Morphe Brushes 35U Palette review

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I'm not one of those girls who wears eyeshadow on a daily basis.I tend to wear them from time to time.But as of lately,I've been experimenting with my makeup and been buying more eyeshadows.

And for about 2-3 months now,I've been buying from Mysale.This is due to the fact that my sister in laws have purchased from them and it took about 1 months for their items to arrive.One day I saw that Morphe Brushes was on sale and after hearing great reviews from beauty youtubers/bloggers.. I decided to purchase one.

I choose the 35U palette which is their multi-color shimmer palette as I have sooo many brown/bronze eyeshadows and I want to branch out and try out more colours.It took more than a month for the palette to arrive and it cost me rm110 with shipping.

But I really love it and the wait was not an issue when I saw what was inside.I believe that all of the shades were shimmery except for 2 shades that were matte.They are so pigmented and smooth.The packaging is plastic and there's no mirror(that's how they managed to sell it at such a low price).
Such pretty colors!
Though the formulation can't be compared to Makeup Geek(which is even better than mentioned by Jaclyn Hill..who used to work for MAC) but for the price point,you definitely get your money's worth.They're wayyyy better than Sephora's eyeshadow(which sucks).

There's no names for the colors though.But I've swatched them down below according to rows from top to bottom.

I tried the eyeshadows out on my eyes and again..I rarely wear eyeshadow so I clearly need more practice.But I love that you can create sooo many looks using this eyeshadow palette.It's shimmery but there's no crazy fallout.Suffice to say that this eyeshadow palette will last me a veryyyy long time.
Three different eye makeup looks
Four different eye makeup looks
I've worn some of the colors before to work and lasted up to 6 hours I think.That's pretty good!It doesn't smudge on my eyelids as well and I'm not the type who uses eyeshadow primer nor do I have one :P

This palette is a great investment if you want to try using multi-colored eyeshadows and don't want to break the bank.No wonder it was highly recommended by many.


Easy peasy homemade pizza(dough+sauce) and mushroom soup recipe

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Happy weekend lovely people!I am the kind of person who loves to eat,cook and bake.I watch tons of cooking shows and even buy lots of cookbooks/baking books.So naturally I have tried a lotttt of recipes and came up with my own as well.But I rarely blog about it because it's a bit cumbersome at times.

But I thought why not I share 3 beautiful recipes that you can try on this sunny Sunday and treat your loved ones with it.The pizza dough is from Jamie Oliver while the pizza sauce and mushroom soup is something that I just "campak campak"/came up with.So let's begin!

I love pizza.My favourite for fast food ones has got to be Dominos.But I also know that making your own pizza is wayyy better because you know what you put in it.It's fairly easy but you've to give it some time as you need to knead the pizza dough well and also to let it rise.

I make my own pizza dough and also the pizza sauce.It's worth the time to make both as it makes a whole lot of difference in the taste.To make the pizza dough,I use this simple recipe below from Jamie Oliver,which I also improvise as I didn't have semolina flour.

Basically this recipe calls for a 1kg packet of high protein flour(bread flour) which you can get from bakery supply shops like Bagus,Bake With Yen,Yummie and so forth.I've never tried it with plain flour..I bet you could but the results could be different.The recipe is below.

For the dough
800 g strong white bread flour
200 g fine ground semolina flour or strong white bread flour
1 level tablespoon fine sea salt
14gm instant dried yeast
1 tablespoon golden caster sugar
650 ml lukewarm water

To make the dough: 
A marble countertop makes it easy to knead the dough
1. Pile the flour and salt on to a clean surface and make an 18cm well in the centre. Add your yeast and sugar to the lukewarm water, mix up with a fork and leave for a few minutes, then pour into the well.
2. Using a fork and a circular movement, slowly bring in the flour from the inner edge of the well and mix into the water. It will look like thick porridge. Continue to mix, bringing in all the flour. When the dough comes together and becomes too hard to mix with your fork, flour your hands and begin to pat it into a ball.
3. Knead the dough by rolling it backward and forward, using your left hand to stretch the dough toward you and your right hand to push the dough away from you at the same time. Repeat this for 10 minutes, until you have a smooth, springy, soft dough.
4. Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl. Cover with a kitchen towel or plastic wrap and let double in size for about 45 minutes.

I let the dough proof for too long and it grew!haha
My tips for pizza dough

*Buy instant dried yeast that are sold in tiny packets.
*When you mix the yeast with warm water,make sure it's mixed thoroughly&no lumps.Wait patiently for the yeast to foam up as it will!
*Generously flour the surface when you want to knead your pizza dough,so that it won't stick to it.
*Be patient as the dough will come together beautifully,it just needs time and a lot of kneading.

I have an electric mixer with a dough hook but I still prefer mixing it and kneading it by hand(from the pictures above).It's much easy if you have a marble countertop/wooden surface to mix &knead it as I've tried before using Ikea's silicone mat(when I went to our aunt's house as she asked me to come over& make pizza) and it just sticks to it and basically lift the entire thing up which was a nightmare!haha

For the pizza sauce,I make my own version which is basically a basic tomato sauce.

For the pizza sauce
2-3 cloves of garlic,chopped
1 bombay/yellow onion,minced
1 canned plum tomatoes
1 canned tomato puree
Minced beef(optional)
1 bay leaf
Salt,black pepper/smoke paprika and sugar.

To make the sauce:
1)Sautee the garlic and onion until soft.Add the spices.
2)Add the minced beef and let it cook.
3)Pour the tomato puree and plum tomatoes.Mix well,mash the tomatoes.
4)Add the seasoning and cook until it thickens.
5)Take it off from the stove and let it cool down before using.

I have a pizza crisper/pan which you can buy at baking supply stores..they're a flat round pan but with holes on the bottom.This will ensure that you get a perfect crust.

You roll the pizza dough and make sure that it's not it will puff up when you bake it.I always roll it as thinly as I can.Transfer it to the pizza pan,spread the sauce and arrange any toppings that you would like.

I tend to use onions,pineapples(I love them on my pizza!),red capsicum,pepperoni(or sliced sausages if you can't find them),sliced olives,mushrooms..just be creative!Top it off with shredded mozzarella.
Baked in a preheated oven (200 celcius)until it's golden brown.

Homemade mushroom soup

I love a good bowl of hot mushroom soup.It's so comforting and delicious.I'm not gonna lie that I always reach out for can from Campbell's but one night,we had none in the kitchen and I had lots of mushrooms that I bought recently so I thought..let's try and make my own mushroom soup!

I've made soups before like chicken soup and pumpkin soup..but never attempted to make mushroom soup.I don't know why I've never done it before as it's so easy.

This recipe is something that I came up with and it's really quick and of all,it requires only FOUR main ingredients.
The steps!

Mushrooms--I used tiny fresh brown mushrooms and also 1 can of buttom mushrooms
1 big bombay/yellow onion
Maggi homemade chicken stock
Full cream milk(you can use cream as well if you have it)
Some water

To make the soup:
1)In a food processor(one of my fave kitchen tools&the husband bought it for me),add the brown mushrooms and 1 onion.Processed it until it's in tiny chunks.*If you don't have a food processor,you can finely minced everything with a knife*
2)Sliced the canned button mushrooms.(I didn't put this in food processor as I wanted sliced mushrooms in the soup as well)
3)Heat up some oil in a pan,and saute the onion and all of the mushrooms until the onions become translucent.
4)Add 1-2 tablespoon of chicken stock and mix it well.Add the milk.Stir and taste.If you need more chicken stock/milk,adjust accordingly.Let it simmer.
5)If it's too thick,add some water.Season it with salt/black pepper/sugar. 

Isn't that super easy!Plus,if you look at the list of ingredients at the back of your canned mushroom soup,there's so many preservatives..making your own soup is sooo easy and better for you.

I served the soup for dinner for the husband and I with homemade garlic bread and calamari caesar salad.

simple and delicious
Let me know in the comments if you see any food that I've been cooking/baking on my instagram ( @liyanahanim) that you would like for me to share the recipe here!Have a great Sunday!


Big Bad Wolf Preview Sale+another trip there

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I received a Preview Pass for Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and I brought Aimi with me(the place was only 15 mins from her office).We got there at 8pm(MIECC) and spend 2 hours there(as it closes at 10pm).It was cool being able to browse all the books before everyone got to purchase them the next day.

I love books and I grew up reading books.I have my parents to thank for because they instilled in me the love of reading by always encouraging it since I was little..bringing me to bookshops and so many books warehouse sale.

So you can imagine how I really love Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.The place is huge and there's sooo many books at such low prices.

I even went there back again when one night,at 2 am,my husband suddenly suggested that we go there as he wanted to buy books.So we were there from 2.30 am-5.30 am.The foodtrucks was still going on there and there were quite a number of people.But I had ample time to browse through all of the books compared to when I went to the preview sale.

There were 8-10 rows of cookbooks..which I love.I went through every single row of books and found a lot of amazing ones.I found a baking book from The Hummingbird Bakery (I have two from them&I love it!!)but I didn't buy it as the recipes were quite similar with the two other books that I have.

I was so so happy when I found Paul Hollywood and The Great British Bake Off baking books as I didn't find them when I went to the preview sale.If you don't know..I've been watching The Great British Bake Off for about 2-3 years now and I just love the show.If you love baking like I do,you'll seriously love it.

I also love that they're open 24-hours as if you're busy during the day,you can go there late at night.On another note as well...Big Bad Wolf sale is an example of a greatly planned sale/event.The space was huge,there was so many counter for payments and ample parking space.

I thought I'd share with you what I bought from the sale.4 cookbooks,6 fiction(yes I bought a Nancy Drew book eventhough I'm 28 because I love her!),3 autobiography/non-fiction and 2 work related books(not pictured).I got all of the books for just rm200+.Amazing deal!
My haul!

The sale will end tomorrow so you should bring your family and friends to MIECC(next to The Mines Shopping Mall) and get some great bargains.Seriously though..the books cost as low as rm8!


Of desserts:Gula Cakery and Jaslyn Cakes

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I love desserts.It's one of my one shouldn't eat too much sugar.But oh's not like I frequent these places every day/week.haha.

So I thought that I'd share some pictures and a little bit of a review from the desserts that I ate at both Gula Cakery(Kota Kemuning) and Jaslyn Cakes(Bangsar).

1.Gula Cakery

I found out about this place from my friend Shakira..who like me,loves to bake and also eat desserts!I trust her judgment on this.So I went with my husband one night to buy some cakes and try them with our family.

I love how beautiful the place look and that the ground floor is the kitchen(which you can see) and they do baking classes there,while the top floor is the cafe.It's very cozy and I love that the walls have sprinkles painting on them.

They serve food as well and I read on their instagram account that the food are recipes from the mum of the baker.I bought three different cakes and also some of their nutella stuffed choc chip cookies.The cakes that I bought was their chunky peanut butter cake,pistachio raspberry cake and praline cheesecake.

The cakes were all soooo good.Every single one that I bought,I love.My husband loves them as well.I shared it with my in laws and they love it too.The cookies were huge and chocolaty.You can't really taste the nutella but they were good nonetheless.

The chunky peanut butter cake was so peanut buttery and the choc sponge was so moist.I love it!My sister in law Qeema even said that they peanut butter frosting tasted like they made the peanut butter themselves.

As I ate all of them a few weeks back,I can't remember about the two other cakes other than it was really good.I would definitely come back and taste their other cakes.

2.Jaslyn Cakes

I've heard a lot about Jasyln Cakes and wanted to know what's the hype was all about.And to be honest..I was a little bit disappointed.I went there on a weekday because I had to attend a work event in Bangsar.And yes,I managed to find a parking!

Anyway,my first impression when I walked in front of Jaslyn Cakes was looks pretty and quaint.When I entered the place,it was tiny!I was disappointed with the array of desserts as it was..nothing special.

They serve basic desserts like red velvet cake,madeleines,scones,and brownies.I'm sure they tasted great was nothing exciting..not like the array of desserts at Gula Cakery.However,since I was already there and was hungry...I bought a slice of their lemon bars.

For rm8.90,it was huge!And it was really good.It took me half a day to be able to finish the entire thing.I'll give kudos to Jaslyn Cakes for being able to bake a really really good lemon bar.It had a butter base,a very tart filling(which was clearly made from real lemons--not flavourings etc) that wasn't too sweet.

If I were to go back there,I would still take away my dessert as the place was tiny.I would like to taste their vanilla bean cheesecake which they are known for.But to go all the way to Bangsar from Shah Alam and to find a bloody parking there(which is hard!)..I don't know if i'd go all the way there for their dessert.


The Body Shop Gift Delivery Service

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I love The Body Shop!Their products are always so good and they smell amazing as well.Recently they've been moving to e-commerce and making their products available for online purchasing..with free delivery(for a limited time).

Recently,I was invited by The Body Shop to try out their gift delivery time for the festive Christmas season.

This is a very convenient service for people who have family and friends living all over Malaysia.All you have to do is purchase the gifts for your loved ones at The Body Shop,they will wrap and then deliver it for you!The delivery is FOC when you purchase from The Body Shop.The gift wrapping service is free for The Body Shop members only.But if you're not a member don't worry,you can become one once you've spend rm100 at The Body Shop.

So let me share with you my experience using The Body Shop gift delivery service!

When I went to their One Utama outlet,the inside looked very festive.The decoration and the display of the items made it feel like it's already Christmas although it's a few weeks away.

The array of products beautifully arranged and the many gift sets was really inviting.I had a really hard time choosing what I wanted.

The three range of products from The Body Shop that's only available during the Christmas season is the Glazed Apple,Frosted Plum and Frosted Cranberry.They smell amazing!But my favourite has got to be the Glazed Apple range.They just smell so good.

I've used the Glazed Apple body butter before and it smells amazing.So I picked one of the huge tub of body butter and also a hand cream.I was surprised to see that there's a bath jelly.I asked the helpful shop assistance on what it was and she said it's for a bubble bath.Immediately I had to get it!

After I've chosen all of the items,the SA wrapped them up for me.She put the items in a beautiful box and added a flower to arrangement before tying it all up with The Body Shop own grosgrain ribbon.

Next,I filled up their Poslaju form and wait for my 'gift' to arrive.

It arrived within 2 working days!I was surprised to see how big the box was.It was huge and when I popped it open,there was a short info about The Body Shop printed on the inside.If I was sending a gift to someone via this method,I bet they would feel really special and appreciated.

Clearly The Body Shop put up a great effort to make the recipient of the gift to feel the festive holiday spirit!I love it and no other beauty brand has done this so far.

It's safe to say that I use the products everyday..but I save the bath jelly for a special occasion as I don't have a bathtub at home.Both the body butter and handcream from the Glazed Apple collection moisturize my skin very well,making it soft,supple and smells so good.My husband loves the scent on me as well ;)

I would definitely recommend you girls/guys out there to use this amazing gift delivery service from The Body Shop as it's very convenient,the products are of very high quality and they wrapped the gifts so beautifully.So make your way to the nearest The Body Shop outlets and purchase gifts for your loved ones.

For more information please refer to the links below:

The Body Shop Festive Collections:

The Body Shop Instagram;

The Body Shop Malaysia FB page


Petite Blanc Patisserie:My favourite macarons!

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I have a sweet tooth!I love desserts.I love eating them and baking them.So in this blogpost I will talk about why I love the macarons from Petite Blanc Patisserie!

But before that..let me explain how I came to know about them:

About 2 weeks ago,my husband and I went to Foodgasm Fest(which was a bust!).

Now as you've heard,Foodgasm Fest was..a bit of a failure(congested area + crazy muddy field) but actually we had no trouble finding a parking space(parked at PJ New Town & it was 5 mins walking distance to the venue) or had to endure traffic because we came there around 12pm(2 hours after the event started).

But because the event only happened for one day,a lotttt of people came to it and the crazy muddy field didn't help.Below is the picture of what transpired.

Eventhough the muddy field was because of the heavy rain we've been experiencing...I believe that the organizer should have warned the people who were coming to the event via their instagram account/facebook how muddy the field that people wore their slippers/rainboots and not in their expensive shoes(thankfully husband and I wore our flip flops).They did no such thing and on their instagram page,the place looks very nice and dry!hurmph.

Moving on...let's talk about the highlight of my Foodgasm Fest experience..I stumbled upon Petite Blanc Patisserie!Bought a box of 5 macarons from them.Came home,tasted them and I was on cloud nine!

I've eaten macarons from Laduree (Paris,not Singapore!)and I can tell you that these macarons are comparable to that.I've also eaten a lot of macarons from various bakeries here and Petite Blanc is the best so far.It's hard to choose a favourite!Petite blanc was so generous in giving me a box of all of their macarons and also their joconde cakes.

Honestly though all of the macarons were soooo good.But my favourite had to be lychee&rose,dark choc,lime(rare to see a lime yummy!),"burger"--so cute and tastes so good as there's dark choc ganache inside,pb&jelly and..okay I love everything!Just looking at these pictures makes me want to order macarons from them.haha

They also make joconde cakes.Now joconde cakes is something that I've never seen or ate before.It was cool to find out that these cakes are gluten-free.There's no flour in them but they're moist!

There's three types of joconde cakes from Petite Blanc Patisserie. Kimochi (matcha joconde with matcha buttercream and black sesame white chocolate ganache), Spread (plain joconde with peanut butter buttercream and dark chocolate ganache), and Briny (plain joconde with salted caramel buttercream and dark chocolate ganache).I love them all!

For more info about Petite Blanc Patisserie(how to order/prices etc),refer to the links below:


BH Cosmetics haul:Carli Bybel palette&Flawless Brow Trio

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I definitely buy items from my favourite Youtubers like Zoella(blogged about her line HERE!),Kathleen Lights(my review on Miami Fever) and Tanya Burr(haven't blogged about it yet but I've her lashes--which I've yet to use and her book!).

I've heard about BH Cosmetics before but never have I purchase anything from them.Until one of my favourite youtuber,Carli Bybel came out with her own palette for BH.

It was pretty tough to get my hands on it initially because it was out of stock sooo fast but luckily,because my sister in law registered her email to be on the waiting list,a slot was opened!It was a private sale and not shown on the website as they wanted to limit the number.

BUT,we were only able to order two palettes per person(I registered as well but mine came a lot later) and the shipping wasn't cheap!It was USD24 if I'm not mistaken.So we split the shipping cost and I also add on the Flawless Brow Trio to the list.

The price for Carli's palette was USD 12.50 while the Flawless Brow Trio was USD 5.50.It's very affordable but the shipping was more expensive than the items themselves.

But the packaging for the shipping was very sturdy(a big box) and our items arrived within 2 weeks!In fact,the item just arrived on Friday and I was so excited that I had to blog about it today.

So the palette and brow trio + shipping cost me RM132.Which to me is very worth it considering I'm seeing people are selling the palette for a lottt more.My sister even saw that a seller in Malaysia was selling it for RM155!

1.Carli Bybel Palette
Aspire to Inspire--
Carli like to start her Youtube videos with uplifting quotes

As you can see below,the packaging is a simple cardboard box and very light.I believe that it's also easy to bring during travel.
Sooo beautiful.Taken using my iPhone 6.

The eyeshadows and highlighters are very pigmented.For the price,it's pretty amazing.Of course,the eyeshadows can't be compared to Makeup Geek but they're still very good.There's 5 matte and 5 shimmer eyeshadows.They're buttery smooth and I didn't experience any glitter fallouts from the shimmer eyeshadows as they were very finely milled.
The eyeshadow swatches

There's a lot of different looks that you can try with the eyeshadows and I love the selection of colors as I'm not a fan of bright eyeshadows.The colors are very wearable.
The highlighters swatches
As for the highlighters..I love them!I love that there's four different colors so you can mix it up.The far right is the lightest and will be best for the brow arch and inner corner of my eyes.
Wearing the highlighters and eyeshadows

The darkest one can be used as a blusher or as a bronzer.The two in the middle can be mixed with the other colors to reach the desirable color of your choice.

My only problem with the highlighters is that it's not that pigmented on the skin and also you need to blend it really really well or not it'll look patchy on your face.I've a few highlighters with better formulation(like Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Audrey--which I'll blog about soon!) but as I mentioned again,for USD 12.50 for everything,it's an amazing deal!
2.Flawless Brow Trio 

I have naturally thin eyebrows and I'm always trying to find ways to make it look thicker.This Flawless Brow Trio reminded me of a cheaper version for Urban Decay's brow box(which was a favourite of mine years back and I blogged about HERE!)
The brow trio contains one tinted wax and two brow powders.I bought mine in the shade Medium.I don't know why but the middle brow powder contains some glittery particles which was a bit weird..I don't think it's use to define the arch..I just mix the two brow powders together though!

Below is how I use the brow kit.Basically I line my eye using the tinted wax and then I fill them in with the brow powders.I also use a spoolie to brush it.It can't compete with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade(which I blogged about HERE!) of course..which is amazingggg BUT for USD 5.50,this brow trio is great for everyday and easy for me to carry in my handbag. 
Left:My naturally thin eyebrow.
Top Right:Lined with wax.
Bottom right:Filled with powder
To sum up,BH Cosmetics products are definitely worth the money!I would consider buying more of their stuffs next year :)


Demeter Fragrance Library(Honeysuckle,First Love and Pixie Dust)

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I first found out about Demeter a few months back,thanks to a monthly favourites video by none other than my favourite Youtuber,Zoella.I googled about them and found out that the brand has a long list of fragrances and they were all very unique.

You can see from the screenshot of their website below that they have such variety of fragrances!Fancy smelling like chocolate covered cherries or chocolate chip cookies?What about dirt,playdoh,beetroot,paint or even lobster?!?
Some of the longgg list of amazing scents selection

They have it all!I find it to be whimsical,enchanting and amazing.I would pore through the list of fragrance and be like..wowwww.haha I even searched on Youtube and other blogs for reviews.Suffice to say that I became a bit obsessed with it.

I knew that I wanted to get my hands on them.Unfortunately the US and UK websites both have expensive shipping..or was it that they don't ship to Malaysia?I can't remember..anyway,I searched on ebay and there's this seller from Australia that sells a 120ml bottle for USD27.That's a steal as it came with free shipping.

It's a legit online beauty store from Australia that uses Ebay as a platform as well.The link is below:

It was so hard to make a choice on which fragrance to purchase first but I managed to narrow it down.I bought a bottle of Honeysuckle while my sister in law joined me with my purchase and bought Pixie Dust.

Then about a few months later..I saw that Mysale was selling it as well!So I bought another bottle and this time it was First Love.

I get that it can be daunting buying fragrance online because you can't smell them before deciding to buy them.That is why Youtube reviews and also blog reviews plays an important role(the power of social media!).

Do your research and also know what kind of scent that you tend to choose when buying perfumes.I choose Honeysuckle because my husband bought me a big box set of VS body mists which contained three different ones with the body lotions and I fell in love with the scent Secret Charm which is a combination of Jasmine + Honeysuckle.

And because Zoella also bought a bottle of Honeysuckle from Demeter..I was like..this is meant to be!hhahaha

The Honeysuckle scent is a beautiful floral scent.It started of as being very floral(and apparently very true to the smell of a honeysuckle flower),and then it has a tea-like also smells quite "green".It wasn't overpowering at all.I think this would be a good fragrance to be mixed with others from Demeter's collection.

Description below from Demeter's website;

This is the scent of honeysuckle in June on a warm, sunny day, experienced while driving down a country road about 45 MPH with the windows down.  It gets no better than this.  Ever.

I got a whiff of Pixie Dust and it''s definitely a sugary sweet fragrance but it wasn't "syrupy" or cloyingly sweet.To me when I got a whiff of's a very princess-y and fun scent.

Description below from Demeter's website;

The truth is, at Demeter we do not know what Pixie Dust smells like – but we know what it SHOULD smell like: fruity, sugary and light as the air itself. And that describes our Pixie Dust perfectly. 

In the Disney version of Peter Pan, when Tinker Bell moves she is trailed by small amounts of pixie dust, and this dust can help humans fly, if they think happy thoughts. At Demeter we clearly want people to think happy thoughts – in fact, one of our main reasons for being is because great fragrance always makes you smile, and we all need more smiles, each day, everywhere. 

So Smell Great and Be Happy!

First Love..funnily enough,actually have honeysuckle in it.But I bought the fragrance anyway because I was curious about it.Luckily,it smells really good.It's floral,it's sweet,it's quite strong but overall it's a lovely fragrance.This is my favourite!

Description below from Demeter's website:

First Love is an irresistible, unique and unusual light floral combination of lemon zest, jasmine, honeysuckle, water lotus and white rose. We launched First Love several years ago, exclusively in South Korea, and it is so good that wanted to share it.

I'm so tempted to buy another bottle from Demeter but I need to finish the two bottles first. :P