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Tuesday, December 16, 2014 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I've been wanting to buy Yankee Candle for awhile now..I've seen it in hauls on Youtube and I've stalked the website.The variety of scents intrigues me and they've definitely have a larger range of candles than Bath and Body Works because they only sell candles.haha.

Imagine my surprise one day when I went to my favourite mall..Setia City Mall(I go there so often because it's 15 mins from my office),and I saw that they opened a kiosk there.It was right outside of Miss T.I was so happy and excited!Finally,I got to purchase them here.

I've been buying a lot of stuffs for my new life with my soon to be husband.A lot of stuffs for our bedroom :) These candles will fit perfectly in our room.

The prices of the candles are actually reasonable if you've compared them on Yankee Candle website HERE.I bought two large jar candles and in the US it retails at USD 27.99.each(around rm94).and that's without shipping charges+taxes..anything you buy online from US,be it Sephora or Walmart(I've done both),there'll be taxes imposed on them.Here,the large jar candles retails at rm99.90.

It might be a bit steep for some but the candles are hugeeee and it lasts up to 2-3 months if you burn them a few hours a day.The burning time for the large candles are 110-150 hours(6 days non stop burning..which of course,nobody does that haha).

I've burned both candles during my recent garage sale and I got so many compliments on them.So I definitely think that it's a great purchase.A friend commented how the smell of the candles are so good and not overpowering.Also,it makes the whole house smells good..just from one jar!

The salesgirl at the Setia City Mall kiosk was very helpful and she told me that she purchased one of the big jar for her house and the scent filled up the entire house.She wasn't kidding!I would definitely come back and purchase more candles soon.Perhaps the smaller ones as I still have two large jars.

Oh,I bought Pink Sands and Red Velvet.Description below are taken from Yankee Candle's website:

Pink Sands=Treat yourself to an exotic island escape with the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla in this scented candle. The perfect scent for escaping the winter blues or setting just the right mood any time of the year. The beautifully blended scents of the islands will captivate you and bring memories of favorite vacations rushing back. 

Red Velvet=A most decadent creation of creamy frosting atop moist cake and a touch of brown sugar. So very sweet! 

 The Pink Sands to me smells sooo's like you're at the beach while eating watermelons.Red Velvet smells like a decadent dessert and it's a very delicious scent.I don't regret buying both of them at all! :)

They've opened an outlet at Sunway Pyramid(it's at LG1 near Toys 'R' Us)..the original outlet is at Great Eastern Mall--I haven't been there in yearsssssss so no wonder I didn't know that we have Yankee Candle here.

If you want to get me a wedding present,I would love more Yankee Candles.hahaha Yankee Candle,you hear that?hahaha Just kidding :P


Yankee Candle Malaysia:


omg thank you! i don't know we have yankee candle here too! and great eastern mall is literally minutes from my housee!

ahhh i've been dying to find yankee candles here and thank you for your post on this! setia city mall and sunway pyramid is the most convenient malls! yayyy thank youuu! <3

Puteri said...

i just blogged about yankee candles too! the big jar really can fill up the whole living room, no kidding. super love it. going to great eastern mall to purchase few more!

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