Bali honeymoon:Bali Rich Luxury Villas Ubud

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Our villa
The entrance
For our honeymoon back in January,we decided to go Bali.Previously we contemplated whether to go to Thailand or not.But my husband was like...better Bali because atleast we've been there before,there's no language barrier and the idea of possibly fighting if we got lost somewhere in Thailand during our honeymoon wasn't exactly ideal.haha

From the inside

Our beautiful bed

The living area

The dining table+kitchen

The bathroom + huge wardrobe(3 doors)

The beautiful pool 

So this time around..we decided to stay in Ubud.Razin's friend told us that Ubud is a very nice place and it's peaceful..perfect for a honeymoon.I had specifics criteria for our villa:It has to have a private pool,a bathtub and fully equipped kitchen. 

After a few weeks of searching for the perfect villa via Booking/Tripadvisor/Agoda,we decided to choose Bali Rich Luxury Villas in Ubud.It was a bit pricey but since it's our honeymoon and we'll be staying there for 6 days..I wanted it to be luxurious and spacious.Luckily,we actually got a promotion deal for our villa so it was a lot cheaper than the usual rates.

This was due to the fact that we booked it 3 months in advanced..we chose the honeymoon package as well which had a lot of additional things in it.

They cooked this for our dinner at the villa
The beautiful floral bath
Under the honeymoon package,we got a floral bath upon arrival,pick up from the airport(which was one hour away!),a romantic dinner,a honeymoon cake,daily breakfast(from an extensive menu),and a 30 minutes massage at the spa.

Above are some pictures of our daily breakfast.As you can see the dishes looks beautiful right?They taste good too.I love that they always serve a plate of fruit with our breakfast.

The villa also had daily shuttle service to the town of Ubud which we used only once during our trip as we had already hired a driver.I've to mention that the villa is not within walking distance to Ubud's town.So,you have to use their shuttle service or hire a driver if you want to explore Ubud.We hired the same driver that we used back when we went to Bali last year and it makes things easier.

I've to say that I absolutely love the villa.It's so beautiful and peaceful.I've been to Bali before and stayed in Seminyak at The Tukad Villa which was excellent as well.But Bali Rich is definitely more suited for honeymooners because it's romantic,secluded and just beautiful.
Bath salts+bath foam

The bathtub is big enough for two and we used it every night when we were there.haha. They even had bath salts and bubble bath for us to use and they refilled it.

When we made dinner
The kitchen is fully equipped with a stove and they had many utensils(I asked about this from them beforehand as I plan to do some cooking there) like pots and pans,plates,cups,glasses,cutlery,knife,chopping board...and of course there's a fridge as well.

But because the villa is located inside the Ubud forest..there's a lot of bugs outside.Don't worry though because they provide you with mosquito coils and bug spray.The huge and spacious bed also has a curtain/net that protects you from bugs at night.

One morning it was raining and when I came out from the bedroom and went to the kitchen,..there was these longggg worms coming from our garden and to the floor.Definitely shocked me as I haven't seen a worm in yearssss!haha.

The staffs there are courteous and accommodating.One of the tip that my husband got from my father in law was that,to always tip everybody there(hotel workers/driver etc).So that's what he did and of course you get an even more exceptional service from the staffs!

Bali Rich Luxury Villas has another branch in Seminyak so if you don't feel like staying in Ubud,you can stay there as well.
Walking amidst the lush vegetation at the villa



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