First impression matters:Weil Hotel,Ipoh.

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Years back,I used to blog about things that made me angry or made me emotional on this blog.I'm a person who has very strong opinions about a lot of things.But after meeting my husband(4 years ago),he made me so happy to the point where I don't want to write about my strong opinions here anymore.I feel like,I want this blog to be solely about happy things.

Believe me that for a lot of the stuff in the news be it about current issues or politics,I have very strong opinions about them.Sometimes it's anger or sadness but I choose not to blog about them here and instead talk it out with Razin.

But I feel that this bad service that I experience today is something that I have to share with you my dear readers so that if you choose to stay at this particular hotel,you'll know what you're gonna get.And fyi,I've stayed at so many hotels and this is by far the worst service I've had when it comes to checking in.

Let's begin...

I wanted to take my husband on a short getaway from Klang Valley.He told me that he wanted to bring me to Ipoh since he did live there for 4 years when he went to boarding school and we have friends there as well.Plus,I've never stayed in Ipoh before,so why not?

After searching for hotels in Ipoh,I decided on Weil Hotel because they have quite good reviews on Tripadvisor..though they had quite a few bad reviews back in February&April,I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe a few months down the lane,they've improved.

Pictures of the place looked very nice was one of the main reason why I didn't mine paying more for this place instead of staying at the many others hotel in Ipoh which cost less and had great reviews(M Boutique Hotel,Symphony Suites etc).I also choose the hotel because of the infinity pool and because the bathroom looks very clean and had a great looking bathtub.

So we paid for a 3 days 2 night stay via Agoda for rm640 from 29-31st of August. We left early from Shah Alam at 6.30am so that we can have our breakfast at New Hollywood.

Hence,we arrived for check in at exactly 2pm.

When we arrived,my husband stopped our car at the front of the hotel.This one bell boy who were wearing this cowboy/safari hat,just looked at us& did nothing..although my husband opened the car boot to take our luggage.We had to call the guy to help my husband to take the luggage.

I went straight to the lobby to check in ,while my husband parked the car.Went to the front desk,the guy was busy attending to people who were checking out..stand there for like 5 minutes and then he told me that I had to wait because the room was still in "queue" for housekeeping.

So Razin and I waited for 15 minutes. Then after 15 minutes, one of the FOH staff, came to me and told me that I have to wait for another 30 minutes without a look of remorse or apologizing profusely.

The way that the staff talks and their facial expression, waiting for 1 hour for our room means nothing to them. Like it's a normal thing and we have to accept it.

As we were waiting,I saw warm towels being given out but the staff didn't pass it to us who were sitting at the lobby, only for those newly arrived and were queueing up. The staffs also seem to not know what to do and was hesitant with their answers when I asked them again after 30 minutes had passed.

When the room was finally ready,after 1 hour of waiting,..I had to sign for the papers at the counter and the same guy who attended me at the start,named Fadlly or something told me that I have to pay a deposit of RM400.

Then when I asked him why again we have to pay a deposit of rm400 (which cost more than our one night stay)when the room is fully paid for already,he said it's for if we dine at their restaurant or use their facilities so they can just deduct from the amount.. I told him that there's no fine print on my Agoda receipt or when I paid for the hotel, stating that I've to do such.

Because we weren't informed regarding this,we didn't bring rm400 in cash so I passed him my debit card but he said we don't accept debit card,only credit card.He then said it's okay then,anything we eat at the restaurant will be on a COD basis.I was should just have mentioned that earlier.What a weird system.

I know this hotel is new (less than a year) but the service of the front desk is just deplorable. But the bell boy that assisted us to our room was very nice and helpful.

Weil Hotel definitely need to buck up in terms of service as first impression matters. No point having a hotel that looks great but with bad service.As a customer, and one who have already fully paid for the room, we don't care about your internal issue. I definitely won't be coming here again until they improve with their level of service.

UPDATE 30/8:*I'm still at this hotel as it's paid far the breakfast buffet has been good so there's redeeming qualities aside from the poor service during check-in*


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer review

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I got this dry oil as part of a birthday swap that I did with a fellow Be A Beauty Correspondent member.Both of our birthday was in June.Samira lives in Paris and is of  Moroccan descent..if I'm not mistaken.She's Muslim so she made sure that I got snacks that were halal too.
Some of the stuffs she got me!!So awesomeee.
She even gave me a stick of Miswak/Kayu Sugi which was strawberry flavored.I've yet to use it though! Among the many amazing France beauty stuffs that she gave to me,this Nuxe Dry Oil was in it.I've seen it before and have heard rave reviews about it.I also know that it's expensive.It retails about GBP 21 for 50 ml of it..which is about RM 137.

First thing first..can you see how beautiful it is??It's shimmery but not in a chunky glittery way.It's very fine and just utterly beautiful.It's like liquid gold in a bottle!
Another thing that I love about this dry oil is that the scent of it reminds me of frangipani/bunga kemboja/plumeria.I loveee the scent of white plumeria.I've googled about this because I wanted to know is it just me who thinks that it smells like plumeria?But a lot of others said the same thing!

Btw,I love plumeria that I even have a silver ring of it that I bought in Ubud,Bali from the Celuk Gold and Silversmiths :)
There's no pump or spray for this oil so you've to dab the bottle on your skin to get it out.A little bit of a hassle but it doesn't allow too much to come out and spill all over you though!
Shimmery gold
Above is how it looks on my skin.Absolutely gorgeous isn't it?That's without blending.I love how the oil doesn't make your skin feel oily/sticky.It absorbs fast into the skin and leave a beautiful golden shimmer with a gorgeous scent.
From the naked eye,you can't really see much of a difference here.But it does give my skin a wonderful sheen/glow to it.I just love it and I use it so sparingly.I haven't used it on my hair yet though.I've used it on my face too and it didn't make me break out..which is a big plus!

Will I be purchasing this for myself if I finish the bottle??Maybe..I think this is more of a luxury kind of item and not something that is necessary to have.It's more of an indulgent kind of product.

I'll use it on my hair soon and will let you know on my twitter or instagram account.Do follow me there! :)

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LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer(Creamy Beige+Orange Corrector) review

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I first heard about this concealer on Youtube..I think Tati mentioned it in one of her videos.I bought both concealer from Ebay.I bought the creamy beige concealer a few months back while the orange corrector just came out recently.

These concealers are cheap!I actually waited to do this blog post because I ordered another different colour..a dark brown one which people have used for contouring.But it hasn't arrive yet and it's almost two months.-_-

It's only USD 3 but it does a really good job.I also love that it has a soft-brush tip for easy application and it keeps the concealer neat.The brush also keeps the concealer from becoming gloopy.

This orange corrector is used for dark circle/eyebags.I don't have eyebags for yearssss..until I turn 28!Probably because I've been slacking in wearing eye cream.haha.I actually started wearing eye product when I was 16 years old.YUP!Crazy..I know.
My first was a tube of St Ives eye gel.People always ask me how come I've no I have them!It's not that dark though but it still bothers me so I use this corrector sometimes.A tiny bit goes a longggg way.I will layer the creamy beige concealer on top of this.I use the brush below to blend out both concealers.It works very well.

I don't use concealer that often hence why I don't really purchase them and I only have two other brands(Bourjois & The Collection).. but when I do,I'll reach for these the most.It's cheap and it works.Doesn't make my skin oily or breaks out.I would definitely repurchase them!


Honey toast at Haraju Cube

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This was in May when Razin and I were having dinner at Boat Noodle with Natalie and Aie at Empire Damansara.They talked about Haraju Cube which was just upstairs and how the queue is always so long that they never got to eat there.So after dinner I was like...let's go!So we went there and the queue wasn't that long and after 5-10 mins of waiting,we got a seat!
Husband and Aie ordering for us
The place basically serve a variety of honey toast and also savory toasts.It's definitely not cheap but because it's so huge,you can share the toast between 4 person.I think even sharing it between two person is too much food!
The variety of honey toast
Natalie and I let our husband ordered for us(you have to order at the counter).They choose the "Classic".

Huge toast
When the toast was serve to us..I was's hugeeee!The server explained to us in length on how to eat it..great service most definitely as it near to 11pm but he was very nice and accommodating.

The server actually helped us cut the toast..if I'm not mistaken.I could be wrong as this was 3 months ago.hahaha.The toast was served with a bottle of honey(duhhh).At first I was a bit skeptical over the toast and the size of it..will it be tasty?Is this all a hype??

But surprisingly,it was actually good!The toast was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside..served with drizzle of honey and ice cream + whipped cream.It was goooood.We managed to finish it all.It was sad when we saw other people's table and the amount of food that was wasted.Clearly the toast was meant for sharing.

I would go there again soon but definitely have to share it with a few people though.:P

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Wet 'N Wild Megalast Matte Lipstick review:Cherry Picking,In TheFlesh,Spiked with Rum,Rose Bud and Purty Persimmon.

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I think the reason why I started purchasing these super cheap lipsticks was because some of my favorite Youtubers reviewed it in their video.This lipstick has been around for years but of course not in Malaysia!I managed to purchase them from Ebay.First I only purchase two lipsticks and then when I fell in love with them,I purchase three more colours.

They are only priced at USD 2,if I'm not mistaken.At Ebay I was charge .65 more than the normal price & there's shipping fee too but it's still very cheap.

You may ask if the price is so can it be good?There must be pros and cons right?Of course there is!

Let me tell you what I love and don't love about them:

1)The colors are so pigmented and beautiful.
2)The lipsticks doesn't dry my lips.
3)It's quite long lasting.

2)The shape of the lipstick bullet.

I love these lipsticks but the biggest peeve with these is the packaging.The reason why it's so cheap is of course,the cheap plastic packaging.But the worse thing is that the lipstick doesn't roll until it's in the tube.Wet N' Wild for some forsaken reason,leave about 1 inch of the lipstick above the tube.

So whenever you want to close the lipstick or open it,you have to be reallllly careful so that you don't mess up the lipstick.I of course,have dirtied my lipstick and ruined the shape of the lipstick so many times.

Also the shape of the bullet itself makes it a bit hard to apply because it's quite big compared to normal pointy tip lipsticks out there.But for the price,the beautiful colors and pigmentation,I would definitely repurchase them.I just wish that they'd rebrand the lipsticks and change the packaging.

The run down of the shades that I got:

1)Rose Bud

I loveeee this shade.It's such a beautiful muted pink that I wear almost everyday.It's not too "in your face" kind of color and it also looks beautiful on me.But it does actually look brighter on me compared to the swatches I've seen from others online.

2)Spiked with Rum

I actually have a few other lipsticks that's within the same shade as this lipstick.But I still love it!It's a brick red/reddish brown kind of colour.A favourite color of mine for lipsticks!

3)In The Flesh

The reason why I bought this lipstick was because I saw how beautiful it looks in pictures from other people's review.And when I swatched it on my hand,it's still such a pretty color.But when I apply it on my lips,it became a bit mauve-y instead.I honestly think that it depends on your blood???haha I can see myself wearing this lipstick for everyday.It's pretty similar to another lipstick that I have.

4)Cherry Picking

I don't have any other colour that is similar to this lipstick hence why I bought it.It's a pretty berry red kind of lipstick and instantly brightens up your face.I love this color!

5)Purty Persimmon

I have soooo many orange lipsticks that I should do a separate post about them.This one fits beautifully into my collection.It's a beautiful bright orange red.It's akin to another lipstick that I have as well.I haven't worn this lipstick out yet though..hence no photo of it.haha.

By the way,I bought them from THIS Ebay seller and I asked her for combined shipping.It's easy,when you click buy it now,you can choose to purchase another item from the same seller.

Then instead of checking out,you just contact the seller and asked them to charge for shipping for only one item.I've done this a few times and the seller would be more than willing to help you with that.


Breaking Fast at Kopimeo,Brunch at Rimba&Rusa and cakes from Cake JalanTiung.

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It's August already!Time flies sooooo fast.I have quite a number of blogpost that I plan to blog about this month.Hopefully I'll have the time to complete them all.

To compensate for my lack of posting,I decided to blog about three cafes that I've been to..into one blogpost.:)

Back during Ramadhan,I went to Kopimeo with Shakira to break my fast.Funny thing was that the place is only 5 minutes away from my house but I've never been there before although it has been opened for a few months.

We had their ramadhan set meal which I believe had only two options.I had the bbq pulled beef sandwich which came with a side of fries and coleslaw.Shakira had the spaghetti gulai lemak daging carik.Both dish came with a plate of samosas for appetizer and free flow of ice lemon tea.

Price wise,it's pretty reasonable but definitely not cheap.It's like the norm cafe pricing.

Being that it was the fasting month after all,we of course ask for refill for our drinks many many times!haha The food was quite good.The cafe is pretty hipster-ish.I would come back one day to try their coffee.I didn't drink any coffee during ramadhan because I wanted to drink a lot of water.

I think it was the second week of Syawal when I went out with Shakira to Rimba&Rusa.She wanted to bring me there as a belated birthday treat.Both of us have never been there but we've seen the pictures on instagram by various people and the place looks so pretty.

I've never been to Sunway Nexis..only to Sunway Giza which was next to it.The place is actually empty except for 3 or was it 2 restaurants..and one of it is Rimba&Rusa.When we were there,it came to my realization that the place was actually really small than the pictures I've seen on instagram.

We were there on a Sunday for brunch and it was pretty packed.And for some reason,they close the top floor of the place.So we had to sit outside when we really wanted to sit inside.Thankfully,we managed to change our seats a few minutes later when people inside started to leave.

I really love the look of the place.It was pretty but cozy as well.The food is a little on the pricey side of things though.Our brunch + dessert I believe cost almost 100.That doesn't mean that it wasn't tasty.It was!
Bad lighting on my end.Made me look so dark!

I had their iced mocha(I was still a bit sleepy) and the shakshuka.Shakira had their pandan french toast with a glass of iced tea I believed.We also shared a creme brulee(delicious!).

I don't know if I'd necessary come back though because it's out of the way and the menu is also pretty pricey.But I'd come back to try the new place that'll open soon across from them..I don't remember the name but it was Mawar something.
Cake Jalan Tiung has been around for a few weeks in Shah Alam but I didn't have the time to go there because of their weird opening hours during weekdays.They close at 8pm and people comes back from the office sometime from 5.30-6.30 and the journey will take anything from 30mins-1 hour.Plus there's solat maghrib to consider.So yeah,I do hope that they'll revise their opening hours soon.

I was able to drop by and purchase their desserts because I had a meeting in Shah Alam and it ended early on a weekday.The place was easy to find because it was above the only Ani Sup Utara in section 9.The ambiance of the place is nice and I love how clean and sleek but also homey it felt.

The way they present their baked goods was definitely eye catching and make people want to purchase them!As I was just stopping by,I ordered a slice of the cheesecake,marshmallow and the freshly baked chocolate madeleines(they put it out when I came in).

In all honesty,being someone who bakes and also loves eating desserts..the desserts there were ok but not great.I liked how creamy the cheesecake was but the madeleines were hard.I've baked madeleines before and they suppose to be soft and fluffy.The marshmallow was huge but it was also just okay.

Maybe I need to sample more of their desserts one day and try the best sellers instead.