Penang food trail:Part 2.

Monday, July 14, 2014 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

This is the second part of my Penang Food trail.There's two places that I forgot to take pictures of--Nasi Kandar Beratur and Padang Kota.Went to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre but it was disappointing..we've been there before last year and this time the variety was even less!

I've been to Penang and lived there before so I've been to Line Clear Nasi Kandar,Gurney Hawker,Balik Pulau etc so we didn't go to those places this time.This are some of the new(-ish) food places that I went to recently.Read Part 1 in the previous post :)

1.Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (Lebuh Keng Kwee,Georgetown)
This bowl of laksa is really tasty.Super delicious!My friend recommended it but when I came there and saw the sign I was like..hey,they've an outlet in Sunway Pyramid!haha But of course this was the original one and it's muchhh cheaper.

A bowl of laksa was only rm3.50--there's the usual stuffs like the laksa from Air Itam but they added fresh pineapple slices to the laksa & the petis was on the side.It was a really great bowl of laksa.I can't wait to try the Sunway Pyramid/Paradigm outlet to taste whether it's pretty similar or not.

2.Indies Restaurant(Tanjung Tokong)

My friend Sipi told me that Indies has great banana leaf rice and that I should order their mango chutney with my rice.I'm not a fan of curry but I decided to go to Indies because funnily I love banana rice and the mango chutney intrigues me.
Super delicious plate of food
I was glad we went to Indies as the food was super delicious!You have to go there people.The place is clean and they serve authentic Indian food.It's near the drive-thru Starbucks!I ordered the fish banana leaf rice and it came with the mango chutney,dhall curry,and 2 more vegetable dish--one had this superrrr delicious carrot puree which I think was cooked in ghee??It was soooo good!I wish they'd open an outlet in Klang Valley.T_T


Our meals in Penang goes like this--brunch(cos we always wake up's a holiday after all!),tea and supper.So one night we went to find this famous nasi tomato Batu Lanchang..but when we came there..they weren't open!It opens 11pm-2am daily.So we asked this lady there and she said that they closed because to prepare for the fasting month.T_T
So we googled places to eat in Penang that operates 24 hours and we choose Kapitan.Ordered the chicken briyani and was surprised when it was just rice with grilled chicken.There was no papadom(they were out),no vegetables acar.There were dhall curry and I asked for kuah madu.That's it.But once you dig in..the rice was so delicious and so was the chicken.Very surprising!

Although it was "kosong(empty)" as it was just rice + chicken + was one of the memorable dishes that I ate in Penang.

4.Mak Ee(Air Itam)

I stumbled upon this shop while walking back to our car after having laksa at pasar air itam.I saw the sign with karipap pusing on it and immediately had to go into the shop.It was a tiny shop selling chicken curry karipap pusing,portuguese egg tarts and..durian puffs.
I love karipap pusing and are always trying to find the best karipap's pretty hard because a lot of people always get it wrong! :( But Mak Ee didn't!The karipap was hugeee and it was rm2 each.It had chunks of chicken in it with delicious sweet spicy curry.Thinking about it makes me salivate!
If I go back to Penang, I would definitely grab a couple of these.They're soooo good!


Arms said...

Hi, blogwalking here.

Well, whenever there is a post about Penang food, sure got laksa food in the post haha.

Curry puffs! For me, the only acceptable karipap is when there is curry in it. If it's a different flavour, I would tend to kindly decline the food offer. Hahahaha.

Happy Tuesday!