Brunch:Nutmeg(Bangsar) and Quartet(TTDI).

Friday, September 19, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Lately I've been going for brunch with Aimi during the weekends.So here's my sorta review of the two places that we had our brunch at during the recent weekends.


Aimi couldn't make it to my engagement ceremony due to work so she told me that she'll bring me out to eat.I chose brunch so it's not too early/late for me as my house is a pretty far drive to anywhere.haha Aimi wanted to go to Bangsar so I googled places to have brunch at.Nutmeg reviews were very good from various bloggers.
Eggs Benedict

I'm glad I choose Nutmeg as the food was good.We went here around 12pm and it was almost packed!The only downside was that the tables were too close together.Like the gap between our table and the next was pretty close so they could hear us when we talk.
Big Breakfast

Moving on to the food!Aimi ordered the Nutmeg Big Breakfast while I had the Eggs Benedict.

Aimi's dish came with two eggs of any style(she chose scrambled),lamb sausage,confit mushrooms,roasted garlic tomatoes,hash potatoes or fried mac&cheese(she chose the latter),house cured salmon or salted beef(she chose the former) and toasted brioche!

I had a choice of house cured salmon or salted beef for my eggs benedict and I chose the beef..which I regret later because it was tough.We shared a pot of Rooibos Creme Caramel tea.When it arrived,I was surprised to see that it was from Teapigs which is well known in the UK.

My eggs was perfectly poached and it was yummy.Service was slow though as Aimi's dish arrived wayyyy later after mine.But hers was yummy as well.I tried the fried mac and cheese & it was good!I've to admit the price is on the slightly high side of things.A good place to have brunch once a month or every two months?haha

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Aimi asked me for brunch at TTDI and I as usual googled the places and it was down to Quartet or The Frisky Goat.We ended up choosing Quartet.

The ambiance of Quartet was very romantic.The inside was quite dark,considering that it was only 1pm.Quartet's concept was that you have to order at the counter and pay as well before the food was sent to you.
Mmm yummm!(RM21)

We ordered the same thing which was the Big Breaky.It was very yummy!The toast that came with it was perfectly toasted.I hate a soggy and non-toasted bread.But the downside was that,one of the eggs was poached for too long that the yolk inside became a bit hard.I ordered their iced tea of the day..which was earl grey & was not sweetened--perfect!

I would definitely come back to Quartet again and try their creme brulee next :p

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