Honey toast at Haraju Cube

Friday, August 21, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This was in May when Razin and I were having dinner at Boat Noodle with Natalie and Aie at Empire Damansara.They talked about Haraju Cube which was just upstairs and how the queue is always so long that they never got to eat there.So after dinner I was like...let's go!So we went there and the queue wasn't that long and after 5-10 mins of waiting,we got a seat!
Husband and Aie ordering for us
The place basically serve a variety of honey toast and also savory toasts.It's definitely not cheap but because it's so huge,you can share the toast between 4 person.I think even sharing it between two person is too much food!
The variety of honey toast
Natalie and I let our husband ordered for us(you have to order at the counter).They choose the "Classic".

Huge toast
When the toast was serve to us..I was like..it's hugeeee!The server explained to us in length on how to eat it..great service most definitely as it near to 11pm but he was very nice and accommodating.

The server actually helped us cut the toast..if I'm not mistaken.I could be wrong as this was 3 months ago.hahaha.The toast was served with a bottle of honey(duhhh).At first I was a bit skeptical over the toast and the size of it..will it be tasty?Is this all a hype??

But surprisingly,it was actually good!The toast was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside..served with drizzle of honey and ice cream + whipped cream.It was goooood.We managed to finish it all.It was sad when we saw other people's table and the amount of food that was wasted.Clearly the toast was meant for sharing.

I would go there again soon but definitely have to share it with a few people though.:P

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