Nutmeg's Cake Parade

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Last week I received an email from Chef William Chong from Nutmeg,inviting me to join the other bloggers for a Cake Parade at Nutmeg.I was intrigued because he said that they'll be presenting a collection of cakes called Asian Fruit Cakes.He came upon an entry that I blogged about last year about my brunch at Nutmeg and invited me.Of course I wanted to go!

The terrace at Nutmeg
I asked my sister in law to come along because my husband isn't really into cakes.We were told that there'll be a light dinner for us to break our fast..but it was actually quite filling!We were scared that we weren't able to eat all the cakes but thankfully we shared a slice of cake with two other people on our table.

The venue was at the Terrace at Nutmeg and I did wonder where that would be.But actually the terrace is right inside of Nutmeg and it's a special closed area.

Sourdough bread
The meal started with a sourdough bread that was made not by using the normal rye yeast, but by fermenting the skin of green apples!That was very interesting...the bread smell and tasted soooo good!It's actually a natural way to make yeast.Chef William said that they've to constantly feed the starter for the sourdough as it's alive.

Dates filled with almonds & covered in salted beef
When this dish arrived at our table..I thought it reminded me of the Italian appetizer, but the difference was that the dates were wrapped with prosciutto.This one was wrapped with salted beef that they make in the kitchen, and the dates were filled with chopped almonds.It was delicious!The combination of the taste of sweet and salty is perfect.

Chef William said that the idea came because last month,during Ramadhan,he wanted to come up with a creative idea on how to serve dates to the Muslim customers.He didn't want to just serve dates on the table,so he came up with this version instead.It's permanently on the menu so you guys can order it anytime.

Nutmeg soda
We were also served the special Nutmeg soda.The syrup for the drink was made by boiling the nutmeg skin.There's also sour plum in the drink.It was refreshing!

We were served the mini version of their famous dish,the croissant-wich.It was sooood delicious.A layer of their house-cured salmon(which was substantial in terms of thickness) and the creamiest scrambled eggs that I've ever tasted.The side salad was lightly drizzled with a blackberry dressing.

Nutmeg cured the salmon themselves using mustard and sugar.They also make their own smoked salmon.They even make one which is infused with beetroot and lemongrass..which sounds so interesting!

Simple yet so good
The last dish we ate was their salted beef hash(with potatoes & red peppers) with a sunny side up egg.Chef William said you break the yolk and mix it with the hash.Everybody at the table was quiet when eating this dish because it was sooo good.The salad was the same as the one we had before & my sister in law wish thay they'd sell their salad dressing.

Chunky chunks of beef but it was tender
Chef William explaining the cakes

Then it was time for us to taste the nine cakes.The cake came in threes and Chef William explained to us about all of the cakes

Papaya Paradise
The three cakes was Papaya Paradise,Caramelized Banana and Flourless Ciku.The Papaya Paradise cake was made using unripe pink papaya.It actually tasted like a carrot cake.It was really good!
Caramelized Banana
The Caramelized Banana cake was sooo good.The cake was compressed with caramel.The slightly bitter caramel,with the banana,the creamy frosting and the moist cake..along with the macadamia nuts..perfect combination.It's definitely one of my favourite of the night.

Flourless Ciku(gluten free)
This was also a cake that I was very curious about.How do you make ciku into a cake?Ciku (or sapodilla) is one of my favourite fruit.This cake is also gluten free and was made from brown rice,tapioca,molasses and sorghum.For a healthy cake,it was really yummy.The frosting was so creamy.It's a favourite as well and I bought a slice home with me so that people at home can taste it.

Pink Guava
This pink guava cake smells amazing.Chef William said that it's the national cake of Hawaii.There's a layer of pink guava jam and also a mousse.There's a slight bitterness to the jam because of the guava seed in it.

Velvet Pomegranate
I love pomegranate and this cake not only looks amazing but tastes good too.Chef William said that this cake was inspired by Where's Wally.hehe I even bought a slice home for my husband & father in law to try.

Watermelon Delight
This cake is a stunner!When it came out,we were all ooh-ing and aah-ing over it.I was looks a princess cake!And then Chef William was like..yes!That was the inspiration for the look of it.It took two whole watermelon to make this cake.

We were confused about how Chef William used watermelon in the cake as it's a fruit that is very watery.He said that the cake was inspired by a cake that he ate in Sydney but he didn't like the cake because it was hard to eat.So he vow to make a better cake.This cake involved a lot of trial and error.

He dehydrated the watermelon and mixed it in the mousse.He also compressed the watermelon and made fruit leather out of it.He likes texture when eating a cake.Hence there's a layer of chocolate and pop rocks(candy that pops in your mouth) in the cake as well.He also used basil and agar in the cake.I never thought that chocolate and watermelon would go together but it actually tastes good!

So when you buy a slice of cake at Nutmeg,just know that it took a lot of research and high quality ingredients for them to make the cake.The price per slice is definitely reasonable if you knew what it took to make the cakes.
Pulut Hitam
Pulut hitam is a Malaysian dessert that I love and have made a few times as well.I was curious about how Chef William will make it into a cake.Let me tell you,he succeeded and the cake didn't taste heavy at all.It taste exactly like a bubur pulut hitam and it was light!There's a layer of gula melaka agar in it which was delicious.Definitely a favourite and yes,I bought a slice of this as well.
Cocomut Moonlight
Although I liked a lot of the cakes that we tried that night,this is something that I would definitely order again.Super moist cake layered with white chocolate mousse and macadamia nuts.Covered in candied shredded coconut.It's just heavenly.

Durian Chendol
This durian chendol cake is something that I want my mother to taste.She will love it!The cake looks amazing.The layer on top is chendol that is made by Nutmeg,then there's a layer of durian mousse,a thin layer of pulut and an even thinner layer of cake.It's serve with gula melaka sauce.It's my second favourite next to the Coconut Moonlight.

Heads up!

After tasting all of the cakes,we played a game of Heads Up! from all the cakes that we had tasted. I managed to figure the answer by just asking two questions.
Yummy goodies!
The goodies that were given to use was food from DASH by Nutmeg.I got their salted beef pie(ate it yesterday and it was buttery&good) and a mushroom quiche.Qeema got their sourdough loaf and DASH's pandan kaya(tasted it and it was sooo good).We also got a mini version of their smores cake..which had layers of goodness!

I definitely respect Chef William for the effort he put in his food,his passion for the industry and his knowledge.We even managed to chat about Momofuku Milk Bar(cos I have the cookbook)'s Crack Pie--which I've baked once.He handles not only Nutmeg but also Feast and DASH by Nutmeg..all in Bangsar Village II.I've to also mention that the service crew at Nutmeg was very courteous and helpful.
All of us!
I can't wait to come back to Nutmeg and bring my husband there for dinner.I definitely recommend people to come here to taste the amazing food and cakes!

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