Thursday, February 12, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I know I have like..so many other blogposts that I should be doing but I just watched Whiplash last night and I just have to blog about it.The movie is awesome.Miles Teller's acting was just brilliant. 

The movie is about Andrew Neiman(played by Miles Teller) who studies at Shaffer Conservatory as a first year jazz student.He aspires to become a great drummer like Buddy Rich. A conductor at his school Terrence Fletcher choose him to become an alternate to Tanner,the core drummer in his studio band.

It is apparent from the start that Terrence is very hard core and mentally abusive towards his students.He definitely pushes them to the limit.This actually made the movie very..exciting?Andrew's persistence in becoming a great  drummer and impressing Terrence was crazy.There were scenes involving drop of bloods,wounds and even an accident.

At one point I felt like Andrew was turning into Terrence because he was so consumed with drumming that he disregard the people around him.He even broke up with his girlfriend Nicole because he said that he foresee her hating him in the long run because he wants to dedicate his life in becoming a great drummer.

There was a lot of "wtf" moments in the movie.Something that you don't expect from a movie that is basically about a young man wanting to become a great drummer and his crazy teacher/conductor.

J.K Simmons played by Terrence Fletcher have won so many awards for his role.He was really great in it.But I truly believe that Miles Teller should have atleast won something as well.

There are a lot of crazy scenes in the movie which why made it so great!I want to say more and I could go on and on about scenes from the movie but I wouldn't want to spoil it for other people who have yet to watch it.It's a really great movie to watch and the buzz that it garnered is in accordance to the quality of it.

Go and watch it!