Innisfree Haul + Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask review

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I first tried Innisfree products last year when my former colleague Jackie went to Korea and gave me some stuffs from the brand.I had the Green Tea face mist and the apricot stone yogurt capsule recipe pack.I thought that the capsule idea was pretty unique and cute.I loved the face mist as well...very refreshing!

Innisfree finally opened an outlet here in Malaysia back in December last year at Sunway Pyramid.I went there twice so far..there's so many great stuffs and the prices are very affordable.They give great samples as well with your purchases.They were giving away free memberships as well.

My Innisfree haul!
I bought quite a number of items.I'll list them down below:

1)Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - review below

2)Camellia Essential Hair Mist - Love this!It makes my hair smooth and smells good.

3)Capsule sleeping pack in Pomegranate and (4) Rice - love both sleeping pack!

5)Perfect clean foot scrub- my favourite because I love wearing my Ipanema flip flops.This keeps my foot smooth and clean.

6)It's a real squeeze mask in Bija and (7) Strawberry - I've only used the strawberry face mask so far and I love it as well.My complexion looks a bit brighter after application.

8)Eco waterproof liner in pink lip(not pictured) -- the lip liner is smooth and easy to apply.

Unfortunately I've lost the receipts and I can't tell you how much the items cost but I can assure you that they weren't expensive.I remembered the lip liner was rm24.If you see in the picture above,far left..there's a pack of their "best loved collection" was given to me as their membership gift.I thought that was a nice gesture.I'll definitely come back to Innisfree to purchase more stuffs.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

I love the packaging for the face mask.It looks organic and clean.The super volcanic pore clay mask is their best seller and I believe it retailed for rm57?The clay mask is of a thick consistency..not runny and I think it would last me up to 3-4 months?I've used it for over a month so far and I barely made a dent in it.
The mask is easy to apply as it's very smooth.After I wash my face and apply toner,I would spread this mask on my face and then wait for it to dry for about 10-15 minutes.
The texture--thick & creamy

After the mask is dry,I'd use lukewarm water and wash it off.My skin just feels incredibly clean after I use it.I've only used it like once or twice in a week so I've to yet to notice a difference.But i've to say that my skin is less oily than it was before.I would definitely repurchase this product for sure.It's a great mask that you can use to pamper your skin at home.I've a few different clay mask at home and this is definitely on the top of the charts.

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Current drugstore lipstick fave:Essence!

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If not for Youtuber Amelia Liana,I wouldn't have known that Essence sells great lipsticks.I've seen the brand at Watsons but I always just pass by it without buying anything.But right after I watched this video of Amelia,I was like..maybe I should buy one of the lipsticks!

I didn't buy the lipstick in the same shade as the one that Amelia did though because it was very similar to the ones that I already have.
Instead,I bought the shades 01 in Coral Calling and 14 Adorable Matt.I loveee both colours so much and I definitely wear them almost every week.
The colours of the lipsticks are beautiful,they glide on my lips so smoothly and it's very pigmented as well.Staying power..I'd say that they last for about 1-2've to reapply it after you eat/drink but for the price's such a steal!!

The Coral Calling lipstick is more pink coral and it's something that I can wear everyday.The Adorable Matt lipstick is a beautiful red berry shade that instantly lights up your complexion.

With a little bit of makeup + the lipstick
As you can see from the picture above,I love how the Adorable Matt lipstick brightens up my face. 
No makeup,just the lipstick

Yup,I'm definitely okay with not having perfect skin and finally getting eyebags(I use to not have the age of's here!)..haha My skin is almost clear except for past sins(sun spots + acne scars..T_T)..

Anyway,I just loveee these lipsticks!It's great when you find a quality product for such a low price.Especially when everything's going to be expensive soon haha *cries inside*.I definitely recommend you try and buy the Essence lipstick!The colours aren't that many but they're very pretty!


Essence Malaysia


Food review:Restoran Bei Ping(halal),Sect 15 Shah Alam

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I love Chinese Muslim food.It's almost always delicious.I've eaten at various Chinese Muslim restaurants-- Homst,Adam Lai(will review that soon),Mohd Chan Abdullah and Haji Sharin Low.Recently it was my husband's 30th birthday and he wanted to eat halal but authentic Chinese food.

So I did a little bit of research and found out about Bei Ping.The restaurant belongs to a Beijing-Malaysian couple..the chef is from Beijing while the wife is a local.This of course ensure that the food is fairly authentic while also being halal.

Since it was very near our house..about 15 mins drive and it had good reviews online..we decided to go there.From the outside the restaurant looks unassuming and when you come inside the decor is like a typical Chinese restaurant..very minimal..huge round tables with plastic chairs.It's clearly for big families and not for a dinner for two..but oh time I'll be bringing both of our families here.

When we were there,there was a lot of Muslim families and even my friend Ateff was there with his own family.So the place is highly recommended.

Husband left the ordering part to me so I ordered a few dishes for us to try.Ordered the peking duck,stir fried lotus root,salted egg butter squid,hot&spicy tofu soup and rice.We ended our meal with their dessert..the caramelized sweet potato.We ordered a pot of chinese tea to share as well.

This is the peking duck dish.Served two ways..the crispy skin was served on top of lettuce while the other meat was wrapped inside a thin pancake.It was yummy but we couldn't finish it because the portion was big for two people.We packed the pancakes away.It was still good later that night.

The salted egg butter squid was so yummy!The squid was THE softest squid I've tasted.It wasn't chewy at all!I'll definitely come back to order this again.

This was my first time tasting stir fried lotus roots.It was sooo good.Very fresh and crunchy.I loved that the added almond flakes to the vegetable stir fry.It gives it a lot of crunch.

This was the hot and spicy tofu soup.It was quite spicy and also very comforting.I told the husband that this is perfect for a cold night.

We ended our meal with their dessert...caramelized sweet potato.This was a special treat and I've seen it on other blogs and was so curious to try it.Basically it's fried sweet potato that's dipped in hot caramel.They serve you with bowls of iced water and you've to dip the sweet potato in it before you take a bite.

Pulling the caramel
The caramel becomes all crispy and crackly once you dipped it in the iced water.Careful to not burn your tongue though because the inside was still hot!This dessert was very addictive because the sweet potato was soft and fluffy on the inside and the caramel was sweet & crispy on the outside.A must order the next time I go there.

The food was good and very well prepared.I'm very sure that our families will love eating there too.The total bill was rm86 for both of us.Very affordable!But you better check your bill before paying because I ordered small size for all dishes but they somehow charged me the medium sized dish for some of it.I cleared it with the waitress so we didn't have to pay for the dessert(which we ordered after the bill).

This definitely won't be the last time that I'll be going there as the food was good.I'll be bringing both of our families to dine there soon :)


Too Faced La Belle Carousel Review

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So pretty!!
The moment I held Too Face La Belle Carousel in my hand..thanks to when Anfaal purchased it last year..I was like's so pretty!I love the collection of eyeshadows and blushers/bronzers and the mini mascara.I knew I had to go out and buy it!This was actually part of Too Faced's Christmas collection.

I actually purchased it as part of the "hantaran" for my wedding.I bought it back in December 2014 and only got about to blog about it now.haha.I'm blogging about it because I love the quality of the products.Not to mention the super pretty and sparkly packaging.

Aside from the fact that there's a lot of products included in this set..there's booklet included inside as well for us to try different looks using everything in the case you become overwhelmed with the whole thing and don't know what to do..haha

The eyeshadows
Such pretty illustrations!

Gorgeous colours!
There's 12 eyeshadows in total.They're all so gorgeous.My favourite colours to wear are Angel Hair,Haute Chocolate,Yule Log,Boxes and Bow, and Santa's Boots.Temptalia gave Nude Beach a D..I understand why because it's too glittery and foil-ish.The eyeshadows are very pigmented and last a long time on the lids..even when I don't wear an eye primer.

Top:Nutcracker,Nude Beach,Boxes&Bows and Sugar Plum Fairy
As you can see from the swatch above... Nutcracker is a shimmery white eyeshadow,Nude Beach is a very glittery pale nude(there's fall out though),Boxes and Bows is a beautiful rose gold colour(my favourite!) and Sugar Plum Fairy is a shimmery light plum colour.You can also use Nutcracker to highlight your brow it's a pretty white shimmer that's not too bright or glittery.

Top:Tufted Suede,Angel Hair,Haute Chocolate and Yule Log.
Tufted Suede is the only matte eyeshadow out of all 12 eyeshadows.It's great as a base.Angel Hair is beautiful pale gold colour eyeshadow.Haute Chocolate is a deep shimmery chocolate+gold's so beautiful!Yule Log is a slightly shimmery brown eyeshadow.
Top:Frost,Tin Soldier,Christmas Tree,Santa's Boots.

Frost is actually pretty similar to Nutcracker but it has a little bit silver in it.Tin Silver is a shimmery silver eyeshadow.Christmas Trees is a shimmery dark green eyeshadow while Santa's Boots is a shimmery black eyeshadow.I love using Santa's Boots to underline my undereye.It actually doesn't smudge when I use it as an eyeliner.

The blushers&bronzers

I wear the Who's Your Poppy blusher almost everyday.It's a beautiful warm toned pink blusher with hints of gold shimmer.Basically it's a rose gold blusher.It just looks good on me and when it hit the pan,I'll definitely be trying to find a replacement for it.I've checked that Too Faced doesn't sell it individually.I love to use Chocolate Soleil for countoring because it doesn't have any shimmer.

Top:Who's Your Poppy,Luminous Peach and Sun Bunny Dark
As you can see from the swatches above..I didn't swatch Chocolate Soleil because it's very light and matte so it doesn't "appear" on my arm.haha Sun Bunny Dark has a slight shimmer to it..very pretty and great for adding some warmth to an otherwise pale complexion.

The mini mascara
This tiny mascara packs a punch!I remembered Zoella saying in one of her favourites video that this is her favourite mascara ever.I can see why because it gives my lashes tons of volume and it doesn't clump.I love that the mascara has a real bristle brush and not plastic like a lot of mascara nowadays.

I don't think this Carousel is available in Sephora anymore though..but Too Faced always come up with super great products anyway.So you should definitely check them out!When I bought this I believed the price was rm165.It's actually very affordable for 12 eyeshadows,4 blushers and one mini mascara.I just love having it on my vanity table because the whole thing is so pretty!


Bali honeymoon:Bali Rich Luxury Villas Ubud

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Our villa
The entrance
For our honeymoon back in January,we decided to go Bali.Previously we contemplated whether to go to Thailand or not.But my husband was like...better Bali because atleast we've been there before,there's no language barrier and the idea of possibly fighting if we got lost somewhere in Thailand during our honeymoon wasn't exactly ideal.haha

From the inside

Our beautiful bed

The living area

The dining table+kitchen

The bathroom + huge wardrobe(3 doors)

The beautiful pool 

So this time around..we decided to stay in Ubud.Razin's friend told us that Ubud is a very nice place and it's peaceful..perfect for a honeymoon.I had specifics criteria for our villa:It has to have a private pool,a bathtub and fully equipped kitchen. 

After a few weeks of searching for the perfect villa via Booking/Tripadvisor/Agoda,we decided to choose Bali Rich Luxury Villas in Ubud.It was a bit pricey but since it's our honeymoon and we'll be staying there for 6 days..I wanted it to be luxurious and spacious.Luckily,we actually got a promotion deal for our villa so it was a lot cheaper than the usual rates.

This was due to the fact that we booked it 3 months in advanced..we chose the honeymoon package as well which had a lot of additional things in it.

They cooked this for our dinner at the villa
The beautiful floral bath
Under the honeymoon package,we got a floral bath upon arrival,pick up from the airport(which was one hour away!),a romantic dinner,a honeymoon cake,daily breakfast(from an extensive menu),and a 30 minutes massage at the spa.

Above are some pictures of our daily breakfast.As you can see the dishes looks beautiful right?They taste good too.I love that they always serve a plate of fruit with our breakfast.

The villa also had daily shuttle service to the town of Ubud which we used only once during our trip as we had already hired a driver.I've to mention that the villa is not within walking distance to Ubud's town.So,you have to use their shuttle service or hire a driver if you want to explore Ubud.We hired the same driver that we used back when we went to Bali last year and it makes things easier.

I've to say that I absolutely love the villa.It's so beautiful and peaceful.I've been to Bali before and stayed in Seminyak at The Tukad Villa which was excellent as well.But Bali Rich is definitely more suited for honeymooners because it's romantic,secluded and just beautiful.
Bath salts+bath foam

The bathtub is big enough for two and we used it every night when we were there.haha. They even had bath salts and bubble bath for us to use and they refilled it.

When we made dinner
The kitchen is fully equipped with a stove and they had many utensils(I asked about this from them beforehand as I plan to do some cooking there) like pots and pans,plates,cups,glasses,cutlery,knife,chopping board...and of course there's a fridge as well.

But because the villa is located inside the Ubud forest..there's a lot of bugs outside.Don't worry though because they provide you with mosquito coils and bug spray.The huge and spacious bed also has a curtain/net that protects you from bugs at night.

One morning it was raining and when I came out from the bedroom and went to the kitchen,..there was these longggg worms coming from our garden and to the floor.Definitely shocked me as I haven't seen a worm in yearssss!haha.

The staffs there are courteous and accommodating.One of the tip that my husband got from my father in law was that,to always tip everybody there(hotel workers/driver etc).So that's what he did and of course you get an even more exceptional service from the staffs!

Bali Rich Luxury Villas has another branch in Seminyak so if you don't feel like staying in Ubud,you can stay there as well.
Walking amidst the lush vegetation at the villa



How To Get Away With Murder *spoilers*

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How To Get Away With Murder is definitely my favourite new drama.It's the best mystery tv show at the moment.It's produced by Shonda Rhimes,who's responsible for Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.The entire first season has just ended and as I'm blogging this,I just finished watching episode 15 and it was mindblowing.

By the time this blog post will be published,it'll be three-four days that the finale was shown.They actually showed two episodes back to back for finale.Episode 14 and 15 together.It was just brilliant.

The entire cast(minus Sam)
The series is about Annalise Keating(played by Oscar nominated actress,Viola Davis),a criminal law professor at the fictional Middleton University in Philadelphia. Annalise is a criminal defense lawyer and she always selects a group of her best students to work at her firm.

Her students are Connor Walsh(a very good looking gay who's quite a slut),Michaela Pratt(a very ambitious girl who's engaged),Wes Gibbins(a waitlisted student..the actor who plays him,Alfred Enoch is actually British&you might recognize him from Harry Potter!),Laurel Castillo(the cool&calm student) and Asher Millstone (the son of a judge&who's a bit of a douche).

Every episode they are faced with a unique case.Most of the time Annalise of course defends someone who is guilty and tries her best to turn that situation around.The entire season also centres around the death of Lila Stangard..Annalise's husband's former student who was strangled to death and left inside a water tank at her sorority house.

The start of the series showed flashbacks...of the students having killed someone.Soon it was revealed that they killed Annalise's husband but we didn't know why they did it.Turns out Sam was responsible for Lila's death because she was carrying his baby.Yes.Crazy.

The students killed Sam because he was about to kill Rebecca,who's Lila's friend..who's suspected as the one who killed Lila but Wes believes that she didn't do it.And so did I..until it was revealed at almost the end of the season that Rebecca had hide quite a few things from all of them.

There's 15 episodes altogether and it'll be a very long blogpost if I have to explain the whole thing.

I'm just in awe with the brilliance of the storyline and the great characters.I love how aside from Viola Davis and Liza Weil(of Gilmore Girls+Bunheads fame),the other actors and actresses in the cast are relatively unknown or very new.But they're all such amazing performers.

Here's the big spoiler.I'm sorry if I ruined it for the people who haven't watch the show yet but I just have to write about my thoughts here as my mind is still reeling from what I just watched.

All this while we thought that Sam most definitely killed Lila and it justified him being dead.It justifies the fact that Annalise had to lie and protect her students from being jailed for killing her cheating husband..whom she wanted dead as well.

And then the show twisted up things and made us think that Rebecca killed Lila by adding doubts in our head about her via Rudy..Rebecca's neighbour who left those weird scratch marks on top of Wes's bed.It was then revealed right at the end that Rebecca didn't kill Lila.

Flashbacks showed who in fact killed Lila.It was mindblowing.It makes sense but the fact that the person who did it had a poker face all along..throughout the entire season when he knows who in fact killed Lila..was's a he and if you watch the series up to the finale,you'd know who it was.It's pointless for me to even mention the name because it's obvious now.

The question is..who killed Rebecca?Yes..Rebecca is dead.Poor Wes because he doesn't know about it.Also,who did Rebecca text?I'm pretty sure that the person whom she texted will be looking out for her at Annalise's house in the upcoming second season.

Frank and Annalise both said to each other that they didn't kill it's the four other students.I doubt it's Wes though.He loved her too much.I don't think it's Connor either.Laurel hid Michaela's engagement ring all seems suspicious.It could be Bonnie as well.

I have a theory that Wes is Annalise son.I don't know why but I got a feeling that he's the child that Annalise got pregnant with after she was raped by her uncle.And she sent him to foster care?Throughout the entire season it looks like Annalise and Wes has a special bond.Why would she let her boyfriend Nate take the fall for her husband's murder(she orchestrated it) and not her four students who's guilty?Is it because one of them is her son?

All I can say is that..I can't wait for season 2.It's months away though!Gahhhhh..I definitely want to rewatch the entire season again.