My first Longchamp Planètes bag

Monday, July 07, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

When I first laid my eyes on Longchamp Le Pliage..I thought it was a bit..ugly.I guess I didn't like the brown leather handles mixed with the color of the bag.But one day,while I was at my aunt's house,she had a purple Planètes bag and when I touch it,the material felt so nice.

It was different than the flimsy material that I've seen on Le Pliage.I felt in love with the color.If you remembered,I had a purple Cambridge Satchel(which I've sold last year).I just love a purple bag but it's hard to find one that is of high quality and well-designed while not being too expensive.

My friend Aimi also has a Planètes bag and she recommended me to buy it as it is much sturdier than the Pliage.She recommended me this seller whom she bought the bag from as she buys them from Europe and it's 100% original.I decided to purchase it from the lady and I got my bag within 3 working days and was able to bring it to my trip to Penang.

My cousin who bought this bag for my aunt also told me to not buy the Pliage bag as it doesn't last long.She used to work as a manager for a high end brand before starting her own she knows her stuffs :P

Now I wear the bag almost everyday because it is so convenient!I love the color,the shape and the fact that it's very roomy.Oh,I bought the Planetes 1899 in Plum.The bag is very affordable and trust me when I say that it's a great buy :)