What have I been cooking:Breakfast!

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Ever since I got married in January and being a wife..I've been cooking a lot for my husband.I love cooking for him!He cooks for me too from time to time..but I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to food that I think I scared him a bit when I got pissed that he made me slightly burnt french toast once for breakfast... I know that it was mean & I apologized haha It just that when it comes to food that I like,if you screwed it up,I'll get irritated/won't eat it. This have applied to food that we bought/eat at a restaurant.

But my husband can cook and he makes a reallllly great grilled salmon dish,mashed potatoes from scratch,soups..sometimes of course there's mistakes.

When I have the time,I'll make breakfasts for my husband.He usually buys breakfast..and he has done so many times,waking me up and surprising me with it.Nowadays I only make breakfast during the weekend because weekdays are too busy for me nowadays.In the upcoming blogpost,I'll share what I've cooked for lunch&dinner and also what I've baked.
Hashbrowns and sausages

I love eating hashbrowns for breakfast!Usually I used the frozen ones but one Saturday morning I made hashbrowns from scratch and it was actually really easy.You can use THIS recipe from Seriouseats..they did a whole taste test on which method makes the best hashbrowns.


My husband loves scrambled eggs and it's so easy to make them.I use butter and some cream to make it fluffy and creamy of course!I even roasted some cherry tomatoes served with buttery toasts,hashbrown and sausages.

A tray of yumminess 

Sometimes the breakfasts that I make comprises of random things.From the picture above,on the left is actually spicy tuna mayonaise on top of slices of multigrain baguette,a slice of fruit pudding cake(so yummy..there's layers of pudding&whipped cream) and a mushroom danish from a bakery.In the floral mugs are actually coffee with chocolate spoons which my mother bought for me from Langkawi.

Sweet and savoury
My husband and I love belgian waffles.They're crunchy on the outside from the caramelization of a sprinkle of sugar, and soft on the inside.I bought them from Sun Moulin and served with a bit of nutella.I bruleed half a banana-- sprinkle sugar on top of sliced banana and use a blow torch to brulee them.Simple & delicious.Also fried some hashbrowns.Definitely an indulgent breakfast.

Made with love
For my husband's birthday...I made him this breakfast in the morning.I cut a sausage in half but not right to the end,used a toothpick to create a heart shape and then cook it on a skillet with an egg inside.Cut the other sausages into tiny bits and fried hashbrowns to go with it.
A big breakfast!
The picture above is what we shared for breakfast on a Sunday morning.I fried some cheesy chicken nuggets,made some buttery toast& served them with more butter and kaya.Made scrambled eggs and served some green grapes on the side.

There's a lotttt more breakfasts that I've made for my husband but of course I don't take all of the pictures.haha I hope I gave some ideas to those who would like to make simple breakfasts for their spouses.I love buying pastries from a bakery, the night/day before and then the next morning and I can just heat them up for breakfast.It saves a lot of time!


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