Movie Review:Interstellar

Saturday, November 08, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Another movie review?Honestly,there'll be another one coming soon as well.haha.Initially I wanted to blog about the movie The Babadook but then I just watched Interstellar at the cinema last night and I just have to blog about it today while it is still fresh in my head.
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I really wanted to watch it after THIS article came out and because Christopher Nolan is the director.I was scientific discovery was discovered because of this movie?Impressive!I'm a nerd at heart.I'm always fascinated by things that boggles the mind.Interstellar certainly did.

I never thought I would actually love it as much as I did.I thought I was going to love it like when I watched Gravity..but this movie is so much more than that.

The movie is about Cooper,a farmer who used to be a NASA test pilot and engineer.This is the near future whereby the earth is going through a bad condition..crops being affected by blight,dust storms and the society has gone back to agriculture due to lack of food supply.

Cooper lives with his father in law,Donald,his son Tom and his daughter Murphy.His wife died because of a cyst in her brain. His daughter Murphy kept telling Cooper that there's a ghost in her bedroom and it's trying to communicate with her.Cooper then asked Murphy to explained to him in scientific terms about the ghost's existence.

During a bad dust storm,Cooper and Murphy discovered that the "ghost" send them a message via a binary code.When Cooper solved it,he discovered it was a coordinate.He went to the location of the coordinate with Murphy and realized it was a secret NASA project.

It was kept a secret because if society found out that the government have been funding a space project instead of using it for agriculture purposes,there would be a furore.It goes without saying that of course,Cooper was asked to join the project.I'll leave it at that.

I would like to share with you further about the movie but I've spilled the beans a tiny bit..the movie is long!The running time is 169 minutes but it was worth it.I was glued to the screen the whole time.

Honestly Matthew McConaughey is such a great actor.He was amazing in this and so was Anne Hathaway.Jessica Chastain too!There's an appearance by a veryyy well-known actor at the middle of the movie..the fiance and I was dying to know who it was and when he showed up we were like...oh heyyyy haha I won't spoil it for you guys and I hope you don't google it!

I loved how..there was a twist at almost the end of the movie.The explanation of certain things that happened throughout the movie which frankly speaking..gave me a wtf moment.I was just amazed with the idea of this movie and wondered how it came about.

Turns out,the idea was conceived from Lynda Obst (one of the producers) and Kip Thorne,a theoretical physicist who has won the Einstein medal.Fun fact,Emma Thomas,also is one of the producers for this movie..she's Christopher Nolan's wife.The movie is also written by Christopher Nolan and his brother,Jonathan Nolan.

Oh,the music in the movie was amazing as well.It tied in well with the scenes and made my heart beat faster during some of it.No wonder because..Hans Zimmer was the one responsible for the music in the entire movie!

I didn't expect that I would feel like crying many times throughout the entire movie.It definitely tugs at your heartstrings.This movie is intelligent,beautiful(the visual effects),thought has things such as love,family,spirituality and many more.At the end of it,you realized that although this movie was about space..the main theme was actually love.Not love between a couple,but between a father and his strong of a bond that is.

Interstellar is such a well made movie and in my opinion,it is the best movie that I've watched in 2014 so far.Please go and watch it with an open mind.You'll be amazed.