Food review:Restoran Bei Ping(halal),Sect 15 Shah Alam

Monday, March 16, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I love Chinese Muslim food.It's almost always delicious.I've eaten at various Chinese Muslim restaurants-- Homst,Adam Lai(will review that soon),Mohd Chan Abdullah and Haji Sharin Low.Recently it was my husband's 30th birthday and he wanted to eat halal but authentic Chinese food.

So I did a little bit of research and found out about Bei Ping.The restaurant belongs to a Beijing-Malaysian couple..the chef is from Beijing while the wife is a local.This of course ensure that the food is fairly authentic while also being halal.

Since it was very near our house..about 15 mins drive and it had good reviews online..we decided to go there.From the outside the restaurant looks unassuming and when you come inside the decor is like a typical Chinese restaurant..very minimal..huge round tables with plastic chairs.It's clearly for big families and not for a dinner for two..but oh time I'll be bringing both of our families here.

When we were there,there was a lot of Muslim families and even my friend Ateff was there with his own family.So the place is highly recommended.

Husband left the ordering part to me so I ordered a few dishes for us to try.Ordered the peking duck,stir fried lotus root,salted egg butter squid,hot&spicy tofu soup and rice.We ended our meal with their dessert..the caramelized sweet potato.We ordered a pot of chinese tea to share as well.

This is the peking duck dish.Served two ways..the crispy skin was served on top of lettuce while the other meat was wrapped inside a thin pancake.It was yummy but we couldn't finish it because the portion was big for two people.We packed the pancakes away.It was still good later that night.

The salted egg butter squid was so yummy!The squid was THE softest squid I've tasted.It wasn't chewy at all!I'll definitely come back to order this again.

This was my first time tasting stir fried lotus roots.It was sooo good.Very fresh and crunchy.I loved that the added almond flakes to the vegetable stir fry.It gives it a lot of crunch.

This was the hot and spicy tofu soup.It was quite spicy and also very comforting.I told the husband that this is perfect for a cold night.

We ended our meal with their dessert...caramelized sweet potato.This was a special treat and I've seen it on other blogs and was so curious to try it.Basically it's fried sweet potato that's dipped in hot caramel.They serve you with bowls of iced water and you've to dip the sweet potato in it before you take a bite.

Pulling the caramel
The caramel becomes all crispy and crackly once you dipped it in the iced water.Careful to not burn your tongue though because the inside was still hot!This dessert was very addictive because the sweet potato was soft and fluffy on the inside and the caramel was sweet & crispy on the outside.A must order the next time I go there.

The food was good and very well prepared.I'm very sure that our families will love eating there too.The total bill was rm86 for both of us.Very affordable!But you better check your bill before paying because I ordered small size for all dishes but they somehow charged me the medium sized dish for some of it.I cleared it with the waitress so we didn't have to pay for the dessert(which we ordered after the bill).

This definitely won't be the last time that I'll be going there as the food was good.I'll be bringing both of our families to dine there soon :)