Skincare product review:Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free skincare range

Friday, August 01, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Hey guys!It's already August!!This is a delayed post because I've been busy preparing raya cookies/cakes orders in previous weeks + my own full-time job+raya +family holiday!

If you remembered,a few weeks back I went to a Kiehl's event (thanks to Kiehl's and The Butterfly Project) and received their Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser range.I'm going to tell you my experience in using the products.
The products!
1)The Cleanser (150ml for RM85)
Tiny speck
I love how you only need a teenie tiny bit of the cleanser to wash your entire face.In the picture above is the amount that I squeeze on my palm everytime I have to wash my face.That tiny dot is enough for your whole face because once you lather it up with water,it foams up really well.

Muh face :P
The entire tube will last me up to probably three months?After you wash your face,it will feel a bit tight..which I didn't really like actually.But so far I haven't experience any breakout on my face.:)

2)The Toner(250ml for RM85)

After you wash your face,you have to use the toner.I only pour like..2-3 drops on my cotton pad and gently pat it all over my face,avoiding the eye area.The toner is didn't strip moisture off my skin.It doesn't sting my skin as well..which I've experienced with some toners.

I love how it removed traces of dirt/makeup and oils on my skin.Plus the bottle is hugeeee!It'll last me a few months.

3)The Gel Cream(RM100)
This is my favourite product from the entire line!I've talked about them in my previous post.Now you can see the inside of the container.
The gel texture is perfect for people with oily complexion like me.It feels so good on your skin.Very refreshing,cooling and it absorbs fast into your skin.It's quite gloopy so you only need probably a 50 cent size worth for your entire face.
The gel texture


The skincare line managed to keep my skin moisturised and oil-free almost the whole day.I still experience some mid-afternoon shine.But that's probably due to the recent fasting month as well as I only got to hydrate myself after breaking my fast.

I've to admit that the best thing from the entire line is the gel cream.I'll definitely repurchase it in the future!

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