Bath and Body Works Malaysia!

Monday, February 09, 2015 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Nu Sentral outlet
I've been eyeing Bath and Body Works products for forever!Finally they're available here.I remembered back in June 2014 when I was on holiday in Penang and saw the sign at Gurney Paragon took them 6 months to finally open an outlet both in Penang and KL(NuSentral).Back in December I went to the store after it was opened for a few days.I received an email from Valiram Group announcing that the store is open.It got me really excited because I wanted to buy their candles.

Today I finally blogged about it what I've bought when I've been using the products for two months now!I didn't buy much because I already had two Bath and Body Works pocketbac and two body mists that I've yet to use.But I did get some stuffs for our bedroom and bathroom.

I went on my honeymoon last month in Bali and I even went to the Bath and Body Works at Beachwalk mall there..but they carried the same stuffs as the ones here.I expected to have a lot more variety in fragrances because the body mists that I had was Endless Weekend and Oahu Coconut Sunset which aren't available here yet.

The store at Nu Sentral was quite big but they definitely had a lack of staffs.I went there twice and both times the cashier had only like 1-2 people handling a lot of people.I was also disappointed with the lack of candles that they had.I wanted those mason jar candles and they didn't have any.
Sink with various hand soaps

 But I love that they had a sink where you can try out their various hand soaps!My haul is in the picture below.I bought two hand soaps..Pink Chiffon and Warm Vanilla Sugar.I bought their big bottle of hand sanitizer in Sweet Pea.The travel size of their body mist in Country Chic and the Lavender Vanilla pillow mist.I love everything!

My haul
My favourite is the pillow mist as it definitely helps me sleep better at night.The hand soap makes your hand smells amazing!Especially after you've eaten sambal with your rice..haha Price's definitely more expensive than can look at their website.But it's still affordable.I'll probably come back to purchase my pillow mist.


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