My first beauty swap!

Thursday, October 30, 2014 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

A few months ago I joined this Facebook group called Be A Beauty Correspondent..thanks to my fellow bloggers who told me about it.The group is very small and private.You have to request in order to be able to join.Basically it's a group of women around the world who loves beauty products and are willing to swap with each other.

How it works is that you find a girl that you'd like to swap with and then you set a budget.In my case,Sin Kent approached me on Facebook and then we set a budget of USD100(RM320 for me)..which excludes shipping.Shipping cost is not included in the it's up to us to choose the method of shipping. 

Sin Kent and I chatted a lot about what I wanted and about what she wanted in her swap box.Preference etc.She didn't want any makeup and more skincare products.I didn't want any skincare products as I love the ones I'm currently using.haha.

She told me how Canadian post really sucks but I didn't know how much it would suck because she sent my parcel earlier than I did but it took almost 3 months to arrive while hers which I sent from here arrived in 2 weeks?I used POS Malaysia's Flexipack --which is awesome by the way.Sin Kent is actually a Malaysian living in Canada.So it was easy to communicate with her on what she wanted.

These are the list of things that Sin Kent sent to me and also with a bunch of pictures!:))

Beauty stuffs


1)Kat Von D tattoo ink eyeliner--the one thing I told her I really wanted hehe
2)Cover Girl 24hr Last Blast mascara--used it once=amazing!
3)Blistex Lip Medex--it comes in a pot& has a minty taste.
4)EOS lipbalm in Honeysuckle--been meaning to try this!Love it :)
5)Physicians Formula Sexy Oohh Lala Eye Trio--cool packaging!
6)Yes To Cucumber Facial Towelletes--I told her I wanted to try this too.
7)Pantene Dry Shampoo--love this!!
8)Vaseline Spray&Go in Aloe Fresh--I loveeee this spray body lotion&it smells amazing.We don't have this type of product here yet though so I'm happy she bought this for me.
9)Milani lip liner in Haute Pink--I've heard about Milani many many times from Youtuber videos.I love the color of this lip liner and can't wait to try it!
10)Wet&Wild Balm Stain in Red-dy or Not--This balm stain is awesome!I love the colour and the texture of the product.I've been wearing this everyday now.Sad that Wet&Wild aren't available here anymore.
11)Wet&Wild Bronzer--I told Sin Kent that I wanted a bronzer and this one is hugeeee.I tried some of it on my face & it's very flattering.I don't like looking pale so I love wearing some bronzer on my face.
12)Sally Hansen Nail Art pen in Neon Pink & (13) Purple--omg..this is awesome because it allows me to do nail art without being messy!
14)Sally Hansen Fast Dry Nail Colour pen in Pink--I love this pen!I colour my nails once a month when I have my menses(other days I don't do so cos I can't pray if that happens!)& this is perfect as I'm veryyy bad at painting my nails.
15)Loreal Liquid Lipstick in pink(can't remember the name of the colour)--I don't think we have this yet in stores and I love it!
16)Asquith&Somerset lemon bodyscrub--this is AMAZING!It makes my skin soooo soft after I use it&Sin Kent told me that it's her favourite.
17)Crabtree&Evelyn handcream in Evelyn Rose--this smells so good and makes my hand so soft!
18)Quo Eyeshadow palette--I love this palette and have used it twice.It's so pigmented & apparently Quo is a famous high end drugstore brand in Canada.
19)Quo lipstick in red--I love the packaging of this lipstick.You click the bottom of it to make the lipstick come out.I love the colour as well!
20)Joe Fresh lipliner in red--this lip liner comes with a lip brush at the other end.Very convenient!
21)Joe Fresh waterproof eyeshadow in Taupe--I love the colour and it glides so smoothly.

1)Canadian Maple Syrup--it doesn't taste like the maple syrup we have here which meant that we've been fooled!This is the real deal.:)
2)Polymer Clay Sticks--which she said I can use for nail art/crafts.
3)Teddy Bear key chain--so cuteee.

Hopefully next year I can do more swaps.I'm currently preparing a secret santa swap with members of the group.Can't wait to buy everything and ship it to my secret santa!In the upcoming blog entries,I will review some of the items I got from this beauty swap.Stay tuned!:)


Beauty product review:Maybelline brow mascara

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I first saw this product in one of the magazines that I subscribed via the ipad.When I went to Luxola,I saw that it was available and of course I had to buy it.This brow mascara is not available here yet though.I've been using this for about 2 months now and I love it.

Since I have naturally thin/sparse eyebrows,this is perfect to fatten it up!It is very easy to use and it stays all day long until you take it of with your makeup remover.
Without eyebrow mascara

The only downside was that it is a bit 'wet' so you have to make sure that you don't accidentally smudge it when it's not dry yet.But it dries very quickly.I'm saying that it's 'wet' because in comparison with my Bourjois eyebrow mascara.
With eyebrow mascara

The brush looks very unique to me and apparently it was created in such a way so that it can reach all of the hairs on your brow.The brush is called the Sculpting Ball Brush.How aptly named right?

If you from the pictures above,you can see how the mascara managed to thicken my eyebrows and it looked natural.I love it!

The item is sold out on Luxola so I can't remember how much I paid for it..but I can tell you it wasn't expensive.Perhaps it'll be available here in Malaysia soon.


Current beauty favourites:Lip creams(NYX+Collection) + Lipsticks(Revlon)

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I have a lot of lip products.Somehow I've amassed a lot of lipsticks,lip stain,lip balm and many more.But I don't have lip gloss because I just don't like how it feels on my lips.

I've never been a fan of lip gloss and the only lip product in tube form that I've had are lip stains.But lately I've been obsessed with these lip creams.They're just awesome and goes on so smoothly on my lips.And the colours are so beautiful.Plus I love that they turn matte when you put it on.
Both lip creams are inexpensive as well.The Collection one I think cost rm16-17?And the NYX one cost me..rm23-26?Sorry I can't remember the exact price because I bought them awhile back.
Top:NYX Antwerp. Bottom:Collection Fairy Cake
As you can see from the colour swatch above,the Antwerp one is more pink while the Fairy Cake is more coral.I love both colours.Antwerp is much more bright while Fairy Cake is more subdued.

Such cute names

Ever since I bought my first tube of Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick a few weeks back(Rosewine colour)..I can't stop buying more.The colours are so pretty and it glides smoothly on my lips as well.I love the packaging too.
So pretty!

Recently while I was out and about with Aimi,we somehow stumbled upon a beauty warehouse sale and I managed to grab three of Revlon's Super Lustrous for only rm15 each!I couldn't swatch the colours while I was buying them because it was a warehouse sale.So I just went with my guts.
I actually wanted to buy more because there were so many pretty colours but Aimi managed to restrain myself hahaha. My favourite colour is the Raisin Rage lipstick.It's different than all the other lipsticks that I have,Raisin Rage looks very autumnal.It's dark on the lips and very vamp-ish.

For Pink In The Afternoon,it's very sweet and feminine.Great for everyday.While Peach Me is a very light coral.Perfect for your lips if you're going for a very bold eye makeup look.Peach Me has a pearl sheen to it because it's under the Pearl range.All of my Super Lustrous lipsticks range falls under the Creme category.So Peach Me is my first time buying a lipstick with a Pearl sheen.

I definitely prefer the creme range than the pearl/shine range.I would definitely recommend girls out there to buy Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick range.It retails at rm30 at the drugstores..if I'm not mistaken.It's not expensive and the quality is great.I have a lot of lipsticks and this range is one of my favourites.


Book review:Shopaholic To The Stars by Sophie Kinsella

Tuesday, October 07, 2014 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I love Sophie Kinsella's books since I was a teen.I've never missed buying them.Even now when I have a lot of ebooks on the ipad,I'll still buy the paperback version of her books.But I've got to say..her latest book was..I don't know..a little lacklustre? I also loathe the fact that the ending left us hanging and that there'd be a continuation..seriously?

The reason why I've been buying the Shopaholic series by Sophie for years because Becky's shopping addiction was fun to read.In this book however..Becky was just horrid and selfish.She was such a fame-whore that it was sad :( If you read the review's not pretty!It feels like a different person was writing this book.

In this book,Becky is now living in Los Angeles because Luke is handling the PR for Sage Seymour,a famous Hollywood actress.Becky is determine to become her personal stylist.But somehow she was offered to become the personal stylist for Sage's enemy instead.A lot of other characters are mentioned in this book..Luke,Minnie,Suze,Tarquin,Danny,Alicia and Becky's parents.

I honestly feel that Sophie Kinsella tried too hard to make this book as a great read because the last one(Mini Shopaholic) was four years ago..but it didn't become what it intended to be.There's a celebrity plot twist and also an element of mystery involving Becky's dad..this book was just very bizarre to me.It was all over the place.I love Becky's character throughout the Shopaholic series but not in this book!She did redeemed herself in the end though..but was a bit nauseating how fame crazy she was!

Four years was a long time waiting and honestly I felt disappointed.If you guys are planning to buy this book..don't.Just download the free epub version.Sorry,not sorry.Sophie Kinsella,the next book better be good!


Movie Reviews:Oculus and Chef

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If the previous movie reviews blogpost of mine had movies with a mouthful of a name..this one have names that are pretty short!haha.I watch a lot of movies every month but unless I had to attend a movie premiere of it..I would more or less forget to blog about them.But I noticed lately that my blog has been too beauty-centric so I wanted to balanced it out a bit.

I love a good horror movie though I don't dare and watch it alone.I watched this recently with my fiance and my little brother.I have to say that I love the concept of the story..a lot.

According to Wiki..the meaning of the world Oculus is this-- eye, denotes a circular opening in the centre of a dome or in a wall.In this's antique mirror.The movie is actually based on a short film by Mike Flanagan(the director of Oculus) titled Oculus: Chapter 3 - The Man with the Plan".

At the start of the movie..Tim seems to be recovering from something that happened in his past a psychiatric hospital.Kaylie works at an auction house..and managed to track down an antique mirror that once belong in her family's house.

I love this movie and I think the storyline is very well thought out.I hope that it'll be shown in the cinemas here..but I doubt that as well.
I love this movie!It was full of food and fun..and the full use of social media!

Jon Favreau is of course well know as the guy who directed the Iron Man movies.I've read about an interview with Jon about why he wanted to make this movie.He wanted to make a movie about cooking..he even hired Roy Choi as a co-producer which made me wanted to watch the movie even more.I first know about Roy Choi from Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown series season 1..when Anthony went to Los Angeles(Koreatown).Roy Choi is the founders of the food truck movement in USA!

Jon Favreau actually trained at a French culinary school and several of Roy's restaurants.So all the the chopping that he did in the movie and the cooking was authentic!

The movie is about Carl Casper,a head chef at Gauloise in Brentwood,California.He wants to be creative in the kitchen and create a new menu but his boss Riva is always against it and would rather he sticks to the 'classics'.One day a food critic/blogger named Ramsey Michel was going to come and eat at the Carl wanted to create a new menu just for him but he was rejected by Riva,

After the meal Ramsey gave quite a bad review of the restaurant and it went viral on twitter.Carl's son,Percy who's very tech savvy taught him how to open a twitter account and he accidentally tweeted a mean tweet to Ramsey which resulted in a "rematch" between them.But because of this he got into a fight with his boss Riva and he walked out.

When Carl was at home,concocting new dishes..he saw the tweets of Ramsey,berating the dishes that he's eating at Gauloise..which angered Carl and he went there and went all crazy on him.Of course somebody recorded the video and it went viral..again.

Carl then went to Miami because his ex-wife Inez needs him to take care of their son while they're there..and also so he could meet Marvin about having his own food truck..something which he didn't want to do in the past.Marvin is played by...Robert Downey Jr!Of course he'd be in this movie.His character was hilarious!

Before I basically blog about the whole movie I just want to say that..this movie is a great watch for anybody but especially for those who loves to cook/eat!Some of the food parts were so beautiful..and I love how the movie incorporates social media in it.It's definitely a feel good movie.Very different from Oculus of course!


Movie reviews:Guardians Of The Galaxy and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

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It's already October!Time fliessssss.My big day is almost 3 months away and I'm a bit stressed out because I have to juggle work,baking orders and of course,the wedding preparation.But I'm truly blessed because there's so many people who are super helpful and fiance is amazing,my parents and his parents have helped a lot too :) So insyallah,everything will go smoothly.Now back to this blogpost...

It seems that I haven't done a movie review blogpost in a longgg time.I totally forgot to do so!I watch movies every month..every week if I could!haha..So in this particular post and the one that will follow it in about 2 more days..I'll be talking about movies that I've watched in the past..3 months?I'll talk about two movies first and then another two in another blogpost.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

I love Chris Pratt.Other than his filmography,I love his relationship with his wife,Anna Faris.I've watched them appear on an episode of Top Chef and they were like a genuine happily married couple.

Okay,now back to the movie.I thought it was okay.It wasn't awesome but it was a very enjoyable watch.Obviously Groot was hilarious!A tree that can only say..his own name.Did you know that Vin Diesel was the voice behind Groot?Who would've thought?

Basically the movie is about Chris Pratt's character named Peter Quill who was abducted from Earth by the Ravagers,who pirates.And of course he grew up to become one.He ended up stealing an orb which has many people wanting it..particularly the scary looking Ronan(played by Lee Pace!Razin and I love him!).He asked Gamora to steal it back for him.Btw,Gamora has a half-sister named Nebula..which is played by Karen Gillan whom I love.She's an upcoming actress and I've seen her in Oculus and also the series..Selfie!

During a fight between Quill,Gamora,Rocket(a GI Racoon)--which by the way was voiced by Bradley Cooper!!--and Groot,they were captured by Nova Corps and imprisoned in Kyln.In there they met Drax,whose family was killed by Ronan.He wanted to kill Gamora but then she revealed that she has betrayed Ronan because she doesn't want him to use the orb for his evil purposes.

They of course managed to break themselves free from Kyln and went to see Gamora's contact,the collector Taneleer Tivan.If you guys remembered,we saw him right at the middle of the credits for Thor:The Dark World.Tivan opens the orb and inside was the Infinity has such great powers that it destroys everything around it except the person who holds it..if they're powerful enough!

I think I've said a lot about the plot already..haha The movie had a good pace,funny lines,funny characters..and such a great soundtrack.Very old school and brings back a lot of old memories from my childhood.The end of the was revealed that Quill isn't 100% human..ahaaaa.The adventure continues with the question..who is his father?I guess Yondu knows?hurm..We'll have to wait for the sequel!

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

The fiance totally blindsided me with this by buying the movie tickets first and telling me let's go and watch it.Because he have asked me to watch it with him before,but I refused because I couldn't see why I needed to watch it.I guess I totally forgot about the fact that I've watched Rise Of The Planet Apes with him 3 years before(it was a long time ago!..Read my review HERE).

I expected that the movie would be know because it's a movie about apes..not my favourite kind of animal!But I was pleasantly surprised how gripping,heart pounding and a great movie it was.There are moments in the movie that made me panicked!

The movie starts with the aftermath of the ALZ-113 virus..the collapse of the human civilization which lead to martial law and the collapse of the economy around the entire world.It has been 10 years and Caesar is leading a community of apes in a forest.One day a human somehow walked into the forest..and met Caesar's son Blue Eyes and Ash.The human panicked and shot Ash.Caesar appeared and ask the group of humans to leave.

The group of humans went to San Francisco..and there's a huge number of them whom somehow became immune to the virus.Caesar brings his group to see the humans and told them to not come to the forest and cross their path and vice versa.

Malcolm,one of the humans from the forest just now,convinced his leader Dreyfus to let him go to the forest for three days to convince Caesar to let them repair the dam that can provide electricity for the human.He brought his son,wife and two other friends.Caesar agrees to let them work on the dam as long as they surrender their guns.But of course things start to go south when Carver(the guy who shot Ash) hides a shotgun and was discovered by Caesar's son.

Things start to get really bad quickly when Koba questioned Caesar's loyalty because he seems to love humans too much.They fought and Koba lost of course..he seemed apologetic to Caesar but..that's not the case.

He went to steal rifles,killed the two guards who were guarding all of the weapons in San Fran,kill Carver and many many more scary things.This was when the movie started to become very thrilling.Koba managed to convince the apes that the humans were bad and of course,a war started.

Koba is just such a villain in this movie.It was very scary and enjoyable to watch at the same time.Definitely kept me at the edge of my seat.I even let out a tiny scream during one of the scenes and thankfully the sound in the cinema was very loud that nobody could hear it.

I've to say that this movie was better than Guardians of The Galaxy and I honestly didn't expect that.I actually watched Guardians first although it came out later than Apes.There are some scenes in the movie that will definitely tear you up!Yes..very unexpected!Definitely a must watch movie.

Before I go,I want to wish to all Muslims around the world...Selamat Hari Raya Haji/Eid-al Adha/Aidiladha :)