More Bourjois haul+nude lipsticks fave.

Monday, September 22, 2014 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

If you guys remembered,I did a blogpost on my Bourjois haul..I went to their store on the second day that they opened in Sunway Pyramid.And a few weeks back,I bought more stuffs from them.I can honestly say that I loveeee their stuffs..except for their liquid eyeliners haha.

So some of the items that I bought from Bourjois recently was....

1)Healthy Balance unifying powder in the shade 53 Beige Clair

I love this powder as it kept my face matte for quite a long period of time.The fact that the compact is very thin makes it easy to carry in my purse.

2)Blusher in shade 54 Rose Frisson

My Sephora Artist's blusher broke so I needed a replacement for it.After swatching some shades on my cheek I settle for this pretty rosy colour.I love how it wasn't too shimmery or shiny.It gives you a naturally rosy flush.The cute packaging is a bonus as well!

3)Happy Light Matte Base Serum

I bought this face primer as I needed one for my engagement day.Yes,I did my makeup on my own.I love how it felt on my skin..very smooth and my face stayed matte throughout the day.I would definitely repurchase this.

4)Rouge Edition lipstick in Brun Boheme

I love this you can see down below,I also made a tiny section about my current nude lip product.It's not totally nude because I didn't want to look wash out.My face is pretty pale so if I wear a nude lipstick that doesn't have a hint of colour in it,I'll look dead.

This one has such a beautiful colour.I guess it depends on your blood as well?Sometimes the same lipstick shade can look totally different on another person.Hence why I'd spend like..30 minutes trying in various lipstick shades to get the right one and I never shop for them online.

L:Brun Boheme R:Rosewine
Brun Boheme looks like a nude lipstick with a hint of pink on my lips.I love the texture and the shape of the makes it sooo easy to apply.This is my second tube of Rouge Edition lipstick..previously I bought a red one.
Wearing brun boheme
I also couldn't resist buying Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in the shade of Rosewine.It's a nude colour with coral/red in it.It's brighter than Brun Boheme but just as beautiful.It is so smooth on my lips and I just love wearing it.
Top:Brun Boheme,Bottom:Rosewine
Wearing rosewine
As you can see from the picture above,Rosewine is a lot more coral-ly/red than Brun Boheme.And clearly I wore the same top but during different weeks.hahaha.

I would definitely recommend you girls out there to try out Bourjois's beauty products and of course..Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick line.Nowadays,I always feel lazy to do my makeup in the morning..but the only thing I'd put on is some lipstick.It will brighten up your look!

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Rin said...

Congratulations on the Bourjois haul! =D I've personally never really heard of them much until I came back to Malaysia, which is a shame since apparently they have Boots discounts quite often. >< Whoops!

The lippie colours look fantastic on you by the way! I'm curious now as you said you loved their liquid eyeliners? How's the staying power? I have quite odd eyelids in the sense that anything on the top lid (anything at all) will smudge under my eyes. I don't even tightline now just because of that. haha. ^^

xoxo Rin
Fuurin Diary

Hye Rin!Thanks for dropping by :)Omg Boots discounts are amazing!I wish they'd ship to Malaysia.:(

Actually if you read my previous Bourjois haul,you'd see that I didn't like their liquid eyeliner.It was very veryyyy runny.

If you want a good eyeliner that doesn't budge I'd recommend Loreal/Marc Jacobs/Stila.