First impression matters:Weil Hotel,Ipoh.

Saturday, August 29, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Years back,I used to blog about things that made me angry or made me emotional on this blog.I'm a person who has very strong opinions about a lot of things.But after meeting my husband(4 years ago),he made me so happy to the point where I don't want to write about my strong opinions here anymore.I feel like,I want this blog to be solely about happy things.

Believe me that for a lot of the stuff in the news be it about current issues or politics,I have very strong opinions about them.Sometimes it's anger or sadness but I choose not to blog about them here and instead talk it out with Razin.

But I feel that this bad service that I experience today is something that I have to share with you my dear readers so that if you choose to stay at this particular hotel,you'll know what you're gonna get.And fyi,I've stayed at so many hotels and this is by far the worst service I've had when it comes to checking in.

Let's begin...

I wanted to take my husband on a short getaway from Klang Valley.He told me that he wanted to bring me to Ipoh since he did live there for 4 years when he went to boarding school and we have friends there as well.Plus,I've never stayed in Ipoh before,so why not?

After searching for hotels in Ipoh,I decided on Weil Hotel because they have quite good reviews on Tripadvisor..though they had quite a few bad reviews back in February&April,I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe a few months down the lane,they've improved.

Pictures of the place looked very nice was one of the main reason why I didn't mine paying more for this place instead of staying at the many others hotel in Ipoh which cost less and had great reviews(M Boutique Hotel,Symphony Suites etc).I also choose the hotel because of the infinity pool and because the bathroom looks very clean and had a great looking bathtub.

So we paid for a 3 days 2 night stay via Agoda for rm640 from 29-31st of August. We left early from Shah Alam at 6.30am so that we can have our breakfast at New Hollywood.

Hence,we arrived for check in at exactly 2pm.

When we arrived,my husband stopped our car at the front of the hotel.This one bell boy who were wearing this cowboy/safari hat,just looked at us& did nothing..although my husband opened the car boot to take our luggage.We had to call the guy to help my husband to take the luggage.

I went straight to the lobby to check in ,while my husband parked the car.Went to the front desk,the guy was busy attending to people who were checking out..stand there for like 5 minutes and then he told me that I had to wait because the room was still in "queue" for housekeeping.

So Razin and I waited for 15 minutes. Then after 15 minutes, one of the FOH staff, came to me and told me that I have to wait for another 30 minutes without a look of remorse or apologizing profusely.

The way that the staff talks and their facial expression, waiting for 1 hour for our room means nothing to them. Like it's a normal thing and we have to accept it.

As we were waiting,I saw warm towels being given out but the staff didn't pass it to us who were sitting at the lobby, only for those newly arrived and were queueing up. The staffs also seem to not know what to do and was hesitant with their answers when I asked them again after 30 minutes had passed.

When the room was finally ready,after 1 hour of waiting,..I had to sign for the papers at the counter and the same guy who attended me at the start,named Fadlly or something told me that I have to pay a deposit of RM400.

Then when I asked him why again we have to pay a deposit of rm400 (which cost more than our one night stay)when the room is fully paid for already,he said it's for if we dine at their restaurant or use their facilities so they can just deduct from the amount.. I told him that there's no fine print on my Agoda receipt or when I paid for the hotel, stating that I've to do such.

Because we weren't informed regarding this,we didn't bring rm400 in cash so I passed him my debit card but he said we don't accept debit card,only credit card.He then said it's okay then,anything we eat at the restaurant will be on a COD basis.I was should just have mentioned that earlier.What a weird system.

I know this hotel is new (less than a year) but the service of the front desk is just deplorable. But the bell boy that assisted us to our room was very nice and helpful.

Weil Hotel definitely need to buck up in terms of service as first impression matters. No point having a hotel that looks great but with bad service.As a customer, and one who have already fully paid for the room, we don't care about your internal issue. I definitely won't be coming here again until they improve with their level of service.

UPDATE 30/8:*I'm still at this hotel as it's paid far the breakfast buffet has been good so there's redeeming qualities aside from the poor service during check-in*