Current beauty favourites:Lip creams(NYX+Collection) + Lipsticks(Revlon)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I have a lot of lip products.Somehow I've amassed a lot of lipsticks,lip stain,lip balm and many more.But I don't have lip gloss because I just don't like how it feels on my lips.

I've never been a fan of lip gloss and the only lip product in tube form that I've had are lip stains.But lately I've been obsessed with these lip creams.They're just awesome and goes on so smoothly on my lips.And the colours are so beautiful.Plus I love that they turn matte when you put it on.
Both lip creams are inexpensive as well.The Collection one I think cost rm16-17?And the NYX one cost me..rm23-26?Sorry I can't remember the exact price because I bought them awhile back.
Top:NYX Antwerp. Bottom:Collection Fairy Cake
As you can see from the colour swatch above,the Antwerp one is more pink while the Fairy Cake is more coral.I love both colours.Antwerp is much more bright while Fairy Cake is more subdued.

Such cute names

Ever since I bought my first tube of Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick a few weeks back(Rosewine colour)..I can't stop buying more.The colours are so pretty and it glides smoothly on my lips as well.I love the packaging too.
So pretty!

Recently while I was out and about with Aimi,we somehow stumbled upon a beauty warehouse sale and I managed to grab three of Revlon's Super Lustrous for only rm15 each!I couldn't swatch the colours while I was buying them because it was a warehouse sale.So I just went with my guts.
I actually wanted to buy more because there were so many pretty colours but Aimi managed to restrain myself hahaha. My favourite colour is the Raisin Rage lipstick.It's different than all the other lipsticks that I have,Raisin Rage looks very autumnal.It's dark on the lips and very vamp-ish.

For Pink In The Afternoon,it's very sweet and feminine.Great for everyday.While Peach Me is a very light coral.Perfect for your lips if you're going for a very bold eye makeup look.Peach Me has a pearl sheen to it because it's under the Pearl range.All of my Super Lustrous lipsticks range falls under the Creme category.So Peach Me is my first time buying a lipstick with a Pearl sheen.

I definitely prefer the creme range than the pearl/shine range.I would definitely recommend girls out there to buy Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick range.It retails at rm30 at the drugstores..if I'm not mistaken.It's not expensive and the quality is great.I have a lot of lipsticks and this range is one of my favourites.