MNG Malaysia for Zalora.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm sure a lot of you girls/guys out there have heard about MANGO/MNG before.It's either you've bought some of their stuffs or have been inside their store.I personally love their array of blazers and I have bought quite a few of them.They fit me well,I love the cut,the style and the material..list goes on.

But not everyone lives near a mall that has MNG/Mango store in them.And now since everybody shops online,I'm happy to announce that you can now buy stuffs from MNG Malaysia via Zalora's website!How cool is that?

They've got a lot of great stuffs from MNG on Zalora.Here I'm sharing with you three different casual looks that you can achieve using the various pieces from MNG.

Casual wear is important to everyone as it is the clothes we wear on a relaxing day out during the weekends,or if you're like line of work allows me to dress casually for it..which I love.Casual wear not only portrays a clean simple look but also it's comfortable to wear.

With Mango,you can mix match the clothes and turn it into something amazing while walking with confidence all around town.There are 3 looks from MNG which you can opt for to have that simple yet stylish appearance.

The high school look

Remember the time when you were in high school and all you want to wear is comfortable trendy looking outfits consisting of shorts, basic tee or an oversized sweater. You could also attempt this look by mix matching the clothes from Mango and select the pieces which suit your personality.  The ladies who just love wearing simple yet stylish casual wear can pair an oversized sweater and coloured denim shorts from the brand with a nice pair of Converse shoes for a perfect younger look. Hang out at the malls with your girlfriends or have a picnic at the park looking casual in style.

The smart-casual

Women who want to have a more sophisticated appearance while still maintaining a casual look should definitely opt for Mango’s long sleeved knit sweater and sleek long pants. This look is suitable for women to even wear it to parties or work without looking inappropriate. Top it up a notch with a pair of high heels and accessorize it with a pendant necklace or fedora hat and look stunning everywhere you go.

The outerwear look

This look is perfect for the women who want to step out of house feeling comfortable and super feminine at the same time.It's my favorite look as I love wearing blazers to work on top of dresses to make me look more put together.

Outerwear always perks up an outfit with the simplest touch without ever looking out of place. Pair it with a bright coloured blouse and shorts from Mango for a fabulous look all day long or if you're me,there's a wide array of beautiful dresses which you can pair with your outerwear.

Interested to grab some new clothes? Check out MNG malaysia online by visiting ZALORA’s website before the pieces get sold out!I know I will :)