Breaking Fast at Kopimeo,Brunch at Rimba&Rusa and cakes from Cake JalanTiung.

Sunday, August 16, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

It's August already!Time flies sooooo fast.I have quite a number of blogpost that I plan to blog about this month.Hopefully I'll have the time to complete them all.

To compensate for my lack of posting,I decided to blog about three cafes that I've been to..into one blogpost.:)

Back during Ramadhan,I went to Kopimeo with Shakira to break my fast.Funny thing was that the place is only 5 minutes away from my house but I've never been there before although it has been opened for a few months.

We had their ramadhan set meal which I believe had only two options.I had the bbq pulled beef sandwich which came with a side of fries and coleslaw.Shakira had the spaghetti gulai lemak daging carik.Both dish came with a plate of samosas for appetizer and free flow of ice lemon tea.

Price wise,it's pretty reasonable but definitely not cheap.It's like the norm cafe pricing.

Being that it was the fasting month after all,we of course ask for refill for our drinks many many times!haha The food was quite good.The cafe is pretty hipster-ish.I would come back one day to try their coffee.I didn't drink any coffee during ramadhan because I wanted to drink a lot of water.

I think it was the second week of Syawal when I went out with Shakira to Rimba&Rusa.She wanted to bring me there as a belated birthday treat.Both of us have never been there but we've seen the pictures on instagram by various people and the place looks so pretty.

I've never been to Sunway Nexis..only to Sunway Giza which was next to it.The place is actually empty except for 3 or was it 2 restaurants..and one of it is Rimba&Rusa.When we were there,it came to my realization that the place was actually really small than the pictures I've seen on instagram.

We were there on a Sunday for brunch and it was pretty packed.And for some reason,they close the top floor of the place.So we had to sit outside when we really wanted to sit inside.Thankfully,we managed to change our seats a few minutes later when people inside started to leave.

I really love the look of the place.It was pretty but cozy as well.The food is a little on the pricey side of things though.Our brunch + dessert I believe cost almost 100.That doesn't mean that it wasn't tasty.It was!
Bad lighting on my end.Made me look so dark!

I had their iced mocha(I was still a bit sleepy) and the shakshuka.Shakira had their pandan french toast with a glass of iced tea I believed.We also shared a creme brulee(delicious!).

I don't know if I'd necessary come back though because it's out of the way and the menu is also pretty pricey.But I'd come back to try the new place that'll open soon across from them..I don't remember the name but it was Mawar something.
Cake Jalan Tiung has been around for a few weeks in Shah Alam but I didn't have the time to go there because of their weird opening hours during weekdays.They close at 8pm and people comes back from the office sometime from 5.30-6.30 and the journey will take anything from 30mins-1 hour.Plus there's solat maghrib to consider.So yeah,I do hope that they'll revise their opening hours soon.

I was able to drop by and purchase their desserts because I had a meeting in Shah Alam and it ended early on a weekday.The place was easy to find because it was above the only Ani Sup Utara in section 9.The ambiance of the place is nice and I love how clean and sleek but also homey it felt.

The way they present their baked goods was definitely eye catching and make people want to purchase them!As I was just stopping by,I ordered a slice of the cheesecake,marshmallow and the freshly baked chocolate madeleines(they put it out when I came in).

In all honesty,being someone who bakes and also loves eating desserts..the desserts there were ok but not great.I liked how creamy the cheesecake was but the madeleines were hard.I've baked madeleines before and they suppose to be soft and fluffy.The marshmallow was huge but it was also just okay.

Maybe I need to sample more of their desserts one day and try the best sellers instead.