Original Source,Lush&baking moulds from Melkandshegetz

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Original Source & Lush King of Skin
Previously I did a blogpost on the awesome stuffs that I got from Melkandshegetz.About more than a month ago I received my stuffs that I ordered from them from the UK!Yes,they can actually source stuffs for you from UK/US!Your own personal shopper.How cool and convenient is that?

Back in February,when I went to Bali,I bought this awesome smelling bodywash from this brand called Original Source from their pharmacy.It was Vanilla and Raspberry and it smells like ice cream/chupa chups lollipop!I love it.But sadly it wasn't sold in Malaysia :(

I was happy though when I found out that Melkandshegetz are selling them.And they have such a big variety of the bodywash.I got 8 different ones and I love all of them to bits.In case you're wondering..of course I didn't use all of them..I gave some to my mum & brother as well.

The ones that I super love other than the Vanilla and Raspberry was the Pink Grapefruit,Lime and Coconut.I love to bathe in citrus scents in the morning because it wakes me up!Coconut is more rich and creamy..perfect to pamper yourself at night.Yes,I love bathing!If only there's a bathtub in my bathroom..it'd be perfect!

Not only does the bodywash smells amazing..they're moisturizing for your skin and is a vegan product too!

I heard about Lush King of Skin from Tanya Burr's Youtube channel were she constantly raves about it.It's basically a body butter bar that you can use to moisturize your body with.Because my King of Skin was shipped to Malaysia..it became a little bit disfigured due to the heat.haha.No worries though as I was still able to use it.

I loved how super moisturizing it was..although it was a bar,when I swiped it on my skin..it instantly melted due to body heat and made my skin so soft.Super cool!A little bit goes a longgg way.

According to Lush's website on King of Skin:

King of Skin is a solid body lotion to make your dry skin softer, smoother, and more flexible. Supremely moisturizing freshly mashed bananas and avocados are whipped into a luxurious, skin soothing base of oat milk and lavender. You’ll immediately notice the softening effect these natural ingredients have on the skin; and the best part is the effects last all day! Smooth onto wet skin just out of the shower, towel off – and you’re left with royally soft skin

Canele and cakepops mould
As you all know,I love to bake and I actually accept baking orders from a friend's cafe and customers during my free time.I have eaten quite a few caneles but have never found the mould being sold here..and believe me I've search quite a lot of baking supply stores.But luckily they're available in the UK.I wanted a cakepops mould as well so it'll be easier for me if I ever wanted to bake them.

I haven't had the time to use bouth moulds yet.There's always constant baking orders every week so I've not time to experiment with new recipes.Hopefully I'll get to use them soon :)

To see all the awesome stuffs that melkandshegetz have or if you have anything that you want to order from them in particular,check out their instagram page below.

You can also contact them via their hp number or email:

+60173694579 melkandshegetz@gmail.com 


More Bourjois haul+nude lipsticks fave.

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If you guys remembered,I did a blogpost on my Bourjois haul..I went to their store on the second day that they opened in Sunway Pyramid.And a few weeks back,I bought more stuffs from them.I can honestly say that I loveeee their stuffs..except for their liquid eyeliners haha.

So some of the items that I bought from Bourjois recently was....

1)Healthy Balance unifying powder in the shade 53 Beige Clair

I love this powder as it kept my face matte for quite a long period of time.The fact that the compact is very thin makes it easy to carry in my purse.

2)Blusher in shade 54 Rose Frisson

My Sephora Artist's blusher broke so I needed a replacement for it.After swatching some shades on my cheek I settle for this pretty rosy colour.I love how it wasn't too shimmery or shiny.It gives you a naturally rosy flush.The cute packaging is a bonus as well!

3)Happy Light Matte Base Serum

I bought this face primer as I needed one for my engagement day.Yes,I did my makeup on my own.I love how it felt on my skin..very smooth and my face stayed matte throughout the day.I would definitely repurchase this.

4)Rouge Edition lipstick in Brun Boheme

I love this lipstick..as you can see down below,I also made a tiny section about my current nude lip product.It's not totally nude because I didn't want to look wash out.My face is pretty pale so if I wear a nude lipstick that doesn't have a hint of colour in it,I'll look dead.

This one has such a beautiful colour.I guess it depends on your blood as well?Sometimes the same lipstick shade can look totally different on another person.Hence why I'd spend like..30 minutes trying in various lipstick shades to get the right one and I never shop for them online.

L:Brun Boheme R:Rosewine
Brun Boheme looks like a nude lipstick with a hint of pink on my lips.I love the texture and the shape of the lipstick..it makes it sooo easy to apply.This is my second tube of Rouge Edition lipstick..previously I bought a red one.
Wearing brun boheme
I also couldn't resist buying Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in the shade of Rosewine.It's a nude colour with coral/red in it.It's brighter than Brun Boheme but just as beautiful.It is so smooth on my lips and I just love wearing it.
Top:Brun Boheme,Bottom:Rosewine
Wearing rosewine
As you can see from the picture above,Rosewine is a lot more coral-ly/red than Brun Boheme.And clearly I wore the same top but during different weeks.hahaha.

I would definitely recommend you girls out there to try out Bourjois's beauty products and of course..Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick line.Nowadays,I always feel lazy to do my makeup in the morning..but the only thing I'd put on is some lipstick.It will brighten up your look!

Bourjois Malaysia fb page:

Revlon Malaysia fb page:


Brunch:Nutmeg(Bangsar) and Quartet(TTDI).

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Lately I've been going for brunch with Aimi during the weekends.So here's my sorta review of the two places that we had our brunch at during the recent weekends.


Aimi couldn't make it to my engagement ceremony due to work so she told me that she'll bring me out to eat.I chose brunch so it's not too early/late for me as my house is a pretty far drive to anywhere.haha Aimi wanted to go to Bangsar so I googled places to have brunch at.Nutmeg reviews were very good from various bloggers.
Eggs Benedict

I'm glad I choose Nutmeg as the food was good.We went here around 12pm and it was almost packed!The only downside was that the tables were too close together.Like the gap between our table and the next was pretty close so they could hear us when we talk.
Big Breakfast

Moving on to the food!Aimi ordered the Nutmeg Big Breakfast while I had the Eggs Benedict.

Aimi's dish came with two eggs of any style(she chose scrambled),lamb sausage,confit mushrooms,roasted garlic tomatoes,hash potatoes or fried mac&cheese(she chose the latter),house cured salmon or salted beef(she chose the former) and toasted brioche!

I had a choice of house cured salmon or salted beef for my eggs benedict and I chose the beef..which I regret later because it was tough.We shared a pot of Rooibos Creme Caramel tea.When it arrived,I was surprised to see that it was from Teapigs which is well known in the UK.

My eggs was perfectly poached and it was yummy.Service was slow though as Aimi's dish arrived wayyyy later after mine.But hers was yummy as well.I tried the fried mac and cheese & it was good!I've to admit the price is on the slightly high side of things.A good place to have brunch once a month or every two months?haha

Nutmeg's fb page:


Aimi asked me for brunch at TTDI and I as usual googled the places and it was down to Quartet or The Frisky Goat.We ended up choosing Quartet.

The ambiance of Quartet was very romantic.The inside was quite dark,considering that it was only 1pm.Quartet's concept was that you have to order at the counter and pay as well before the food was sent to you.
Mmm yummm!(RM21)

We ordered the same thing which was the Big Breaky.It was very yummy!The toast that came with it was perfectly toasted.I hate a soggy and non-toasted bread.But the downside was that,one of the eggs was poached for too long that the yolk inside became a bit hard.I ordered their iced tea of the day..which was earl grey & was not sweetened--perfect!

I would definitely come back to Quartet again and try their creme brulee next :p

Quartet TTDI fb page:


MNG Malaysia for Zalora.

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I'm sure a lot of you girls/guys out there have heard about MANGO/MNG before.It's either you've bought some of their stuffs or have been inside their store.I personally love their array of blazers and I have bought quite a few of them.They fit me well,I love the cut,the style and the material..list goes on.

But not everyone lives near a mall that has MNG/Mango store in them.And now since everybody shops online,I'm happy to announce that you can now buy stuffs from MNG Malaysia via Zalora's website!How cool is that?

They've got a lot of great stuffs from MNG on Zalora.Here I'm sharing with you three different casual looks that you can achieve using the various pieces from MNG.

Casual wear is important to everyone as it is the clothes we wear on a relaxing day out during the weekends,or if you're like me..my line of work allows me to dress casually for it..which I love.Casual wear not only portrays a clean simple look but also it's comfortable to wear.

With Mango,you can mix match the clothes and turn it into something amazing while walking with confidence all around town.There are 3 looks from MNG which you can opt for to have that simple yet stylish appearance.

The high school look

Remember the time when you were in high school and all you want to wear is comfortable trendy looking outfits consisting of shorts, basic tee or an oversized sweater. You could also attempt this look by mix matching the clothes from Mango and select the pieces which suit your personality.  The ladies who just love wearing simple yet stylish casual wear can pair an oversized sweater and coloured denim shorts from the brand with a nice pair of Converse shoes for a perfect younger look. Hang out at the malls with your girlfriends or have a picnic at the park looking casual in style.

The smart-casual

Women who want to have a more sophisticated appearance while still maintaining a casual look should definitely opt for Mango’s long sleeved knit sweater and sleek long pants. This look is suitable for women to even wear it to parties or work without looking inappropriate. Top it up a notch with a pair of high heels and accessorize it with a pendant necklace or fedora hat and look stunning everywhere you go.

The outerwear look

This look is perfect for the women who want to step out of house feeling comfortable and super feminine at the same time.It's my favorite look as I love wearing blazers to work on top of dresses to make me look more put together.

Outerwear always perks up an outfit with the simplest touch without ever looking out of place. Pair it with a bright coloured blouse and shorts from Mango for a fabulous look all day long or if you're me,there's a wide array of beautiful dresses which you can pair with your outerwear.

Interested to grab some new clothes? Check out MNG malaysia online by visiting ZALORA’s website before the pieces get sold out!I know I will :)


Product Reviews:Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er&Tarte Lights,Camera andFlashes mascara

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I rarely splurge on makeup.Usually I stick to drugstore brands and occasionally I'll buy some high end stuffs if I really want it and I know I will get good use out of it.

I love black liquid eyeliner.It's something that I wear almost everyday.I have tried sooo many different brands..from drugstore brands to high end.A month back I bought Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er and let me tell you..it is awesome!

The sleek packaging is so beautiful.Just holding it feels posh somehow.

My eyes without makeup,you can't see my lashes
The most important thing I take into consideration in buying liquid eyeliner is the pigmentation--is it black enough,and the staying power--will it smudge,bleed etc.

The super black eyeliner..so smooth!Wearing Tarte mascara as well.
This particular eyeliner fits the bill!It's really black,easy to apply and doesn't smudge or budge throughout the day until I remove it with bioderma.

According to Sephora's website:

This waterproof liquid eyeliner pen features a calligraphy-inspired proprietary capillary system that draws thick and thin lines for accentuating the lash line or building a bolder look. This never-seen-before shade was developed in Japan to create the shiniest and blackest black on the market. The fast-working, no-transfer, no-fade formula lasts all day. This sleek liner begs to be held and is suitable for the boardroom.

I love mascara because eventhough I have long lashes,it's not that thick or curly.It needs mascara to bump it up.I've heard beauty youtubers raving about the Tarte Lights,Camera and Flashes mascara.Particularly,Fleur De Force.So once I saw it in Sephora,I had to buy it.It's easy to recognize it because the tube is bright gold.

My eyes with the MJ eyeliner & Tarte mascara

I love the fact that the mascara brush has two different sides.According to Tarte's website:
Pic taken from Tarte's website
The custom-engineered, dual-molded brush boosts even the skinniest lashes for an exaggerated, voluminous look. First, the shorter, denser side of the brush delivers the optimal amount of mascara to volumize and coat each lash perfectly, then the longer, firmer side of the brush lengthens and separates for maximum volume without clumping 

The mascara makes my lashes becomes superrr long and curly and thick.I love it so much!I would definitely recommend girls out there to purchase both items.FYI,I bought both from Sephora.This isn't a sponsored post though!haha I genuinely love both products and thought I should share them with you guys :)

I believe the price for the mascara was..rm95 and the eyeliner was rm80?I'm sorry if it's wrong as I bought both before Raya and now it's already September haha.


DIY engagement dais/pelamin tunang

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The result!
If you are my friend on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram then you'd have known that on 24th of August(Sunday) in the month of Syawal,I got engaged + had a merisik(I've no idea how to translate this to English)ceremony.Initially,it was supposed to be a small merisik ceremony between Razin and I with our parents but due to circumstances,it became quite a big thing and became an engagement ceremony as well.

I've to admit I was stressed out for the 3 days before the day itself and believe it or not,I did my DIY pelamin for only 2 nights..with the help of Mr Fiance himself and his sister.As the event was held at my late grandma's house(which is 30 minutes away from my own house) which was nearer to Razin's house(5 mins),I had to ask for their help instead of my brothers(they're studying at uni!)

The planning of it happened so quickly..it was crazy!I had to do a lot of things within 3 days..as Razin told me that he wanted to do our merisik ceremony that particular weekend so that we can focus on other things.I won't go into details the chaotic-ness of the whole thing but suffice to say that I'm glad that for my wedding..my parents paid for a package that had everything.So I've almost nothing to do.phewww.

Now back on how I was able to create a mini pelamin in two nights..bear in mind that I could only do so at night time as I was working during the day.Oh yeah,we could have paid a person to do a mini pelamin and my mum's friend could have done it for cheap but he had another ceremony during the weekend..3 days notice just was too short.Also,I wasn't going to spend 1000 on a pelamin for a simple ceremony.

First thing I did was going to Kaison at Paradigm and bought things like paper lanterns,vases and some little things.Everything cost me less than rm90.

What I had in mind was to create a simple pelamin for the whole 'putting on the ring' part of the ceremony.I googled pictures and I wanted to scatter paper lanterns on the floor,have some paper flowers at the back,with vases of fresh flowers and two chairs.That's all.
My awesome guy

But then the fiance recommended that we should do a backdrop..as in have boards behind the chairs so that I can put paper flowers on them.So we went to the art shop to get polystyrene boards.Everything at the art shop cost around rm40.

Then we bought two different kind of fabrics at Jakel..one to cover the boards with and the other to lay on the floor with.That cost us about rm60+?The purple fabric was about rm22 per meter(we bought 2 meters) and the white satin fabric to cover the polystyrene boards was cheap because we were given discount for it.I think it was around rm2.80 per meter and we bought around 5 meters worth.

We covered the polystyrene boards with the fabric using a mixture of pins and glue guns.

Paper flowers!
I made the paper flowers using crepe papers and high quality paper napkins.Yup,I made every single one of them.Though the fiance helped in folding them as well.We glued the flowers on the board using a glue gun.

Everything else was just about placement.I bought fresh flowers at Floristika for our 'buah tangan/hantaran' trays and also for the mini pelamin.I actually decorated the trays of  'buah tangan' by myself up until 2 hours before the ceremony.Crazy!I knowwwww haha
Pretty purpleAster flowers
Oh,we changed the curtains to plain cream coloured ones courtesy of my mama who brought it from our house to my grandma's.

I think the total cost of the whole thing--decoration/backdrop was around less than RM300?So you can definitely create your own simple pelamin for your engagement if you don't have much time or resources to do so.:)


Pizza Hut's A Food Tasting Event

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It's already September and this is an overdue post..but I have very good reasons why I've been slacking with my blog.I'll tell you in my next blog post on what I've been up to these past couple of weeks :)

On 13th of August,I was invited by Pizza Hut to attend their A Food Tasting event at their outlet in Pavilion.The event was to introduce their new and improved menu.I was really impressed by their new items.A lot of them was really delicious!

I brought Razin with me as my date.I met quite a few familiars faces there as well.There was Anfaal and Sabby..bloggers whom I met through The Butterfly Project.There were so many dishes sent to our table.Initially I thought that it would be a buffet line and we get to taste a little bit of everything..but Pizza Hut went all out and instead send dishes after dishes to each table.We were so stuffed!

At the start of the event,we were given a goodie pack which consisted of cool vouchers from Pizza Hut and their tumbler.After we sat on our table,chit chat with some of my blogger friends..we were then introduce to Pizza Hut's new and improved menu.

I tasted three of their new pizzas and my favourite was the BBQ Chicken.The crust is much more chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside.So yummy!

Some of the many dishessss!

We tasted up to 13 different dishes.My favourite dish was actually their appetizer--The Hut's Platter(pictured top row,middle).I was super impressed with the tempura prawns as it was so crispy.It actually beats some of the Japanese restaurants that I've been to.

I actually went to Pizza Hut to have lunch with my colleagues recently and the outlet at Tesco Shah Alam actually maintained the quality of the dish which I had during the food tasting event.The prawns were super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.Good job!

Pizza Hut is currently having a contest for customers who spend rm50 and above in a single receipt.The poster below was taken from their website.It's really easy to enter as you just snap the picture of your receipt and you can send it via whatsapp or post.The dateline is tomorrow!Omg.haha

On how to enter the contest,click the link HERE.

Pizza Hut's new and improved menu can be seen HERE.

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