My Zoeva makeup + brush collection

Saturday, November 15, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I first started buying Zoeva brushes thanks to the fiance's sister,Qeema.Because she raved about their wing eyeliner brush.So that was my first Zoeva brush.Afterwards I started buying more and more stuffs from Zoeva.The prices of their stuffs are so affordable and the quality is so good.It's hard not to buy them!I have makeup brushes from Real Techniques,Ecotools,Bare Minerals and Sigma.But I think Zoeva is the best so far.

I can't pick a favourite among my Zoeva brushes because I love and use all of them daily.I don't use the contouring brush often because I don't contour everyday but when I do..they're excellent.Zoeva is a brand from Germany but it was stated on their blushers that it was made in Italy.Pretty cool huh?

The brushes feels so soft on your skin.I love that the brushes comes with a plastic protector on them and their own bag.The list of Zoeva makeup brushes that I have:

108 Face Artist 
I use this brush to apply my foundation.It just feels luxurious on your skin because it's so soft.It makes applying my foundation so much easier and faster while keeping my face looking smooth.

109 Face Paint
I use this brush for contouring.The shape of the brush makes it easier for me to apply my bronzer for contouring.

237 Detail Shader
I love this brush!It makes applying eyeshadow so much easier especially because I have a small eyelid.

317 Wing Liner
I've used this for months now and as I told you earlier,it was my first Zoeva's brush.I use this to apply eyeshadow as an eyeliner and also to tightline my eyes.I've used this for my eyebrow as well and it works wonders.

322 Brow Line
I bought this brush so that I can use it to apply my Anastasia Brow Pomade.I love it and it makes easy for me to achieve that strong brow look.

For Zoeva's makeup..I've purchased two of their blushers,an eyeliner and also their eyeshadow primer.My favourite has got to be their blushers!Previously I wasn't big on blushers but recently I have been loving them because they enhance my cheekbones.
Rush Rush and Shy Beauty
I've bought blushers from Benefit,Bourjois,Kate,Sleek and etc but I've to admit that I'm reallllly loving Zoeva's blushers.They're so pigmented and they last a long time.You only need a little bit on your cheeks and then blend them with your brush.

I bought two of their blushers in Rush Rush and Shy Beauty.Rush Rush is a bright pink blush so you have to use it sparingly.It gives such a beautiful pink flush.For Shy Beauty it's a coral-pink blush and it's very pigmented as well.A little goes a long way!

Lastly,I have their Eyeshadow Fix in Matte.I rarely use this as I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis but when I do,i'll put a tiny bit of this.I apply it using a brush because you have to blend it in properly.

I purchased all of this from Luxola.It's one of my favourite beauty websites as they have great discounts every week and the shipping is super fast.I always get my stuffs within 3-4 working days.Plus,you get points if you do reviews on the products after you bought them.The points can be redeemed for cash.I've redeemed them before and it was great!