Book review:Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Thursday, December 04, 2014 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The movie version is coming out soon and believe it or not,I found out about the book first...few weeks back,before I knew about the movie.I just watched the trailer for the movie today.

I was so curious to read the book because so many people said on the internet that they're scared of marriage because of it and how if you're about to get married(like me),you shouldn't read it.

Well I throw caution to the wind and my curiosity got the better of me..I've had the book on my ipad library for a few weeks but only read a few pages of it.

Last night I finally concentrated and spent 3 hours finishing the whole book.Was it scary?Yes.Did it made me scared about getting married?

Do I find the story to be true to real life?Well..yes and no.

Firstly,the book was brilliant.I loved how it made me first,that one party was guilty and then the story did a 180.It caught me off guard..which I loved!

Basically the book is about Nick Dunne and his wife Amy.After 5 years of marrying each other..the sparks fizzled out.

At the start of the book we only listened to Nick while Amy was only mentioned from her diary entries.One day Amy disappeared from Nick's life...Just like that.Somehow he became one of the main suspects.

As investigators tries to uncover clues leading to Amy's disappearance.. we discovered the cracks in the marriage.How come Amy's diary entry was always so cheerful at the start while Nick remembers a very different Amy after they got married.

This book emphasize the start of a relationship certain girls likes to pretend to be someone that they're not..just so they guy would like them and falls in love with them.Once they entered the marriage phase,the true colours comes out and the husband becomes did I marry?

This book is was gripping,thrilling and many more.As the story won't like Nick or Amy.I honestly can't wait to see how the movie version will play out.I would love to write more about the plot of the book.But I honestly believe that you should read it.It would shock you!All I can say is person in the story is such a psychopath.

I saw one of Tanya Burr's video and she said a lot of people were disappointed with the ending of the book.She wasn't though...and so was I.It just makes it a lot more twisted!Below is the trailer for the movie version of the book.