for my cooking/baking side business (which he designed!),printed on a beautiful white plate.And there's two of them!awwwwww..He thinks about these little things :)

It's amazing to have someone who's super supportive about something in your life.He wants my food business to be successful and I do dream of opening a tiny bakeshop/cafe one day.Insyallah.

Then we went for dinner.But he wouldn't tell me where he's taking me.Like every other year,he'll bring me to some place that I haven't been to.:) It was quite far from Shah Alam..when suddenly he entered KLPAC I was like..there's a place to eat inside??By the way,the old empty buildings inside KLPAC looks so creepy at night.

Tadaaaa.This is the place and it's called Bistro Richard.The boyfriend made reservations and when we was about to enter the Bistro,the front of the house asked whether he was Mr Razin or Mr Chris.haha.That's great service as she wasn't holding any piece of paper but she remembers the name of those who made their reservations!

Romantic ambiance
The ambiance of the place is very romantic and cozy.They actually put mosquito coils underneath our table to ward off any pesky mosquitoes(as there's a huge pond next to the bistro).We choose to sit outside and they actually had a stand fan for us..which was cute..hahaha.
Excuse my messy hair!ahaha

For appetizers we ordered escargot,french onion soup and their special of the day---scallops with feta salad(if I'm not mistaken).
Super tasty!
It was my first time and the boyfriend as well..eating escargot.The boyfriend's sister Qeema have been telling me that I should try it.I'm glad that the boyfriend insisted we order it as it was yummy!It was cooked in garlic good.
The waitress was so nice when we asked her to demo how to eat one.haha You basically clamped the escargot using the snail fork/thong(I looked it up!) and then use this small fork to take out the snail meat inside.

The french onion soup was delicious as well.For drinks I ordered the Shirley Temple and the boyfriend asked for lemonade.

This was my first time eating scallops as well.I always feel squeamish eating anything that has a hard shell(I don't eat lala/kerang etc).But I braved myself and gave it a go!It was delicious but I guess raw scallops just wasn't my thing as I preferred the escargots more.The scallops had a briney taste to it akin to fresh oysters(which I've eaten before).
Seafood ravioli
I've tasted black truffles before.When the boyfriend asked me to describe what it tastes was hard because it's unlike anything I've eaten.It just tastes really good.So I was surprised when my seafood ravioli had lots of black truffles on it.It was really really good.

Pan seared black cod
The boyfriend ordered the dish above and I managed to taste some of it.It was really yummy.On top of the fish was fried onions.

After dinner we chatted and then the boyfriend asked for the menu again and he asked me to order desserts.I wanted panna cotta and he ordered crepes suzette.
Crepes suzette
Both desserts were delicious!There were bits and bobs of those crackly things that pops in your mouth(Fiq's Gastronomy have those on their desserts as well).
Panna cotta
Overall,I had a lovely dinner at Bistro Richard.Everything about the place is great.After the meal,I wanted to look at the bill but the boyfriend declined.5 days after that,he allowed me to look at the receipt..haha He didn't want me to feel guilty on my birthday I guess haha (how I feel when he spends too much on me).The bill for our meal was..RM310 I think(I didn't remember the exact figure).But we ordered a lot of food so it was worth the money(boyfriend's money haha)spent.

Bistro Richard's website:

I got another birthday gift from the boyfriend which is this stand mixer below.Now as you know,I have a baking/cooking side business (HERE) and all these years I've only been using a hand mixer to create all of my desserts.Having this thing is so awesome because it makes things easier for me.I'm just sooo thankful for the boyfriend for giving me this great gift which I will use every week!
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