Too Faced La Belle Carousel Review

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

So pretty!!
The moment I held Too Face La Belle Carousel in my hand..thanks to when Anfaal purchased it last year..I was like's so pretty!I love the collection of eyeshadows and blushers/bronzers and the mini mascara.I knew I had to go out and buy it!This was actually part of Too Faced's Christmas collection.

I actually purchased it as part of the "hantaran" for my wedding.I bought it back in December 2014 and only got about to blog about it now.haha.I'm blogging about it because I love the quality of the products.Not to mention the super pretty and sparkly packaging.

Aside from the fact that there's a lot of products included in this set..there's booklet included inside as well for us to try different looks using everything in the case you become overwhelmed with the whole thing and don't know what to do..haha

The eyeshadows
Such pretty illustrations!

Gorgeous colours!
There's 12 eyeshadows in total.They're all so gorgeous.My favourite colours to wear are Angel Hair,Haute Chocolate,Yule Log,Boxes and Bow, and Santa's Boots.Temptalia gave Nude Beach a D..I understand why because it's too glittery and foil-ish.The eyeshadows are very pigmented and last a long time on the lids..even when I don't wear an eye primer.

Top:Nutcracker,Nude Beach,Boxes&Bows and Sugar Plum Fairy
As you can see from the swatch above... Nutcracker is a shimmery white eyeshadow,Nude Beach is a very glittery pale nude(there's fall out though),Boxes and Bows is a beautiful rose gold colour(my favourite!) and Sugar Plum Fairy is a shimmery light plum colour.You can also use Nutcracker to highlight your brow it's a pretty white shimmer that's not too bright or glittery.

Top:Tufted Suede,Angel Hair,Haute Chocolate and Yule Log.
Tufted Suede is the only matte eyeshadow out of all 12 eyeshadows.It's great as a base.Angel Hair is beautiful pale gold colour eyeshadow.Haute Chocolate is a deep shimmery chocolate+gold's so beautiful!Yule Log is a slightly shimmery brown eyeshadow.
Top:Frost,Tin Soldier,Christmas Tree,Santa's Boots.

Frost is actually pretty similar to Nutcracker but it has a little bit silver in it.Tin Silver is a shimmery silver eyeshadow.Christmas Trees is a shimmery dark green eyeshadow while Santa's Boots is a shimmery black eyeshadow.I love using Santa's Boots to underline my undereye.It actually doesn't smudge when I use it as an eyeliner.

The blushers&bronzers

I wear the Who's Your Poppy blusher almost everyday.It's a beautiful warm toned pink blusher with hints of gold shimmer.Basically it's a rose gold blusher.It just looks good on me and when it hit the pan,I'll definitely be trying to find a replacement for it.I've checked that Too Faced doesn't sell it individually.I love to use Chocolate Soleil for countoring because it doesn't have any shimmer.

Top:Who's Your Poppy,Luminous Peach and Sun Bunny Dark
As you can see from the swatches above..I didn't swatch Chocolate Soleil because it's very light and matte so it doesn't "appear" on my arm.haha Sun Bunny Dark has a slight shimmer to it..very pretty and great for adding some warmth to an otherwise pale complexion.

The mini mascara
This tiny mascara packs a punch!I remembered Zoella saying in one of her favourites video that this is her favourite mascara ever.I can see why because it gives my lashes tons of volume and it doesn't clump.I love that the mascara has a real bristle brush and not plastic like a lot of mascara nowadays.

I don't think this Carousel is available in Sephora anymore though..but Too Faced always come up with super great products anyway.So you should definitely check them out!When I bought this I believed the price was rm165.It's actually very affordable for 12 eyeshadows,4 blushers and one mini mascara.I just love having it on my vanity table because the whole thing is so pretty!


Mira Cikcit said...

I surely wanna get this someday

I'm sure you can find it on Ebay!

Fion Paris said...

Omg the packaging looks sooooo cute!but I don't think I will have the heart to use it even if I ended up purchasing it hahaha

Peace and love.

alyarazali said...

You're lucky to get one! I like it too. I always watch Tati reviewing this item. And now, I still can't get over it.

Fion:haha I actually put the whole set as it is on my vanity and when I want to use it,I've to open the whole thing & take one palette each time.Preserve the prettiness! :p

Alyarazali:Thank you!I bought it from Sephora in Nu Sentral.