Date Night(s):Fatburger and Johnny Rockets

Monday, November 24, 2014 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

So I've forgotten to continue the date night series on my blog..ooops!Usually when Razin and I go out for dinner,we'll forget to take pictures together.We're too hungry for the food!hahaha.

There's been many places where we've went out to have our dinner date but in this post I'll write about two different places which have a common bond--they server burgers!

Fatburger(Citta Mall)

Razin and I went to Citta Mall a few weekends ago because he wanted to buy something there.We don't usually go there so I'm glad we did!We saw Fatburger and had our dinner there after doing some shopping.Turns out Fatburger is pretty well known in the States.I saw Dorothy Wang(from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills) posting a picture of her eating the burgers on her instagram.
Love the curly fries!
The prices were reasonable and I loved that their burger came with a choice of skinny/fat or curly fries.Razin and I loveee curly fries.Yummms.We shared the burger as we had a big lunch(went to a friend's wedding before that) and also had crispy sisters popiah for we weren't gonna order much.The patty was juicy and there was a lot of vegetables!
yummy wings!
We shared a plate of 1/2 dozen wings as well.The cool thing about the wings at Fatburger is that you can customize the level of heat and also you can mix the sauces that they coat the wings with.We chose two different ones..honey garlic and bbq.I think..haha.So since we ordered /12 dozen of wings..3 was coated in honey garlic and the other was in bbq.

The wings also came with two choices of dipping sauce.We had the honey mustard and it came with blue cheese dipping sauce as well.And sticks of celery&carrot.

Razin and I would definitely come back to Fatburger one day to taste all the other dishes that they have.We'd come back just for the wings!

Johnny Rockets(Sunway Pyramid)
I've heard mixed reviews about this place.Some of my friends really loved it and some said it was so-so.I wanted to try the food on my own and one night I went there with my love.We went to the Sunwat Pyramid outlet and it was hugeeee.I've passed by their outlet in The Curve a few times and clearly this is the biggest outlet so far?

They had a short escalator leading up to the diner which Razin was like...why?haha The service was great as our waitress was very cheerful and helpful.Throughout our meal,the staffs danced..3-4 times?It was hilarious though but they clearly enjoyed it!Our table was like..right smack in front of the staffs when they were dancing so it was a bit awkward when I was torn whether to eat my food and or watch them dance.

Razin ordered a pumpkin soup to start with(actually he wanted the mushroom soup in the menu but they somehow ran out & had pumpkin) which was good and thick.I had some of it and it was good..I've made pumpkin soup from scratch before and theirs definitely wasn't canned pumpkin soup!

Razin ordered the Bacon Cheddar Single and he add a slice of swiss cheese to it.He changed his fries to onion rings.

Bacon cheddar single

Onion ringsss!
I ordered the Smoke House Single and changed my fries to sweet potato fries instead.The sweet potato fries were soooo good.I'd come back just for that.My burger was as big as my face.

We had a rootbeer float,plain water and a blackforest shake(to go,as we were full).The burgers were good.But I didn't like the bun because it wasn't soft or crispy.It was..crumbly and a bit hard.
Rootbeer float

Blackforest milkshake
The milkshake was good.Very thick but very sweet too.It's definitely something you should share together.The fiance chose the Blackforest milkshake.Pricewise,Johnny Rockets isn't cheap.Fatburger was a bit cheaper.

I would definitely go back to both establishments!Fatburger has great burgers served with curly fries while Johnny Rockets have sweet potato fries and milkshakes.


Ok nak try Johnny Rocket dulu. Tp dance dorang tu best jgk, kan

Sedap!!Haah best dieorg dance..lawak kot!Semangat gila.