Penang food trail:Part 1.

Sunday, July 13, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

A day after my birthday(25th June),I went to Penang for a 3 days 2 nights trip and there was a lot of food involved.I used to live in Penang for 2 years when I was 13 but of course nowadays Penang is wayyy different.There's more new eateries and a lot more malls.

When I went to Penang in February last year,Paragon Mall and Straits Quay wasn't opened yet.So this time we went to both malls along with many places to eat that were recommended by my friend who's staying in Penang and Time Out Penang.This is part 1 of the places we went!

1.Blue Reef Fish and Chips(Straits Quay)

Blue Reef was in my list of places to eat in Penang as it was recommended by Time Out Penang.But we stumbled upon it while walking in Straits Quay.I was surprised that the price was super reasonable when the portion is big and the seafood is quite fresh.

A plate of their fried tilapia(flaky&yummy),scallops,prawns & calamari was only rm38!It can feed 2-3 people.I love on each table there's a bottle of malt vinegar.It's the way they eat fish and chips back in Britain.Their tartare sauce is so yummy and they actually sell it for you to bring home in a jar.
I would definitely come back to Blue Reef if I'm ever in Penang one day.

 2.Four Seasons Bakery(Straits Quay)

I stumbled upon this bakery as we were leaving Straits Quay.It was around 6-ish and when I went in,a lot of the baked goods were gone!So I vowed to come back the next day.
The beautiful bakery

Beautiful loaves of bread
The bakery stated that they don't use margerine..only real butter and no preservatives!When you enter the bakery it feels like you're in a proper French bakery.It's actually a French/Japanese bakery.I love how neat the bakery was and the smell of freshly baked breads and pastries.
Heart shaped pies 

Pain au chocolat

When I came by the next day,I bought only two types of pastries.Didn't buy much because I wanted to buy more on the last day before we leave Penang.

I bought their chocolate custard bun and milk tarts.Both were yummy and lightly sweet.I love the quality of the baked goods from the bakery.On the last day I bought a few loaves of breads and croissants.The baked goods there sold out FAST so if you're in Penang and want to buy any of their stuffs,you must go there before noon or else there's nothing much to buy.

 3.China House (Georgetown)

A lot of people I know who lives in Penang who went to Penang would show the array of cakes from Chinatown.Being a lover of desserts,I of course had to go!
So many cakes!
Luckily we managed to find a parking within walking distance of China House and went there for tea.The array of cakes was amazing!There was so many delicious looking desserts.It was pretty hard to choose but I managed to narrow it down to two choices.
I had a slice of almond lemon syrup cake and chocolate hazelnut torte.Both were delicious but the almond cake was my favorite.It was delicious and I would love to replicate the recipe one day.The cakes were rm10 per slice though some of the others had different pricing.I didn't try any of the dishes on their menu because we were there for tea.But the prices were pretty high!

4.Pasar Air Itam Laksa(Air Itam)

I've heard from many sources that this is the most original/authentic laksa Penang in Penang.So I know I had to go there.There were a lot of people eating their laksa but luckily the owner of the stall told us that we can sit at this soya bean shop across the street & they can send the laksa to us there.Score!
Busy preparing laksa!
The laksa was one of the best I've had in my life.It was spicy and delicious!I don't remember the price..maybe it was rm3.50?Superrrrrr cheap!It was filled with vegetables--cucumber,onions,mint leaves and a tasty broth thick with fish.There was also "petis' on top of the laksa--a sauce I would say..made out of prawns brains/heads?My late aunt on my mum's side loveee petis and had a jar of it in her fridge.
So good!
Part 2 will continue soon!