Dinner at Bistro Richard

Thursday, February 05, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Last year during my birthday,my husband brought me to Bistro Richard and I loved the food there.Earlier this month we were invited to have dinner there by Food Ink.We got to try so many dishes and also talk to the founder of the bistro.We learned a lot about the bistro and Chef Richard.

Bistro Richard was opened last year in April so it's fairly new.But word of mouth has gotten the place loyal customers who keep coming back due to the ambiance and really good food.After the dinner we got the chance to talk with Leo Low who is Mr Richard's son and also Mr Richard himself.

Various spices used in the dishes
It was great to know that Mr Richard sourced some of the ingredients from Spain.Every year he will go there with his family and he'll buy various spices for his dishes.Smoked paprika,saffron,vanilla beans,olive oil and many more.

Yummy escargot
We started our meal with a favourite appetizer of mine at Bistro Richard..their escargot.The escargot are oven baked with garlic butter.It's very more-ish.It came with slices of garlic bread.My husband and I finished it in no time!

After the escargot we were served a bowl of cream of wild mushroom soup which came with a slice of garlic bread.It was such a warm and comforting bowl of soup.My husband is a big fan of mushroom soup so he had a great time slurping every bit of the soup up.


We then moved on with their seafood paella.This was my favourite!I love the creamy texture of the leeks,eggplant and various seafood with the rice.It is just so delicious and vibrant.Arborio rice was used to make the paella.

Pretty colours!
There was squid,prawns and mussels in the dish.This dish is something that you should order and share among 2-3 people because it's quite big.

We were served three other main dishes.The first was the oven roasted salmon.I love the onion garnished on top.The salmon was perfectly cooked and the butter sauce was just delicious!The mashed potato that came with the dish was so buttery and melts in your mouth.
Oven baked salmon
The second main dish was their braised lamb shank.It came with mushroom risotto.The lamb was delicious and you don't even need a knife and fork to cut into it because it was so tender.
Braised lamb shank
I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to eat lamb..I always prefer fish.My husband on the other hand is a big fan of lamb.But surprisingly I love the braised lamb shank that Bistro Richard served.The mushroom risotto was just delicious..I'm not kidding when I say that the food at Bistro Richard never disappoints me.
Chicken coq au vin
The last main dish that we tasted was the chicken coq au vin.This dish was like a roast chicken dish but..wayyyy better.It came with the buttery mashed potato again.
My favourite dessert

Creme brulee is one of my favourite dessert in the world.If I go to any restaurant and they have creme brulee in the menu,I'd definitely choose it!Bistro Richard's creme brulee was delicious and it had the crackly layer of caramelized sugar on top.I judged a great creme brulee by whether the sugar layer on top of it will crack when I tap it using a spoon and if it's smooth and creamy on the inside.

This creme brulee was perfection.Please make room for this dessert at the end of the meal.You should also know that they use vanilla bean from Spain for the creme brulee.You can see the tiny black dots when you eat the dessert.

My husband and I had such a great time again at Bistro Richard thanks to Food Ink and the establishment itself.Mr Richard and his son Leo was very welcoming and answered so many questions from all of us.

I would definitely recommend the place for all of you out there who wants to experience Europe fine dining without breaking your bank.The romantic ambiance is perfect for you to bring your spouse for that special occasion.In fact,during our dinner a guy proposed to his girlfriend there!We witness the beautiful surprise.I'm not making this up!

Especially since Valentine's Day is coming up...guys..bring your girlfriend/fiancee/wife here!


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