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Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

The entire Zoella Beauty range + a makeup bag
As you know,I'm a big fan of Zoella/Zoe..I've watched ALL of her Youtube videos and I truly mean all..even back when she just started.I love how genuine and normal she is.I've bought so many beauty things that she recommended via her haul video and they never disappoint.So I was very excited when I found out that she came out with her own beauty line.Not makeup products but more towards bath and body. 
First order

Second order
Final order!

Back in September last year,I purchased the entire line from Zoella Beauty via Feelunique the moment they were sold online.I was really quick and managed to get everything from the range and choose one makeup bag as well.

It took me three purchases to get the entire line though as they sold out fast.I bought another complete set for my friend Shasha as well as she saw my tweets about it and wanted to join!I sent the stuffs to my friend Natalie's house.I had to wait patiently for it to arrive as her mum was going to bring it back with her from the UK to Malaysia at the end of December.

The stuffs was brought over with the Feelunique box that came with it.I love how sturdy the box was.How I wish they deliver to Malaysia :( The items might look tiny in the picture but actually it's quite huge!

Especially the Soak Opera and body lotion.The entire range had the same scent.I'd describe it as being fruity and fresh.There's strawberry,violet,jasmine,gardenia and vanilla notes in it.Sounds delicious right?I love the design on the's so pretty and girly looking.
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The body lotion is my favourite because it's very moisturizing and makes my skin smells so good.I love the convenient tube as well.

The soak opera is great as well.The bottle is so big that it'll last me for a few months..considering I have a big collection of body washes already.haha

I used up my entire Fizz Bar when I was in Bali for my honeymoon.I love it!And it really does fizz.The inside looks like a bar of chocolate and there's a "do not eat" sticker on it..If I'm not mistaken.I forgot to take a picture of it though.Ooops!

To be honest,I don't really like the body mist because the scent is a bit strong compared to the body lotion and soak opera.It's not bad..but I've to use it sparingly.

The candle is my least favourite item from the whole range because it doesn't really smell much.Because I've a lot of Yankee candles(which smells amazing),I tend to compare other candles to it.But for 5 gbp,you can't really complain!The tin is so cute though.

The other two makeup bags

Back then,there was only two different choices for the makeup bag and I choose the one with Zoella's eyes on it instead of the guinea pig one.Recently Zoella came out with another design for the makeup bag..which is really pretty as well.

In total I spent 36 gbp (rm200)for the entire line.The most expensive thing was the body mist for 8 gbp.It's definitely affordable!I'm really amazed and proud with what Zoella came up with.Clearly she had creative control over the entire range.I hope that she'll come up with new products for 2015.I'll definitely purchase them.I'll review her book,Girl Online in my upcoming blog posts!


Anonymous said...

awww, cant believe that the candle is your least favourite item, cos its my fav! hahahaha..

Thank you for indulging my shopping habits :D

Effa said...

feelunique ship to Malaysia? oh now I know. Thanks! :)

Wong said...

I would like to know how did you manage to ship the body mist to Malaysia? Because due to shipping restrictions, I can't order it! :( Love your blog post btw!