Milani Color Statement and Color Statement Moisture Matte lipsticks reviews

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Pretty names
I honestly don't remember what made me became quite obsessed with buying Milani lipsticks.My first four Milani Color Statement lipsticks were purchased via Drugstore's website and brought over from the US thanks to a friend.The other two I bought recently via Ebay.

Such beautiful colours!!
I remembered how I would pore over websites to compare the lipstick swatches and also watching Youtube videos reviewing the lipsticks.The selection of colours just amazes me and I was curious about the watermelon scent,while the new Color Statement Moisture Matte lipstick smells like vanilla.So far I have 5 lipsticks from the Color Statement collection and one from the Moisture Matte collection.
From top:Matte Confident,Pretty Natural,Sangria,Plumrose,Flamingo Pose and Orange-gina.

The lipsticks are very affordable.It's about rm35-37 per lipstick.The packaging is pretty and the quality is great as well.Not to mention the amazing colour range.So without further ado,here are my reviews on all 6 lipsticks.
Pretty Natural
Pretty Natural is an everyday colour.It's your lips,but better.Like all of the other Color Statement lipsticks,there's a watermelon scent to it which doesn't bother me because it's one of my favourite scents!
Matte Confident

 This is one of my favourite colour among all of the lipsticks and it's from Milani's latest collection.It's matte and such a beautiful red colour.I've worn it so many times when I go out at night and it always brighten up my face.I love it!It goes on smoothly as well and has a vanilla scent to it.Apparently the entire Moisture Matte collection smells like vanilla,which doesn't bother me either.

Flamingo pose
Wearing Flamingo Pose!
Flamingo pose is a bright juicy pink.It's beautiful and has a summery feel to it.But I tend to layer it on lightly because it's so bright.It does look very pretty on especially when you wear it during the day.It goes on smoothly as well but it does stain your lips quite a bit.I used Bioderma to remove it at night.Among all of the lipsticks,this is the one that I wear the least.

Sangria is a beautiful purple colour.But,the application is a little patchy?I don't know why though because all of the other lipsticks are fine.So it does require a bit more layers than the other lipsticks when you're applying it.But the colour is sooo beautiful and I usually wear this at night because it's a little dark for daytime.


This lipstick is sooo sparkly!I've been loving coral and orange lipsticks lately and this one is a favourite.It's sparkly but you can't see it from afar.. the colour is beautiful.It goes on smoothly as well.


This colour is like the Pretty Natural but deeper.It's also a muted version of Sangria I'd say..I love this colour as well and it gives a sultry look to your lips.It goes on smoothly as well & very creamy.

I love how all of Milani lipsticks doesn't feel heavy on your lips like some lipstick does.If you want to purchase them via ebay,I'll leave the links below as Drugstore doesn't deliver to Malaysia.

BeautyJoint via Ebay


Fyah Ahmad said...

Hi! How long do you have to wait for the item to arrived? tq

Fion Paris said...

the colour flamingo rose looks really good on u!

Fyah:it took about 2 weeks..or less sometimes.

Fion:Thank you :)