Date night:Waroeng Iga

Monday, August 18, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Since the boyfriend and I tend to go out for dinner a few times in a month,I thought I'll do this particular series about the places that we had our dinner at during date night :)

I've heard about Waroeng Iga before and they've great reviews from previous patrons.So one day,I asked the boyfriend if we could have dinner there and of we went.
Pretty decor

We went to their Encorp Strand outlet and from the outside it was pretty deserted.But then again we arrived there around..7pm?This was before Ramadhan..early June I think and I wanted to break my fast there(ganti puasa!).The decor there was very unique and had a Javanese feel to it.The tables had a distressed look which was cool!Though our table was a bit wobbly.
I love those boxed lanterns
I ordered the bebek penyet(crispy duck),the boyfriend ordered the iga penyet(ribs) and I also ordered the iga cabe ijo for us to share with.We had the happy soda for drinks and also the grilled banana with cheese,choc sauce&condensed milk.
Bebek(duck) and behind: Iga Cabe Ijo

The duck was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.The iga cabe ijo was spicy,sweet and super yummy.The beef was so tender.The boyfriend enjoyed his meal as well.I love the sambal though it wasn't as spicy as the one from Ayam Penyet Ria but it was really good.
As usual,I have to eat my meal with lots of vegetables.I asked them for extra vegetables and they gave me this huge plate and it was only..rm3!This is amazing to me because usually eateries in Malaysia are somehow stingy with vegetables.The plate of vegetables that they gave me could have easily fed 4 people.

This is soooo good!

We ended our meal with the dessert which was reallyyyyy good!It was actually just one banana which was split in half,grilled and then served hot with grated cheddar cheese,choc syrup & condensed milk.Super yummm!

I would definitely go back to Waroeng Iga..I love the food and the ambience.