Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks

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Bourjois is one of my favourites beauty brands out there.I have a lotttt of their products..even to a point of buying some of their beauty products that aren't available here from Asos :P

I bought their latest product here in Malaysia about..3 weeks ago?Just about to blog about it though!Everybody seems to be blogging about it and I'm like..should I should I?haha But since I've bought it weeks before & been delaying it..I was like..just go along with it!

Better late than never right?Bourjois came out with another great product in the form of the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks.

Remember that they've the Rouge Edition Lipsticks..which I've blogged about before?Now they come out with a matte liquid lipstick kind.It does feels like velvet on your lips!

I bought two of them.One in 03 Hot Pepper and the other in 04 Peach Club.

Hot Pepper is a very bright red..almost orange-y.Peach Club is a very soft peachy pink.I love both lipsticks.When you apply them it's liquid but then it dries matte.The staying power is great!

In the picture above I'm wearing Peach Club.I love how it gives me a "soft" look.It's something that you can wear on a daily basis and I think would look good with a smokey eye.

Above I'm wearing Hot Pepper.As you can see it makes my skin have a "cool" tone to it while Peach Club made me looked a little "warm".This is great paired with a black cat eye,like the one I'm wearing above.It's perfect for a night out or on days where you want to look a bit brighter.

I would definitely recommend girls out there who's a huge fan of lip products like I do(still not a fan of lipgloss though haha) to purchase these awesome lipsticks.I definitely want to buy another colour or two for my collection :P


My first Shopbop purchase!

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I've never purchase anything from Shopbop before.Not that I've never browse the website..I have but most of the time nothing catches my eye or when it does,the item will be too expensive for my budget.But one day while I was blog hopping,I saw that Mia blogged about Shopbop having a friends and family sale and everything was 25% off.I was's my chance.

Plus,I have a few more stuffs to buy for the wedding.I have only one Kate Spade stuff,their Cedar Street Maise bag in Red(which is sooooo beautiful by the way and worth every penny!).

After having a Kate Spade bag and finding out the great quality of it..I wanted..more.haha.But this time it wasn't to be used immediately(been wearing the KS bag a few times),it was for one of my hantaran.Razin and I set a budget on how much each of us should spend for the stuffs for our hantaran.We narrowed down to 4k-5k each.So far I've bought quite a lot of stuffs already but there's still space for a few bits and pieces.

I've been looking for a pretty watch and I was really happy when I was able to buy a Kate Spade watch and wallet at such a discount!Let me just say that both of the watch and wallet combined were less expensive than the bag that I bought for my hantaran(which should remain mysterious until after my wedding haha).Score!!

Weddings aren't cheap people!Any part that I can save some money,I'm gonna grab it :)

Anyway,the purpose of this post was to tell you that Shopbop has excellent service.Fast free shipping and great customer service.I paid for my items using my debit card and they emailed me after my transaction,asking me to get a code from my bank so that they can verify it's a real transaction.This is a norm as I've worked with Maybank online banking before so I know the procedure etc.

After I called my bank and got the code,I emailed Shopbop and they replied swiftly!A few days after that my item arrived.I was surprised when the Kate Spade watch had a mother of pearl dial inside.It wasn't mentioned in the description.It made it even more beautiful.:)

The Kate Spade purse was gorgeous as well.Beautiful leather and I was contemplating between a few colours..after asking the opinion of Razin's sister and my friends..I went with classic black.:)

I can't wait to use both of them items after the wedding.I would definitely be on the lookout for more awesome sales from Shopbop!Oh,the items arrived in less than a week?Super fast shipping!Currently Shopbop is having a Black Friday sale.Go and grab it girls!

Below is the price for both items.It cost me around Rm702.What a steal right??


Date Night(s):Fatburger and Johnny Rockets

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So I've forgotten to continue the date night series on my blog..ooops!Usually when Razin and I go out for dinner,we'll forget to take pictures together.We're too hungry for the food!hahaha.

There's been many places where we've went out to have our dinner date but in this post I'll write about two different places which have a common bond--they server burgers!

Fatburger(Citta Mall)

Razin and I went to Citta Mall a few weekends ago because he wanted to buy something there.We don't usually go there so I'm glad we did!We saw Fatburger and had our dinner there after doing some shopping.Turns out Fatburger is pretty well known in the States.I saw Dorothy Wang(from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills) posting a picture of her eating the burgers on her instagram.
Love the curly fries!
The prices were reasonable and I loved that their burger came with a choice of skinny/fat or curly fries.Razin and I loveee curly fries.Yummms.We shared the burger as we had a big lunch(went to a friend's wedding before that) and also had crispy sisters popiah for we weren't gonna order much.The patty was juicy and there was a lot of vegetables!
yummy wings!
We shared a plate of 1/2 dozen wings as well.The cool thing about the wings at Fatburger is that you can customize the level of heat and also you can mix the sauces that they coat the wings with.We chose two different ones..honey garlic and bbq.I think..haha.So since we ordered /12 dozen of wings..3 was coated in honey garlic and the other was in bbq.

The wings also came with two choices of dipping sauce.We had the honey mustard and it came with blue cheese dipping sauce as well.And sticks of celery&carrot.

Razin and I would definitely come back to Fatburger one day to taste all the other dishes that they have.We'd come back just for the wings!

Johnny Rockets(Sunway Pyramid)
I've heard mixed reviews about this place.Some of my friends really loved it and some said it was so-so.I wanted to try the food on my own and one night I went there with my love.We went to the Sunwat Pyramid outlet and it was hugeeee.I've passed by their outlet in The Curve a few times and clearly this is the biggest outlet so far?

They had a short escalator leading up to the diner which Razin was like...why?haha The service was great as our waitress was very cheerful and helpful.Throughout our meal,the staffs danced..3-4 times?It was hilarious though but they clearly enjoyed it!Our table was like..right smack in front of the staffs when they were dancing so it was a bit awkward when I was torn whether to eat my food and or watch them dance.

Razin ordered a pumpkin soup to start with(actually he wanted the mushroom soup in the menu but they somehow ran out & had pumpkin) which was good and thick.I had some of it and it was good..I've made pumpkin soup from scratch before and theirs definitely wasn't canned pumpkin soup!

Razin ordered the Bacon Cheddar Single and he add a slice of swiss cheese to it.He changed his fries to onion rings.

Bacon cheddar single

Onion ringsss!
I ordered the Smoke House Single and changed my fries to sweet potato fries instead.The sweet potato fries were soooo good.I'd come back just for that.My burger was as big as my face.

We had a rootbeer float,plain water and a blackforest shake(to go,as we were full).The burgers were good.But I didn't like the bun because it wasn't soft or crispy.It was..crumbly and a bit hard.
Rootbeer float

Blackforest milkshake
The milkshake was good.Very thick but very sweet too.It's definitely something you should share together.The fiance chose the Blackforest milkshake.Pricewise,Johnny Rockets isn't cheap.Fatburger was a bit cheaper.

I would definitely go back to both establishments!Fatburger has great burgers served with curly fries while Johnny Rockets have sweet potato fries and milkshakes.


L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown!

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Living in Malaysia..I've come to realize that,every woman that I know have atleast one Loreal product that they're currently using or they've purchase their products before.I still remembered my first Loreal product.It was their Longitude mascara and I was 15 years old.A picture of the mascara is below!I still remember the green tube.
My first tube of mascara!!

Of course being a 15 year old girl and using a mascara for the first was a crazy mess!I'm wayyyy more mascara savvy now.
Current loreal products that I use!

I'm 27 this year and I still use a lot of Loreal products.This goes to show what a great brand L'Oreal is to have a loyal customer for more than..12 years!The picture above is all the Loreal products that I'm currently using.From haircare to skincare and makeup,Loreal doesn't compromise on quality when it comes to the products that they have.That's the main reason why I've been using their products for years!

Currently Loreal is having this amazing contest whereby all you have to do is:

1.Purchase their products for up to rm20.
2.Save the receipt and take a picture of it.
3.Upload it on their website HERE.

The more you spend,the more receipts you upload,the bigger chance of you winning the prizes!They have amazing weekly prizes and daily hampers.The grand prize is a car that's worth more than RM100,000!Wow!I hope I get to win something too :)


The contest website:

L'Oreal Facebook page:

L'Oreal's twitter:

L'Oreal's instagram:


Product review:Wet n Wild Megaslick Balm Stain

Monday, November 17, 2014 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

It's no secret that I love balm stains!A few weeks ago,I received a Wet and Wild Megaslick Balm Stain in Red-dy or Not from my beauty swap.I loved it because it was moisturizing and it gave my lips a juicy red colour.So recently I purchased two more from the collection when Luxola brought in the brand last week.I bought Rico Mauve and also The Lady&The Vamp.

L-R:Rico Mauve,Red-dy or Not and Lady&The Vamp
I love the texture of these balms.It's very moisturizing and it glides on smoothly.They have staying power too!But I'm the type who doesn't mind reapplying my makeup.I do that 2-3 times a day anyway because I've to take off my makeup before I perform my prayers(will do a blogpost soon about my favourites makeup remover wipes!).
Top to Bottom:Rico Mauve,Red-dy or Not and Lady&The Vamp
Ignore my messy hair in the picture below.I played with my new Babyliss Conical Wand the night before haha.Anway,the top left picture is me in Rico Mauve which is my current daily staple as it gives my lip a lovely pink stain.The bottom is Lady&The Vamp which isn't what I would want to wear again..I'm giving that to my bestie.On the right is Red-dy or Not which is my favourite.It just makes my lips look juicy and it brightens up my complexion even more.I love it!

The prices are so inexpensive.Currently Luxola is selling them for rm19 each.So better grab them!



My Zoeva makeup + brush collection

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I first started buying Zoeva brushes thanks to the fiance's sister,Qeema.Because she raved about their wing eyeliner brush.So that was my first Zoeva brush.Afterwards I started buying more and more stuffs from Zoeva.The prices of their stuffs are so affordable and the quality is so good.It's hard not to buy them!I have makeup brushes from Real Techniques,Ecotools,Bare Minerals and Sigma.But I think Zoeva is the best so far.

I can't pick a favourite among my Zoeva brushes because I love and use all of them daily.I don't use the contouring brush often because I don't contour everyday but when I do..they're excellent.Zoeva is a brand from Germany but it was stated on their blushers that it was made in Italy.Pretty cool huh?

The brushes feels so soft on your skin.I love that the brushes comes with a plastic protector on them and their own bag.The list of Zoeva makeup brushes that I have:

108 Face Artist 
I use this brush to apply my foundation.It just feels luxurious on your skin because it's so soft.It makes applying my foundation so much easier and faster while keeping my face looking smooth.

109 Face Paint
I use this brush for contouring.The shape of the brush makes it easier for me to apply my bronzer for contouring.

237 Detail Shader
I love this brush!It makes applying eyeshadow so much easier especially because I have a small eyelid.

317 Wing Liner
I've used this for months now and as I told you earlier,it was my first Zoeva's brush.I use this to apply eyeshadow as an eyeliner and also to tightline my eyes.I've used this for my eyebrow as well and it works wonders.

322 Brow Line
I bought this brush so that I can use it to apply my Anastasia Brow Pomade.I love it and it makes easy for me to achieve that strong brow look.

For Zoeva's makeup..I've purchased two of their blushers,an eyeliner and also their eyeshadow primer.My favourite has got to be their blushers!Previously I wasn't big on blushers but recently I have been loving them because they enhance my cheekbones.
Rush Rush and Shy Beauty
I've bought blushers from Benefit,Bourjois,Kate,Sleek and etc but I've to admit that I'm reallllly loving Zoeva's blushers.They're so pigmented and they last a long time.You only need a little bit on your cheeks and then blend them with your brush.

I bought two of their blushers in Rush Rush and Shy Beauty.Rush Rush is a bright pink blush so you have to use it sparingly.It gives such a beautiful pink flush.For Shy Beauty it's a coral-pink blush and it's very pigmented as well.A little goes a long way!

Lastly,I have their Eyeshadow Fix in Matte.I rarely use this as I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis but when I do,i'll put a tiny bit of this.I apply it using a brush because you have to blend it in properly.

I purchased all of this from Luxola.It's one of my favourite beauty websites as they have great discounts every week and the shipping is super fast.I always get my stuffs within 3-4 working days.Plus,you get points if you do reviews on the products after you bought them.The points can be redeemed for cash.I've redeemed them before and it was great!



Movie Review:Interstellar

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Another movie review?Honestly,there'll be another one coming soon as well.haha.Initially I wanted to blog about the movie The Babadook but then I just watched Interstellar at the cinema last night and I just have to blog about it today while it is still fresh in my head.
Our movie tickets!
I really wanted to watch it after THIS article came out and because Christopher Nolan is the director.I was scientific discovery was discovered because of this movie?Impressive!I'm a nerd at heart.I'm always fascinated by things that boggles the mind.Interstellar certainly did.

I never thought I would actually love it as much as I did.I thought I was going to love it like when I watched Gravity..but this movie is so much more than that.

The movie is about Cooper,a farmer who used to be a NASA test pilot and engineer.This is the near future whereby the earth is going through a bad condition..crops being affected by blight,dust storms and the society has gone back to agriculture due to lack of food supply.

Cooper lives with his father in law,Donald,his son Tom and his daughter Murphy.His wife died because of a cyst in her brain. His daughter Murphy kept telling Cooper that there's a ghost in her bedroom and it's trying to communicate with her.Cooper then asked Murphy to explained to him in scientific terms about the ghost's existence.

During a bad dust storm,Cooper and Murphy discovered that the "ghost" send them a message via a binary code.When Cooper solved it,he discovered it was a coordinate.He went to the location of the coordinate with Murphy and realized it was a secret NASA project.

It was kept a secret because if society found out that the government have been funding a space project instead of using it for agriculture purposes,there would be a furore.It goes without saying that of course,Cooper was asked to join the project.I'll leave it at that.

I would like to share with you further about the movie but I've spilled the beans a tiny bit..the movie is long!The running time is 169 minutes but it was worth it.I was glued to the screen the whole time.

Honestly Matthew McConaughey is such a great actor.He was amazing in this and so was Anne Hathaway.Jessica Chastain too!There's an appearance by a veryyy well-known actor at the middle of the movie..the fiance and I was dying to know who it was and when he showed up we were like...oh heyyyy haha I won't spoil it for you guys and I hope you don't google it!

I loved how..there was a twist at almost the end of the movie.The explanation of certain things that happened throughout the movie which frankly speaking..gave me a wtf moment.I was just amazed with the idea of this movie and wondered how it came about.

Turns out,the idea was conceived from Lynda Obst (one of the producers) and Kip Thorne,a theoretical physicist who has won the Einstein medal.Fun fact,Emma Thomas,also is one of the producers for this movie..she's Christopher Nolan's wife.The movie is also written by Christopher Nolan and his brother,Jonathan Nolan.

Oh,the music in the movie was amazing as well.It tied in well with the scenes and made my heart beat faster during some of it.No wonder because..Hans Zimmer was the one responsible for the music in the entire movie!

I didn't expect that I would feel like crying many times throughout the entire movie.It definitely tugs at your heartstrings.This movie is intelligent,beautiful(the visual effects),thought has things such as love,family,spirituality and many more.At the end of it,you realized that although this movie was about space..the main theme was actually love.Not love between a couple,but between a father and his strong of a bond that is.

Interstellar is such a well made movie and in my opinion,it is the best movie that I've watched in 2014 so far.Please go and watch it with an open mind.You'll be amazed.


Movie review:Horns

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This movie is a bit weird to say the least but I liked it.The movie is based on the book written by Stephen King's son,Joe Hill.I haven't read the book but I doubt that the movie stayed 100% to the original story.Oh,Joe Hill didn't use his father's surname because he wanted to succeed on his own.

First noticeable thing about the movie is that...Daniel Radcliffe has a really good American accent.hahaha.He makes us believe that he's not British.But not just that,almost all of the other prominent characters in the movie played by Juno Temple, Max Minghella and Joe Anderson are all BRITISH!All of them were awesome in this movie.British actors in an American-Canadian movie.

Oh,there's a lot of controversial scenes in this movie that if it somehow manage to be shown in the cinema,surely there'll be a lot of scenes that will get the axe.

The movie makes me sad for Daniel's character,named Ig(Ignatius) Perrish because everybody..including his parents believed that he killed his longtime girlfriend,Merrin.We of course weren't told at the start of the movie how Merrin was killed and why people seemed to think that Ig killed her.

All that was shown was that Ig and Merrin was so in love and Merrin one night end up dead in the woods.

One night when the people in the town went to the place that Merrin was killed in order to cherished her memories,Ig was hiding inside the tree house and he heard what they were saying about him.After they left he got so angry that he started to pee on the stuffs that they gave Merrin and said something along the lines about God or something(sorry I can't remember as I watched this movie a few weeks back).

The next day when he woke up,he has horns growing from his forehead.Actual horns.Then he also found out that by having the horns,he can make people confess their deepest darkest secrets and desires.So Ig uses this power to find out who was the person who killed Merrin.

The only person that he met who wasn't affected by the power of his horns was his bestfriend Lee.It made us as the viewer thought..oh,Lee believed that his friend is innocent and he must be such a great guy because he didn't have any bad thing to confess.His brother Terry was another person who believe he was innocent at the start as well..but he has a secret too!

I love the plot twist in this movie and it's a really big one!That's when things become a little bit effed up.You won't believe what it was and I won't spoil it for you.All I have to say is that Daniel Radcliffe,Juno Temple,Max Minghella and Joe Anderson were really great in this movie.

A really great cast with a crazy story set in a beautiful setting.It was an enjoyable watch that made you feel uncomfortable during some parts.Some scenes made me go...wtffffff.The movie really took me by surprise!It also proves that Daniel Radcliffe is wayyyyy past his Harry Potter days..I mean,he did act naked in a play and he was semi-naked in one scene in this movie.This movie has mystery,gore,sex(of course!),nudity(unexpectedly gross one involving an old man!)!

Watch it for yourself and do leave a comment below so I'll know what you thought of it :)