Current drugstore lipstick fave:Essence!

Friday, March 20, 2015 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

If not for Youtuber Amelia Liana,I wouldn't have known that Essence sells great lipsticks.I've seen the brand at Watsons but I always just pass by it without buying anything.But right after I watched this video of Amelia,I was like..maybe I should buy one of the lipsticks!

I didn't buy the lipstick in the same shade as the one that Amelia did though because it was very similar to the ones that I already have.
Instead,I bought the shades 01 in Coral Calling and 14 Adorable Matt.I loveee both colours so much and I definitely wear them almost every week.
The colours of the lipsticks are beautiful,they glide on my lips so smoothly and it's very pigmented as well.Staying power..I'd say that they last for about 1-2've to reapply it after you eat/drink but for the price's such a steal!!

The Coral Calling lipstick is more pink coral and it's something that I can wear everyday.The Adorable Matt lipstick is a beautiful red berry shade that instantly lights up your complexion.

With a little bit of makeup + the lipstick
As you can see from the picture above,I love how the Adorable Matt lipstick brightens up my face. 
No makeup,just the lipstick

Yup,I'm definitely okay with not having perfect skin and finally getting eyebags(I use to not have the age of's here!)..haha My skin is almost clear except for past sins(sun spots + acne scars..T_T)..

Anyway,I just loveee these lipsticks!It's great when you find a quality product for such a low price.Especially when everything's going to be expensive soon haha *cries inside*.I definitely recommend you try and buy the Essence lipstick!The colours aren't that many but they're very pretty!


Essence Malaysia


Melissa Mah said...

I watch Amelia's video too, but maybe I didn't notice or could have overlooked it. I'm guilty of just passing through the essence beauty counter too. But I'm just disappointed that they don't bring in their limited edition item to Malaysia. Will check this out the next time i drop by a big Watson.