What have I been cooking:Lunch and dinner.(Lots of recipes!)

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I know I haven't been actively blogging for the past few weeks.Reasons being is that there's so many things to do now that I'm a wife..Even when I was working,after work I'll be in the kitchen,tidying up the house/bedroom whenever I can(I hate seeing dust/clutter).doing laundry and also completing the baking/catering orders that I got and many more.

My husband told my parents recently how he is amazed how women tend to shift from becoming the girlfriend/fiancee to becoming a wife so seamlessly while for guys,they need to do a little bit of adjusting.It's from a conversation that he had with his bestfriend,how he is amazed with his wife as well.My mum was asking Razin how I'm doing at home..does she was the dishes etc.haha 

My husband helps me as well though..he helps me do laundry at times,clean up the kitchen,throw out the trash,the monthly nafkah(yeahhh money!hahahaha) and many more.I truly love being his wife.I want to blog about my wedding but it'll be so long and time consuming so I've to put that off for awhile :)


Continuing with what I've been cooking for breakfast..in my previous post HERE ,now I'm continuing with what I've cooked for lunch and dinner.I like to cook food that doesn't require so much time to prepare.I usually spend 30mins-1 hour to cook lunch/dinner.I save the elaborate meals (2-3 lauk) when it's the weekend.

Thick hollandaise
Poached eggs,smoked salmon and hollandaise.

My husband had never tasted poached eggs with hollandaise.So I made the dish using a recipe from BBC for dinner.It's actually a dish for breakfast.I've eaten it outside a few times before.When I made it I was like..wow this dish is veryyyy rich!The original hollandaise sauce is veryyyy rich compared to the one that I've eaten outside which has been diluted to suit the Malaysian taste.

There's egg yolks and butter inside the hollandaise and add to the poached eggs that you're eating..it's definitely a high calorie dish!I was very proud of myself for being able to poach an egg without using any special tools.Though it did took me like..3 tries?haha

Roasted chicken sandwich with beef bacon and homemade potato chips

Sometimes at night we don't want to eat something that's too heavy so a sandwich is a perfect meal.I roasted some chicken breasts and shred the chicken.Mixed the chicken with some mayo and I added a tablespoon of mango chutney as well.Fry up some beef bacon.Made homemade potato chips-- super easy when I used my food processor which also have different shredder/slicer settings on it.I honestly love my food processor sooo much!My husband got it for me and I've made a lot of things using it.

Lastly,I toasted a baguette,sliced it in half.Spread some mayo on top and layer it with lettuce leaves.Put the roast chicken and the beef bacon.Taddaaaa!Easy peasy.

Buttermilk prawn pasta with caesar salad

Making the buttermilk sauce that everybody is eating outside at Gold Chilli or all the other eateries out there is sooo damn easy!There's no point going out to eat it for me and my husband.haha.You just need to saute some curry leaves and cili padi with butter.Add some corn flour/starch and mix it evenly.Add some evaporated milk.Use a whisk to stir until it thickens a bit and make sure that it's not lumpy.Season with salt and sugar.Easyyyy!

I like to serve the sauce with prawns or chicken.So this time I serve the sauce with fried prawns(coated with panko breadcrumbs)and angel hair pasta.There's caesar salad on the side as well.

Cucur udang jagung(corn&prawn fritters)

Cucur udang jagung is a dish that my mama have been making for her kids for yearsss.It's a dish that I love.Yes,corn and prawn goes together so well!The fritters are filled with vegetables as well.There's diced onions,chop chinese parsley(daun sup) and scallions(daun bawang).It's so delicious!It's a meal on its own and I serve it with thai chilli sauce.Yummy!

I'm sharing the recipe with you below but be mindful that when it comes to cooking I don't use any form of measurements..I always agak2(eyeball it) the ingredients.

The recipe
1 packet of Adabi cucur ikan bilis/udang
A few tablespoons of rice flour
1 corn (pick ones with yellow+white corn kernels because it's very sweet)
1/2 of yellow onion-diced
1 stalk of scallion(daun bawang)+chinese parsley(daun sup)-thinly sliced
A handful of prawns
Cold water
A pinch of salt

Mix everything together and add the cold water.Make sure it's not too runny.I usually fry a little bit of the batter first to test whether it's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.If not i'll add a little bit more of rice flour.

Bright red!

Korean chicken wings
My friend Jannah shared this amazing looking korean fried chicken with me late last year.I finally made the dish around 2 months ago when I managed to find the korean chili paste(gojujang)!The recipe is actually from Saveur and it's really good.I added extra gojujang because the spicy level was actually a bit mild if you follow the recipe.

The chicken wings was so crispy and I even use the frying method for another recipe below.You can click on the recipe HERE.

Honey garlic chicken wings and homemade potato chips

I fried the chicken wings using the method from the Saveur recipe that was mentioned above.Then I made the honey garlic sauce.It was just honey,garlic,some curry leaves and slices of cili padi,heat up in a pan until it's thick.Don't forget the salt!I made potato chips again.I love how I can get very thin slices by using my food processor.

Lemon chicken with rice

I love lemon chicken rice but making it is not really easy because there's a lot stuffs that goes into the marinade for the chicken and you've to wait awhile for it to..marinate.haha But it's worth it because your chicken becomes really tasty,crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.The lemon sauce is simple but because there's mince shallots and garlic in it,I would strain the sauce before serving so that it'll look very smooth.You can get the recipe HERE.
Garlic herb butter corn

I was feeling peckish one late night and was browsing Rasa Malaysia's website when I found this tasty looking unique dish.Unique because instead of the normal grilled/roasted corn,she uses honey garlic butter on it.I was intrigued and because all of the ingredients was readily available,I made the dish.It was ready in less than 15 mins?My husband and I love it!I added some paprika as well to give a little spice.It's a great snack!You can get the recipe HERE.

Buttermilk prawn,sambal terung(brinjal) and salted egg squid.(also homemade chrysanthemum tea)

I made a lot of dishes for lunch one day because I had to cook for my two brother in laws as well.So it was me and three guys having lunch,hence the amount of dishes.I made my favourite buttermilk prawns.I made salted egg squid (super easy and delicious) and also terung sambal.

The salted egg squid dish is super easy.I'll share with you the recipe below.As usual,I don't have a specific measurement..I just use my tastebuds to adjust the taste of the dish.

Salted egg squid recipe

Squid (washed,throw away the ink part..I don't know what it's called haha)--sliced
Corn flour
Egg--whisk it.
Seasoning--salt,sugar and black pepper.
One boiled salted egg,take out the yolk part.
Cili padi--sliced thinly
Curry leaves

After you've sliced the squid,roll the squid with cornflour(which has been seasoned with salt&pepper).Dip it in the egg mixture and then roll it again in the cornflour.Fry the squid in hot oil until crispy and drain it.

For the sauce..melt some butter on a pan,add curry leaves and cili padi slices.Crumble the salted egg yolk and mix with the butter in the pan.It will bubble up a bit,add the squid and then season with salt and sugar.Tadaaa!So easy.

Thai green curry

One day..because the husband was talking about how much he loved it when KFC had the thai green curry set awhile back..I decided that I wanted to make the dish(the curry of course,not the fried chicken haha) and taste what an authentic thai green curry would have tasted like.

It was strange that I wanted to cook and taste the dish because..I don't actually like eating curry.But let me tell you..thai green curry is delicious.It tastes..fresh somehow.It's really simple to make as well.In fact,I made the dish right after work!My husband and my in laws loved it.Though they don't like the tiny eggplants(I don't know what it's called in english).It looks like peas but it's a bit bitter.

You can get the recipe from Rasa Malaysia.It's really simple.Click HERE for the recipe!

Chicken and dumpling soup

I truly love Rachel Khoo and believe me that I will dedicate a blogpost about her soon.She tweeted to me a few times and I was sooo happy.I watch her cooking shows and I got her cookbook.I won't tell much about her because that'll be in a separate blogpost.I've tried a few of the recipes from her cookbook and it's legit!

I was curious to try her chicken and dumpling soup because I've never tried it before and it looks so comforting when she made it on her cooking show.It's interesting though because the dumpling was made by just using my food processor.

Lemon and lavender chicken

This is another recipe from Rachel Khoo.I was very intrigued by the fact that she uses lavender in her roast chicken.Coincidentally,there's a great spice shop near my previous workplace so I managed to buy quite a big bag of it for cheap!

Surprisingly the recipe was really tasty!But I did add a little bit of sweet paprika to the recipe.The taste of lavender was very subtle.I also added lemon slices when I roast the chicken.It caramelized beautifully.Very yummy!

I served the dish with roasted potato salad.It was creamy and comforting.

Floating island

This is a classic french dessert which Rachel Khoo said was better than creme brulee and creme caramel.Because I love both desserts,I was very intrigued by what she had said.One night,my husband brought me out for French food as he said he's been watching too much Rachel Khoo cooking shows with me..so we went to Yeast in Bangsar.I saw that floating island was in the menu and I was ecstatic!!We shared the dessert after dinner and it was so good!

So I decided that yes,it is better than creme brulee and creme caramel.Of course I had to try the recipe that Rachel Khoo gave after tasting how delicious it was at Yeast.The recipe was a success!Floating island is basically a cold custard sauce(creme anglaise) topped with a poached meringue & served with almond praline on top.My husband even helped me poach the meringue one night.You've to make the creme anglaise atleast four hours before so that it'll chill properly.

There's a lot more that I want to blog about because I do cook a lot but it's already a reallyyyyy long post.If you have any questions about cooking or baking or this particular blog post,do leave your comments below.: