My first Shopbop purchase!

Friday, November 28, 2014 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I've never purchase anything from Shopbop before.Not that I've never browse the website..I have but most of the time nothing catches my eye or when it does,the item will be too expensive for my budget.But one day while I was blog hopping,I saw that Mia blogged about Shopbop having a friends and family sale and everything was 25% off.I was's my chance.

Plus,I have a few more stuffs to buy for the wedding.I have only one Kate Spade stuff,their Cedar Street Maise bag in Red(which is sooooo beautiful by the way and worth every penny!).

After having a Kate Spade bag and finding out the great quality of it..I wanted..more.haha.But this time it wasn't to be used immediately(been wearing the KS bag a few times),it was for one of my hantaran.Razin and I set a budget on how much each of us should spend for the stuffs for our hantaran.We narrowed down to 4k-5k each.So far I've bought quite a lot of stuffs already but there's still space for a few bits and pieces.

I've been looking for a pretty watch and I was really happy when I was able to buy a Kate Spade watch and wallet at such a discount!Let me just say that both of the watch and wallet combined were less expensive than the bag that I bought for my hantaran(which should remain mysterious until after my wedding haha).Score!!

Weddings aren't cheap people!Any part that I can save some money,I'm gonna grab it :)

Anyway,the purpose of this post was to tell you that Shopbop has excellent service.Fast free shipping and great customer service.I paid for my items using my debit card and they emailed me after my transaction,asking me to get a code from my bank so that they can verify it's a real transaction.This is a norm as I've worked with Maybank online banking before so I know the procedure etc.

After I called my bank and got the code,I emailed Shopbop and they replied swiftly!A few days after that my item arrived.I was surprised when the Kate Spade watch had a mother of pearl dial inside.It wasn't mentioned in the description.It made it even more beautiful.:)

The Kate Spade purse was gorgeous as well.Beautiful leather and I was contemplating between a few colours..after asking the opinion of Razin's sister and my friends..I went with classic black.:)

I can't wait to use both of them items after the wedding.I would definitely be on the lookout for more awesome sales from Shopbop!Oh,the items arrived in less than a week?Super fast shipping!Currently Shopbop is having a Black Friday sale.Go and grab it girls!

Below is the price for both items.It cost me around Rm702.What a steal right??


Tammy Miu said...

oh please do share how much are the watches!!!

Tammy Miu said...

oh please do share how much are the watches!!!

Done tammy!