Luxola:Read My Lipstick(special discount code!)

Monday, July 13, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I love Luxola.I've purchased so many items from them that I'm now a LX Silver member.haha.They always have such great discounts and promotions going on.I love that once I've collected a number of points,I can convert it into cash and use it to minus the amount in my shopping cart.

Luxola was kind enough to reach out to me and give something special for my dear readers.Raya is coming up soon and us ladies of course want to look our best when we attend all those Raya open houses or visiting our relatives.

It's not just about buying that perfect baju Raya but you of course want to make sure that you have your Raya makeup look to go along with the outfit.I'm a firm believer in the power of a good tube of lipstick.

It doesn't have to be expensive but it will definitely give your face that little "oomph" when you have a little bit of colour.Even on days when I feel so lazy to put on any makeup on my face,I'll wear a bright lipstick and nothing'll make me look a bit put together.:P

There's so many beautiful shades of lipstick out there that you can pair with different makeup looks.It will also give a different look on you.I love playing around with makeup but I definitely use a very light hand when applying it.

You want to look your best but you also don't want to look like you put tons of makeup on you face.I'm a firm believer that makeup is suppose to enhance your features and make you feel good.If you feel good,you'll look good.:)

If you want to know more about lipstick and the history of it,you can click the link HERE.It's a comprehensive article that was done by Luxola.

Swatches from top:Melting Kisses,Buff Pink and O.M.G.

Okay let's move on to the lipsticks and the makeup looks that I've created for you to try for Raya!

O.M.G lipstick from Sleek Makeup
From the swatches,you can tell that O.M.G is a bold and bright orange-red lipstick.This lipstick is quite tiny but it means that it can fit into your handbag better!Because the lipstick is bright,a simple eye makeup goes great with it.
Brightens up my face!

I paired the bright lipstick with a simple black eyeliner which I flicked at the end to create a cat eye.I also lined my bottom eyelid with a little bit of grey eyeliner.This is because if you line your bottom eyelid with black eyeliner,it will close it even more.If you have big eyes,it's okay.But mine is of course not that big.haha.I even use a shimmery pearl eyeliner to line the inside of my bottom lid.

Simple eye makeup is the key so that it can highlight your beautiful lips better.This makeup look is perfect for when you have to attend that raya open house at night.This lipstick is a sheen type of lipstick.It's smooth and also a bit shiny.

The orange-red colour of this lipstick makes it suitable for a lot of different skin tones.It's bright and beautiful,it will "light" up your face!

This Buff Pink lipstick from Luscious is a favorite of mine for everyday.But you can of course wear it for Raya as well and with this lipstick,you can go a little bit heavier on the eyes.I pair it with a smokey brown eye makeup look.Using a combination of brown eyeshadow,bronze eyeliner and brown eyeliner,you can create a beautiful soft smokey eye look that's perfect for daytime or nightime.
Brown smokey eye and Buff Pink lipstick

I love that the lipstick has a letter L on's like it's meant for me.hahaha Also the lipstick is super moisturizing and is creamy.The colour is so soft and sweet.I love it!

I love coral lipstick!It feels very summery.I also love the brand Zoeva and love the packaging for this lipstick.The tube snaps shut because it's magnetized like the one from Marc Jacobs.I paired this pretty coral lipstick with teal eyeliner.The teal eyeliner looks great with the coral lipstick and gives a little bit of colour.
Teal eyes + coral lips
This lipstick has a matte finish so you need to properly moisturize your lips using a lipbalm before you apply it.Melting Kisses is such a beautiful colour and I can see myself wearing this a lot.

Don't fret if you're scared that the lipstick won't arrive in time for we have the whole month of Syawal to visit our family and friends :) Luxola shipping is awesome as I've order items from them many times and they arrive within 3 days!

In conjunction with Raya,I have a special 15% discount code for my lovely readers so that you make your first purchase with Luxola.The code is valid til 31st of August 2015.However,it's not valid for discounted items.


Happy shopping and Selamat Hari Raya!:)