DIY engagement dais/pelamin tunang

Tuesday, September 09, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The result!
If you are my friend on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram then you'd have known that on 24th of August(Sunday) in the month of Syawal,I got engaged + had a merisik(I've no idea how to translate this to English)ceremony.Initially,it was supposed to be a small merisik ceremony between Razin and I with our parents but due to circumstances,it became quite a big thing and became an engagement ceremony as well.

I've to admit I was stressed out for the 3 days before the day itself and believe it or not,I did my DIY pelamin for only 2 nights..with the help of Mr Fiance himself and his sister.As the event was held at my late grandma's house(which is 30 minutes away from my own house) which was nearer to Razin's house(5 mins),I had to ask for their help instead of my brothers(they're studying at uni!)

The planning of it happened so was crazy!I had to do a lot of things within 3 Razin told me that he wanted to do our merisik ceremony that particular weekend so that we can focus on other things.I won't go into details the chaotic-ness of the whole thing but suffice to say that I'm glad that for my parents paid for a package that had everything.So I've almost nothing to do.phewww.

Now back on how I was able to create a mini pelamin in two nights..bear in mind that I could only do so at night time as I was working during the day.Oh yeah,we could have paid a person to do a mini pelamin and my mum's friend could have done it for cheap but he had another ceremony during the weekend..3 days notice just was too short.Also,I wasn't going to spend 1000 on a pelamin for a simple ceremony.

First thing I did was going to Kaison at Paradigm and bought things like paper lanterns,vases and some little things.Everything cost me less than rm90.

What I had in mind was to create a simple pelamin for the whole 'putting on the ring' part of the ceremony.I googled pictures and I wanted to scatter paper lanterns on the floor,have some paper flowers at the back,with vases of fresh flowers and two chairs.That's all.
My awesome guy

But then the fiance recommended that we should do a in have boards behind the chairs so that I can put paper flowers on them.So we went to the art shop to get polystyrene boards.Everything at the art shop cost around rm40.

Then we bought two different kind of fabrics at to cover the boards with and the other to lay on the floor with.That cost us about rm60+?The purple fabric was about rm22 per meter(we bought 2 meters) and the white satin fabric to cover the polystyrene boards was cheap because we were given discount for it.I think it was around rm2.80 per meter and we bought around 5 meters worth.

We covered the polystyrene boards with the fabric using a mixture of pins and glue guns.

Paper flowers!
I made the paper flowers using crepe papers and high quality paper napkins.Yup,I made every single one of them.Though the fiance helped in folding them as well.We glued the flowers on the board using a glue gun.

Everything else was just about placement.I bought fresh flowers at Floristika for our 'buah tangan/hantaran' trays and also for the mini pelamin.I actually decorated the trays of  'buah tangan' by myself up until 2 hours before the ceremony.Crazy!I knowwwww haha
Pretty purpleAster flowers
Oh,we changed the curtains to plain cream coloured ones courtesy of my mama who brought it from our house to my grandma's.

I think the total cost of the whole thing--decoration/backdrop was around less than RM300?So you can definitely create your own simple pelamin for your engagement if you don't have much time or resources to do so.:)