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Let me sweep of the dust from this blog of mine!I haven't been blogging in almost a month!!OMG.That's a longgg time.Been so busy with my new job (it's been almost a month)and life in general.I also went on trips with my in laws and there was my mama's birthday & my mother in law's birthday.

I will try to update this blog more frequently.So in this post,like how I've done in the past,I'll share pictures of what I've been doing since..February?In the upcoming posts,I'll blog about what I've been cooking/baking recently and where I've been going recently..etc.

My nieces Ava's aqiqah and Qarla's 3rd birthday

Qarla blowing out the candles

With my beloved husband.

Ava is such a cute baby!!

Back in February it was my nieces Ava Areana's aqiqah and her sister Qarla Adelia's 3rd birthday.
Birthday girl helping me bake cupcakes for her party
Qarla's birthday was a Disney Princess themed party.I baked some cheesecake brownies,mini choc cupcakes and a victoria sandwich cake for her party.She even helped me baked the cupcakes!
The brownies and mini cupcakes!

My husband's 30th birthday

My beloved husband's 30th birthday fell on the 23rd of February and we had a family dinner at home the night before his birthday to celebrate it .I baked a cookies&cream cake for him.:) I even gave him a few presents too..of course! :P

Blowing out the candles..btw the
painting behind was painted by him!

My cousin Eira's wedding

My cousin Eira got married back in March at my uncle's house in Meru.I loveee the food at the wedding because there was kerabu daun selom!

That's my niece!

Finally receiving my Secret Santa beauty swap

I joined this Secret Santa beauty swap by Be A Beauty Correspondent and unfortunately my secret santa was hospitalized due to her heart condition.Poor Louisa!The admin had to reveal who my secret santa was because I'd have to wait quite awhile for it to arrive.The stuffs finally arrived last month and Louisa send so many things!
The entire group's budget was USD50 so I got a lot for such a little price.Thank you Louisa!And I'm glad that her health is better now.
Secret santa

Went to Kuantan for a weekend trip

I went to Kuantan with my in laws during one weekend by my father in law had to attend the launching of a cafe there and then attend the wedding of his PA.
Had lunch at Akob Patin House.It was yummy but I was surprised to find out that freshwater fish is so expensive!I guess because it's hard to catch them and it's very high in omega or something?
With my nieces at TC
Went to Teluk Cempedak and had some fun by the beach.They have a bouncy castle there!We ate fried durian which was sooooo good!!!
Supper at Lilawadi
After the launching of the cafe,we went for supper at Lilawadi.It's my first time going to the new outlet(their old outlet was in the middle of the town..I think..can't remember cos I went last year).It was bigger and had a lotttt more space.

Went to Johor for a weekend trip

My father in law had to give a talk in Johor for MATA's new students registration..so we went with him so that we can eat and go to JPO.haha.Because I recently started my new job,we went to Johor after Maghrib on a Friday and arrived there around 1am.

My mother in law really wanted to eat porridge at Bubur No 1 Sentosa.But she thought maybe they had close already.So I did some googling and found their number,gave them a text.Suddenly a lady called me & told me that they're still open..until 3 am!Woahhh.Great service for calling up a potential customer.So all 7 of us went there before we check in into the hotel.
Bubur no 1 Sentosa
The bubur was yummy and had lotsa great condiments!It was a great supper.The next day we went to JPO and spend quite some time there.I ended up buying two items from Kate Spade.Well my husband bought for me.hahaha The beauty products there like MAC,Urban Decay and Clinique was cheap too but because I didn't have anything particular that I wanted..I didn't buy anything.

At JPO's food court

My Mother In Law's birthday celebration 

My mother and my mother in law's birthday are only 3 days apart.We celebrated my mother in law's birthday at TGIF a few days earlier than her birthday because my sister in law had to go outstation for work during her birthday.It was a simple and fun get-together.
For my own mother's birthday,I visited her over the weekend and had lunch with her & my dad,along with my husband.I baked her a cake&gave her a bag of presents.I don't live with them anymore so I can only visit them during the weekends because they don't live nearby to us.

HBO premiere of Game Of Thrones season 5 episode 1

I'm a hugeeee fan of Game Of Thrones.My husband as well.My friend Aimi invited me to go to the premiere of the first episode from the fifth season with her a week or so ago at TGV in One Utama.It was so cool to be able to take my picture on the iron throne.There was a spread of yummy foods and we got some merchandise.
I rule!
My favourite was when I got the Daenerys figurine!!!It'll stay in the box as it is.
My brother in law Raushan's engagement to Maisara

Recently my brother in law Raushan got engaged to his long time girlfriend,Maisara.They'll be getting married this year.So that's two wedding in a year for my in laws.haha.
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